Chapter 34: The villainess waits for the right time (part 2)

“Then I won’t give you the dessert.”

At my threat, Shael glanced at me once, and she had no choice but to completely empty the glass.

Just when Shael was about to complain again.


The door was pushed open. 

There weren’t many people in Azbel’s family who could enter Shael’s room without knocking, as she wouldn’t allow just anyone to enter her room as they pleased.

No, there was only one person. In fact, Duke Jespen was the only exception.

Of course, the Duke would choose a set time to check on his unruly daughter, and even Shael couldn’t do anything about it.

Therefore, Duke Jespen could enter Shael’s room without knocking only at those set times.

And, this was one of those times. 

I knew that we were in trouble when I saw, Duke Jespen mumble with a shocked face.

“No way…”

It was easy to guess what he was thinking.

[Did he sleep in Shael’s room? Could it be that they slept together?]

It was a situation where anyone would ask such a question. It was still early in the morning, and I was still in Shael’s room. Moreover, in order to give Shael her medicine, I was even sitting on Shael’s bed!

“It seems I’ve interrupted you.” Duke Jespen seemed to have confirmed something and said. 

Hearing that, Shael panicked and tried to open her mouth in a hurry.


But, Duke Jespen had already gone out without even giving her time to make excuses.


“It’s your fault!”

Shael blamed me. 

Normally, I would object, but this time I remained silent.

He was a kind man, but Duke Jespen had the habit of sharing the news about us everywhere… so rumors would surely spread.

Therefore, I had to stay silent for Shael, who was going through a hard time. She would have to continue to stay at the Azbel family, and would continue to have a hard time.

Whereas, I would only need to suffer when I come to see Shael.

So, I continued to nurse Shael, all the while ignoring her disdainful glance.

After some time, Shael’s condition improved. It was due to the effective medicine I had given her.

To add to that, Shael was also a mage. So it was natural that she would get better quickly from a common cold like this.

It was still morning, and people were starting to wake up. 

So I had to get out of here before that happened.

If I didn’t, rumors might spread before Duke Jespen even opened his mouth.

After confirming that Shael was asleep, I left the room.

It was time for my day to begin again.


[Shael’s POV] (G: Some readers seems to be confused about the POV changes, so I’ll be doing this from now on. I’ll also edit the previous chapters.)

Eran seemed suddenly taken aback. 

Shael looked at Eran’s pocket, which he was currently staring at.

Eran’s pocket was slightly bulging. Evidently, there was something in his pocket.

Shael could guess what it could be. It was probably that bracelet, which was given to him by that woman named Clie.

Shael quickly began to assess the situation. 

Being a member of the Azbel family, Shael decided to concentrate her magic on Eran’s pocket, and she noticed that there was a flow of mana in the pocket.

Eran was using magic as well!

Shael quickly used Control Magic. It was a magic that prevented her from being affected by the magic used by her opponent.

Then she heard a voice.

[What is it? Are you busy?]

It was Clie’s voice. 

‘Was that bracelet… not a gift, but a means of communication?’


Now, her tone seemed quite intimate. 

Shael became furious! 

Of course, it wasn’t because of jealousy.

She wasn’t feeling well, but she had to listen to that voice. And that voice was calling her fiancée’s name in such an intimate manner?

A person she disliked and her fiancé were secretly contacting each other? 

Even Shael, who didn’t like Eran, felt her mood turn bad.

Because it wasn’t a situation anyone would like.

Shael was in a bad mood to begin with, and now it got even worse.

She organized her thoughts and before she could give Eran a piece of her mind, he hurriedly left her room to bring her medicine.

So Shael cooled her head and began to ponder.

‘How can I do this properly?’

She didn’t want to end it with just expressing her anger. So she had no answer other than to defeat him!

‘But if the two are completely in love, why is Eran still coming to the Azbel family?’

First of all, it was necessary to find out the nature of the relationship between Eran and Clie.

Therefore, Shael decided to put up with the situation for the moment.

When Eran returned, Shael continued to behave as usual.

And when her body finally felt a bit better, Shael closed her eyes and waited for Eran to leave.

Eran finally left her room. It was also a chance!

Shael opened her closet. She found the clothes she had secretly prepared for the auction house.

It was clothes that commoners would wear and a cloak to cover her face.

And, she even used the magic that could erase her presence.

After completing her preparations, Shael started following Eran.

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