Chapter 35: The villainess secretly follows (part 2)

First of all, what I handed to Shael was a rather plain looking bread.

Shael, who wanted something sweet, looked disappointed.

This, too, was made with a recipe from a dessert shop that the villainess would have liked.

The bread in Shael’s hand was gone before I knew it. But Shael still seemed hungry.

“More, please.”

I looked at Shael disapprovingly. Now, the only thing left in the magic bag was sweets.

It wouldn’t be very good if she stuffed these things in her mouth on an empty stomach in the morning.

After all, it hadn’t been that long since Shael recovered from the fever.

As if she knew that I was worried, Shael, who has a bad personality, started glaring at me.

At that time, we heard someone someone else’s voice.

“Heh heh, youngsters these days… this expression of affection is just too much.”

It was an old man who was passing by. 

He was saying something that no one would dare to say to us. But not in this situation.

The reason was the way Shael and I were dressed at the moment. Out outfit was something that no aristocrat would usually wear. Who would think that a pair of nobles would walk around dressed like this?

Shael wrinkled her brows. The villainess had no respect for the elderly, so in response, she tried to open her mouth to retort.

However, before she could do that, another voice was heard.

“Sister, you are shy!”


The voice came from the old man’s side. It was a cute childish voice.

It belonged to a girl, no more than eight years old. She was looking at Shael while holding the old man’s hand.

For the villainess, it didn’t matter if her opponent was young or old, she had to retort!

Fortunately, the villainess was very hungry at the moment, so she didn’t try to curse at the child.

Because she knew that I won’t give her any dessert if she did that.

First of all, Shael started to deny it.

“No, why don’t you go where you were going?”



“But, your face is red!”

In the end, the villainess couldn’t win against a child. And the old man eventually left with the child.

The villainess even made an excuse that her face had turned red due to anger.

Anyway, Shael spoke up after cooling off for a while.

 “I’ll have to get her on her knees. I’ll have the knights of the Azbel family conduct a search through the territory.”

“Then I will never give you any dessert again. Why are you so hung up over the words of a child?”

Actually, it was also true that the other side said rude words first, but she shouldn’t have reacted to their words so seriously.

‘No, in the first place, who would make someone kneel for something like that?’

Unless you were an aristocrat with a dirty personality, it was usually something to laugh at. Unfortunately, the problem was that Shael was one of those aristocrats with a dirty personality.

Shael pondered over my words for a moment and then said,

“I need to increase the education intensity for the children of Azbel territory.”

“Ah, yes.”

The villainess, who had no interest in the territory, finally became interested. All for getting revenge on a child.

It was a truly absurd situation.


Later that day.

Shael and Eran were in Shael’s room again. Except for what happened this morning, it was a normal day.

Eran’s eyes were closed as he sat in his chair.

Eran often looked quite tired, but it seemed that his fatigue had accumulated quite a lot.

As Eran had completely fallen asleep, Shael was still sitting in her room drinking her tea.

Then, her eyes fell on Eran’s magic pouch.

‘Didn’t he take out the Serpent Orbs from there?’

As most magic pouches do, the capacity wouldn’t be that large, but… even so, Shael reached towards Eran’s magic pouch.

Anyway, Eran had made her take bitter medicine by threatening to not give her any dessert.

‘I don’t care even if he finds out.’ Shael thought in her heart..

Therefore she opened Eran’s magic pouch without his consent.

What Shael  saw was a change of clothes and the she desserts wanted.

Shael took out the bread and ate it.

‘It’s delicious!’

Her fiancé was sleeping soundly, unaware that his things were being robbed.

After sending a ridiculing glance towards Eran, Shael happily pondered over what to eat this time and began to rummage through the magic pouch.


She found a strange thing. It was a container she hadn’t seen before because it was covered by the clothes.

Eran always carried his magic pouch, and she could also tell that the magic pouch contained items that Eran would always need.

The clothes and desserts were part of that. Eran must have always carried the desserts because of her.

So was this strange container.

Filled with curiosity, Shael opened the container.

It was full of pills. They were pills that seemed to have strong effects even if they looked like normal medicine for good health.

Shael felt doubtful. ‘What the hell is this medicine, why is he carrying it around in his magic pouch?’

Shael took some pills out of the container. After she closed the magic pouch, she took the pills and left the room. Then she went to the best pharmacist belonging to the Azbel family.

“This pill, find out what kind of medicine it is. Within tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes!”

The pharmacist didn’t dare to refuse Shael’s order.

After that, Shael returned to the room. 

It was time for the normal daily life to begin again.

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