Chapter 37: The villainess is hopeless (part 1)

At the moment, the Crown Prince was glaring at me. And Clie sitting next to him.

I found it hard to even open my mouth in the eerie atmosphere. But still, I forced my mouth to speak.

“First of all, take this.”

I handed the medicine container to Clie. It contained the medicines Clie had asked me to bring.

The Crown Prince looked at it in surprise.

“What does it have in it?”


Clie remained silent. As if she didn’t want to talk about the disease.

‘Could it be that the Crown Prince doesn’t know about Clie’s illness?’

In the original novel, the plot started with the main female protagonist informing the male protagonists about her illness, but since Clie had undergone numerous changes, that might have changed as well.

Still, I couldn’t help but be curious.

If she didn’t get the medicine on time, it could’ve been of great harm to her health.

I could’ve taken advantage of the opportunity when the Crown Prince was gone to deliver the medicine, but that would be impossible.

It was because the Crown Prince seemed determined to follow Clie around for today.

But the words that came out of Clie’s mouth made me panic.

“It contains medicine.”

“Is it because of the blood clotting disease? Why didn’t you ask me?”

So it seemed that the Crown Prince knew about Clie’s illness.

Then I couldn’t understand why Clie asked me for medicine. But looking at Clie’s expression, I was able to make a rough guess.

Although she remained expressionless, a hint of anger was revealed on her face.

If Clie was a regressor, it was clear that she had experienced something unpleasant in the future. 

Anyway, I got up from my seat.

It was because the Crown Prince was staring at me for some time. It’s not good to offend a bad-tempered male protagonist for no reason.

I just wished good luck to Clie, who was going through a hard time.

“Oh, be careful!” Clie said in reply. 

The girl, who had been expressionless for a while because of the Crown Prince, went back to normal in a blink.

To be honest, I really wanted to make sure whether Clie really had regressed or not, but… today didn’t seem like the right time.

It was important, because in the original novel, the storyline of the main character, Clie, and the villainess, Shael, were often intertwined.

It was obvious that Clie had changed a lot from the original, but there was no way that the development seen in the book would be completely reversed. So an opportunity would come again.

“I will see you soon.”

As if she had the same thoughts, Clie said.

But was it okay to say that in front of the Crown Prince?

For now, I left my seat without questioning it.

Now, it was time to meet Shael as usual.

* * *

“What is it?”

The main character and the Crown Prince had troubled me not long ago, and now it was time for Shael to do the same.

I thought I was going to spend time in Shael’s room as usual… but suddenly, Shael sat me down at her desk. 

Then she pointed at the paper on the desk.

“Write down the dessert recipes.”

The villainess was making outrageous demands from me. There was no way I could grant that request!

It was the villainess’s only weakness! How could I give it away that easily?

If I gave the recipe to the villainess… I would no longer be able to control her with the desserts.

“I won’t.”

I strongly rejected. 

When it came to Shael, I knew that she would keep asking for it as usual.

But this time it was different.


As soon as I refused, Shael tore up the paper. The villainess gave up very easily.

Abandoning the recipe for the dessert you loved so much… so quickly?

However, Shael softly muttered something so that I wouldn’t be able to hear. 

But I was able to hear it.

It was thanks to a habit I had developed for some time.

Whenever the villainess did something to me, I habitually used magic to amplify my senses.

“Then, I can’t help it.”


Before I could express my confusion with question, Shael spoke up.

“Go to sleep.”




Come to think of it, in the original novel, the villainess, Shael used poison to kill Eran Baslett.

I got anxious without knowing why. In fact, compared to the novel, the current villainess could be considered really kind, but… when it came to the matter of my life and death, the story could be different.

‘She wouldn’t try to poison me while I’m sleeping, would she?’

I couldn’t believe it, but when she suddenly ordered me to sleep, all sorts of thoughts come to mind.

Apparently, Shael had heard Clie’s voice coming from my bracelet yesterday.

I thought she had already gotten over it, but it was clear that she was going to punish me today.

I immediately opened my magic pouch. I had prepared piles of desserts for today as well.

To be exact, I had especially prepared the desserts to cool Shael’s anger.

I quickly brought the deserts out on the table. It was an urgent situation, so the desserts piled up on the table before I knew it.

And, before long, there was nothing more to take out of the magic pouch anymore.

“What are you doing?”

“Please eat.”

I urged Shael to eat the desserts.

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  1. is it gonna be like the FMC in “I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy” where she regress back and now is obsessed with MC…

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