Chapter 35: The villainess secretly follows (part 1)

Leaving Shael’s room I walked out of the Azbel family’s mansion.

I could use teleportation magic in the Azbel family, but it wasn’t good for exercise.

The territory of Azbel, a famous mage family, was very suitable for magic even when it came to its environment. The quality of mana in the air was different from other places. So it was a good environment for exercising.

More than anything else, I didn’t like exercising in the Baslett Estate because it was so dull.

At the moment, it was just the right time for a good run. Since it was early in the morning, not many people could be seen.

I left the mansion so far behind that it was out of my sight. Then I took out the clothes from the magic pouch.

It was clothes commoners would wear.

The aristocrats in this world usually valued face very much, so they couldn’t they just go for a leisurely walk whenever they wished.

If I went for a jog in my usual clothes, everyone would just stop and stare.

So, whenever I went for a run, I would change into clothes that were inconspicuous.

Even if it was a bit annoying, it’d be relatively quick if I used magic to change clothes.

I changed my clothes and started running at a light pace. The goal was to reach the Baslett family’s mansion.

That distance wasn’t close. However, it was possible because my stamina was quite good.

It happened when I was trying to slowly speed up.

I had no choice but to stop. Because I felt like I was being followed.

I didn’t immediately turn my head, but was able to check behind me through Vision Magic.

Someone wearing a cloak was following me from far away, while using the magic that could erase their presence.

However, the fact that I had noticed them meant that the strength of the magic was quite weak..

I used magic that enhanced my senses. Then, I hear a peculiar voice. 


In case I would hear it, the person was quietly gasping for breath. 

‘Is the person having a hard time chasing me?’

I certainly did run for quite some time.

Due to that fatigue, it seems that the person couldn’t afford to focus on the presence erasing magic.

So I could immediately guess who the opponent probably was.

It must be Shael. And soon, my guess was proven to be true.

As if chasing me was extremely difficult, she slowly lifted the cloak covering her face.

Shael was following me with a frown on her face.

A chill ran down my spine!

‘Did she hear Clie’s voice coming from the bracelet?’

If Shael had used control magic, it would have been possible.

I tried to deny that possibility and thought of the bracelet in my pocket.

‘I think I should give up trying to meet Clie today.’

Just then, the bracelet vibrated. In case Shael could hear it, I strengthened the sound blocking magic and used on it.

This time, even Shael’s control magic would be useless.

Since I added all sorts of magic, Shael won’t be able to hear my words anymore.

[Young master Eran?]

Clie’s voice was heard. Unlike before, she was using an honorific title with my name.

She must be doing it knowing that Shael wasn’t around me anymore.

“Not today. Let’s talk again tomorrow.”

At my words, the bracelet that had been quiet for a while glowed again.

[Then, could you bring me three months worth of this medicine?]

Clie told me the name of her illness and asked me to bring her some medicine.

She was suffering from an incurable disease, and she needed medicine to keep her condition from deteriorating even further.

Of course, according to what happened in the novel, the incurable disease would be cured in the future.

But I had a question.

Even if buying the medicine was impossible for Clie, who was a commoner, if she asked the male protagonists, she’d be able to get the medicine for the rest of her life.

‘I don’t know why she is asking me. Is it an excuse for us to meet?’

Strangely, Clie was avoiding the male protagonists, and that might be the reason why.

After saying yes, I put the bracelet on. I thought I should buy some medicine before meeting Shael again today.

Now it was time to focus on Shael.

She was still following me.

I wonder if Duke Jespen would be worried about her if he noticed that Shael was gone.

He probably knew that I was with Shael, considering that he saw Shael and I together in the morning.

So I think it would be nice to make her exercise while I have the chance. I quickened my steps and started running aimlessly.

Unexpectedly, Shael didn’t give up and still followed me. At last, my efforts were having an impact!

When Shael frowned as if she was about to give up, I slowed my pace down.

After some time, it seemed that Shael was ready to give up. So I turned around and walked over to her.

She hurriedly pressed her cape down and tried to walk past me.

She might think it was natural… but it wasn’t at all.

“What are you doing?”


Then Shael took off her cloak. 

I thought she would hold out a bit longer, but to my surprise, she was very quick to surrender.

“Aren’t you really tired after running like that?”


Shael still remained silent. So I sighed and said to Shael.

“Please follow me.”

Shael had been suffering since dawn, and all she took after that was medicine.

She must be quite hungry. 

It was early in the morning, so there shouldn’t be any restaurants that was open.

Fortunately, there was a simple snack in my magic pouch.

I sat down on a suitable bench in the park and opened the magic pouch.

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