Chapter 34: The villainess waits for the right time (part 1)

[Eran, can we meet today?]

I went silent for a moment at the words I heard from the bracelet.

At the same time, I thought back to the excuse I had given to Shael in the arena. I said that it was a bracelet that I happened to get some time ago.

By the way, she must’ve heard Clie’s voice coming from the bracelet, right? There was even a sense of familiarity in her tone.

If that was the case, it was obvious what Shael would misunderstand.


Shael looked at me in bewilderment and tilted her head as if she didn’t know why. She looked calmer than I had originally thought.

It was strange. No matter how much she hated me, she shouldn’t be calm in a situation like this.

It was then that I remembered something! 

As soon as I woke up, I remembered using sound blocking magic to practice my magic. And the sound blocking magic blocked even the voices emitted by the communication magic from nearby objects.

Except for the voices of people who were really close.

That’s why Shael couldn’t hear Clie’s voice. It was fortunate indeed!

[What is it? Are you busy?]

Clie’s voice was heard again. This time, it sounded even more intimate.

Her purpose was quite easy to guess.

It was clear that she was trying to separate Shael from me. It was as I had expected, it was true that Clie had regressed.

It was also only natural that Clie hated the villainess, Shael.


Her voice could be heard over and over again. In my mind, I could imagine Clie laughing as she transmited her voice to her bracelet, intending to tease Shael. 

I tried to ignore it and kept my composure. Fortunately, the bracelet soon quieted down.

“I’ll go bring some medicine.”

Before Shael could answer, I hurriedly left her room. 

After I distanced herself from Shael’s room, I pulled out the bracelet and said, “What are you trying to do?”

[What is it?]

Clie was acting as if she didn’t understand what the problem was. 

I let out a deep sigh and strengthened my magic.

“I will contact you later, please be quiet.”

I strengthened the sound blocking magic so that even I wouldn’t be able to hear the voice from the bracelet.

First of all, I calmed down my excitement and headed for the Azbel family’s storage room.

I had to leave the room in a hurry, so I said I would bring some medicine as an excuse.

There were many medicines in the storage of the Azbel family. Even various types of brews, which looked precious at first glance.

Suddenly, I remembered something from the past.

When I was injured by the Mage Tower Lord. Shael made me eat a lot of bitter medicine.

It seems the time had come for me to take revenge.

I felt reluctant to take it without permission, but it wouldn’t matter if Duke Jespen found out anyway. He might even praise me for taking care of his daughter.

I took out medicines and brews that had no side effects and headed to Shael’s room.

Shael wasn’t lying down like she was just before. She was now sitting on the bed. 

I handed the medicines and brew to Shael and said, “Please take these.”

With that, my revenge began. I was feeding her something that would be good for her health anyway… so I don’t even feel that guilty.

Of course, there was no way Shael would easily eat these bitter things.

“I don’t like it. I am not sick!”

Shael refused. 

I thought about threatening her with Serpent Orbs, but for now I decided to use another weapon.

“If you finish this, I will give you the cupcakes I made tomorrow.”


After thinking for a while, Shael started taking her medicine. Perhaps the taste was more bitter than she thought, and Shael frowned at me.

“So, why did you wear thin clothes in such cold weather?”

I was talking about yesterday’s incident. She was wearing thin clothes in that cold weather, it’s no wonder that she caught a cold.

‘But didn’t I put a coat on her? It doesn’t make sense to say she caught a cold because of thin clothes.’

Thinking of that reminded me of another incident.

It was the memory of when Shael splashed water on me. More importantly, what happened after she did that.

As revenge, I also splashed water on Shael using magic.

Even though I dried my clothes soon after… Shael was drenched with water in that cold weather, so it would be normal for her to catch a cold.

I quickly urged her to take more medicine before Shael remembered that as well. 

This time, I handed the brew to Shael.

“Take this too.”

Shael was reluctant for a moment, but then she gave up and started drinking the brew.

The villainess had a weakness that I could use for the rest of my life. The power of dessert seemed to be greater than I had expected.

“Ah, is that enough?”

Shael asked as she handed me the glass of brew she had emptied with difficulty.

“Don’t leave a drop, drink it all.”

“This is fine!”

Shael began to complain. Of course, there was no way I would let her go that easily.

I would make her drink that brew no matter how much she complained.

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