Chapter 36: The villainess interrogates (part 2)

It was then that Shael became sure about something.

Eran was perplexed! It was such a rare sight that even she had seen it only a few times.

It was clear that he had something to hide.

He even brought out the dessert she cherished so much to keep her from prying any further.

Shael picked up one of the cookies. Eran was trying to shut her up using these delicious desserts.

‘Does he consider me a fool?’

She was about to continue questioning Eran while eating the cookie. But, she couldn’t, it was just so sweet and delicious that she couldn’t take her mind off of it.

In the end, Shael was defeated by the dessert. So she couldn’t interrogate Eran anymore.

Actually, it wasn’t possible to beguile people’s spirits with dessert, but…

But this was something different. It felt like it was inevitable that Shael would fall for the taste of these desserts.


For some reason, her pride was hurt, and Shael just spent the rest of their time in silence.

When Eran left at the usual time, Shael went straight to the pharmacist with whom she had left the pills for examination.

She had said she would be back for the results the next day, but… Shael couldn’t wait for that long. 

She quickly found the pharmacist, and asked, “ What did you find out about medicine?”

It was a single precise question. 

And, the pharmacist gave an instant reply. She was a pharmacist who knew the character of the villainess, so she had analyzed the ingredients as soon as possible.

“It is a medicine for blood clotting disease caused by mana. The medicine can’t cure it, but it slows things down a bit.”

A blood clotting disease. It was a disease that Shael had never heard of, so she continued to stare at the pharmacist, prompting her to give a detailed explanation.

The pharmacist, who was thoroughly prepared, spoke again.

“We only know that blood clotting disease is caused by mana, but the exact cause is unknown. Aside from the medicine, the patient can also feel better by exercising in the air filled with pure mana.”

Shael hough of the time when she had climbed the mountains in the Azbel teritory with Eran. The air at that place was was filled with pure mana.

After Shael’s thoughts were over, the pharmacist continued.

“Avoiding sweets and getting plenty of sleep can keep the patient in good shape at least for a little while. In fact, there are many other ways besides these. Taking this medicine is just one of them.”

‘Eran doesn’t seem to like sweet things very much.’

When Shael had given Eran a cookie she had cooked herself, Eran had eaten that delicious, sweet cookie with a frown on his face. Shael wouldn’t have noticed it if he had eaten it with a calm expression on his face.

“What are the symptoms of the disease?”

The pharmacist became curious at Shael’s successive questions. ‘Could it be that she has this disease?’

But the pharmacist immediately denied the possibility. Duke Jespen checked Shael’s health condition on a regular basis. So there’s no way that Shael would have that disease.

If Shael was really afflicted with the disease, the Duke would surely search all over the place to find a cure for her.

The pharmacist said with a sigh of relief.

“First of all, the patient’s body will get weak… and they’ll sleep a lot. When things get worse, they’ll have a really bad fever.”

For a member of the Baslett family, which was lineage of master of swordmen, Eran was knocked out by a single spell.

Eran even fell asleep in front of Shael earlier. Shael had also notice that he seemed quite fatigued lately. 

‘I don’t think he ever had a fever, but was it still early?’

For the moment, Shael stopped her thoughts and focused on the pharmacist’s words.

“After suffering a fever, they’d get strangely healthy.”

“Getting healthy?”


At that, Shael tilted her head. ‘Then doesn’t that mean that it was a disease that wouldn’t be a problem.’

But the pharmacist’s words didn’t end there.

“And die within a week.”

“Still, if they practiced the methods you mentioned earlier, would it be okay?”

“They are just stopgap measures. It slows down the deterioration, but it doesn’t stop it.”

Shael asked back, “Then, how should we cure it?”

As the pharmacist of the Azbel family, she knew about all kinds of diseases and cures. So it was possible for her to know about how to cure this rare disease.

At Shael’s words, the pharmacist took a deep breath before speaking.



The main characters in the original novel had strange personalities.

No, in fact, many romantic fantasy novels were like that.

There might be some male protagonists who were kind and docile, but most of them were not.

Most of the male protagonists had dirty personalities and were obsessed with the female lead. Male protagonists with such a personality were usually very popular.

In the original novel, the role of Crown Prince Jerroch Edgars was exactly that. He was overly obsessed with the female protagonist and longed for love.

‘Why is he here?’

“What are you doing with Clie?”


It was a strange situation.

Clie’s bracelet wasn’t that powerful, as it wasn’t possible to have a prolonged communication through the bracelet.

You could communicate with few words at most. So we agreed to meet at a restaurant.

The problem was that when I was sitting with Clie, the Crown Prince suddenly appeared.

It was clear that Jerroch was tailing Clie.

Clie was also staring at Jerroch in bewilderment.

‘Should I just give her the medicine and leave?’

Considering the awkward situation, I didn’t know.

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