Chapter 36: The villainess interrogates (part 1)

I heard the sound of the door closing.

Shael had come in, and it looked like Shael had gone somewhere during my short nap.

“What is it?”

From the time she entered, Shael had been carefully observing me. As if she was preparing for an interrogation.

“You seem really tired lately, don’t you?”

‘Of course I am. It’s because I am working hard on my training even while sleeping.’

I should have taken a nap later, but I couldn’t because I was had to buy Clie’s medicine.

“For some reason, you sleep a lot.” She continued.

I couldn’t tell her the truth that it was because I am always busy training. And the reason I trained so hard was due to the fact that I was knocked out from just one attack from the the Mage Tower Lord. Shael might ridicule me if she knew that.

Shael still didn’t take her eyes off me.

“Your body seems weak.”

That’s what she told me next. 

‘Are you calling me weak?’

She was the last person who could call me weak, because Shael always made got tired very quickly due to her lack of stamina.

Something similar happened even this morning, when she secretly following me.

“I don’t think the person who secretly followed me and panted all the way should say that to me.”

“I didn’t.”

Shael lied as if she was right and sat down. She, of course, was still staring at me like before. And, then she said, “Come to think of it, it looks like your hair loss problem has gotten a little worse.”


‘Did it really get worse?’

It was clear that the villainess was determined to torment me. But, this time, it wasn’t the atmosphere wasn’t the same as usual.

Shael looked quite serious. Unlike the other times when her only goal was to ridicule and bully me.

Of course, that didn’t mean that I was going to take her insults lying down.

“I think it’s because I’m someone who has a brain.”


Even after I said that, Shael just let out a sigh and kept her eyes locked on me. 

“If you are hiding something, tell me quickly.”

Now she was questioning me. ‘Could it be that the observation was a preparation for this interrogation?’

Then, why was the villainess interrogating me in the first place?

She even followed me in the morning.

It was then that an assumption popped into my head.

She must have somehow heard Clie’s voice from the bracelet. 

‘Did she really hear it?’

I tried to deny it in the morning, but now that things had come to this point, I was starting to feel a little nervous.

Communicating with Clie, who Shael hated so much? And it even happened in front of her!

It was obvious that this was an act that the villainess would hate to death!

“What am I hiding?”

Before Shael could argue, I hurriedly pulled out my magic pouch. It was time for me to bring out the secret weapon— the dessert to silence the villainess.

I handed several kinds of snacks to Shael so that she wouldn’t be able to speak.

There were so many that even I couldn’t remember just how much I had made.

So it was enough to catch Shael’s attention.

Shael looked at me and the dessert for a while, then… she picked up one of the cookies as if she hadn’t really been tempted.

I thought she would take a bite in a hurry, but her action was slow, as if she was deeply troubled about something.

Of course, after taking a bite of the cookie, Shael began to enjoy the dessert as if she had forgotten what she was doing earlier.

As if she had forgotten that I was in front of her.


[Shael’s POV]

Shael returned after leaving the medicine she found in Eran’s magic pouch with the pharmacist.

The she asked Eran who seemed to have just woken up. 

“You seem really tired lately, don’t you?”

She was very curious about what the medicine was, so she decided to asked.

The pharmacist of the Azbel family was quite competent and she would come to know the results before long, but Shael couldn’t wait.

She decided to be straight-forward, and ask him directly.

However, she got no answer, it was clear that Eran was behaving quite cautiously, and was hiding something from her.

So Shael decided to continue.

“Your body seems weak.”

“I don’t think the person who secretly followed me and panted all the way should say that to me.”

Eran decided to insult her in return, but… that wasn’t enough for Shael to stop.

“If you are hiding something, tell me quickly.”

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  1. “For some reason, you asleep a lot.”

    Should this line be “For some reason, you sleep a lot.” or “For some reason, you doze off a lot.” or “For some reason, you’ve been dozing off a lot recently.”

    I’m not quite sure what Shael means, but if the next POV is correct then it should be used to ask about MC’s health right?

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