Chapter 42: Disciplining the Nun XVI (part 2)

Goblin: Not for ki*ds. Some might find the chapter somewhat distu*rbing.

Linda was feeling anxiety over the possibility that this man would really get rid of Jake.


“Well, if that’s the case… shall we end it here for now?”

“Ah… ”

Linda’s face showed a happy expression, at the unexpected words.

However, a cold smile spread across Bahamut’s mouth as if he was laughing at her hopeful expression.

And, he still continued to approach her.

“Eh..why… you said it was over for now!”

“Yes, I won’t be using the front ho*le for now. But…I didn’t say I won’t use this ho*le right here.”

Bahamut laughed as he positioned his shaft at the entrance of Linda’s re*ar end.

“Nohh! Wait… hold on! That… there…please not that!”

“I don’t know how it’ll feel because it’s my first time there. But…nhhhm!”



The next moment, Bahamut’s long shaft invaded her re*ar cave and crawled through her intestines.

At the same time, an excruciating pa*in that was several times more pa*inful than earlier waxing began to course through Linda’s body.

“Stop! Sstoooop! Arrggh…ughhhhh!!!”

And Linda let out a scream similar to a pig being slaughtered.

Linda almost lost her consciousness, as Bahamut’ great spear continued to recklessly dig in and out of her re*ar side. She was feeling as if she was about to go crazy!

“Kuuu!!!! It hurts! It hurts! I’m going to die! By body! That place it going to tear up! It’s going to tear apart!!!”

Linda cried in a desperate voice.

However, as he felt the sensation of her back ho*le tightening and gripping his shaft more strongly than he could have ever imagined, Bahamut began to thrust even more violently while holding that big round butt*cks




A wave of hot liquid gushed out of Bahamut’s shaft, filling her re*ar canal to the brim.

At the same time, a stream of yellow ur*ine began to burst out of Linda’s front cave.

“Whoa… ”


Linda collapsed forward as soon as Bahamut let go of her arms and broke down in tears of pa*in.

She fell on the yellow puddle, which was her own doing, but she didn’t even have the energy to care about it, as she twisted and rolled on the damp floor.

At the moment, not a single thought about Jake remained in her mind.

What dominated her mind was the regret of the past for viewing the situation so complacently.

And, she felt disgusted at herself…for feeling pleasure even in the midst of such a terrible situation.

As Linda was suffering from her miserable condition, that terrifying voice reached her ears.

“Whoa, it’ll be quite troublesome if you’re tired already.”


Bahamut said while grabbing hold of Linda’s shoulder, while she was lying on the floor.

At the same time, an eerie sensation ran through Linda’s entire being. 

She slowly turned around with a face full of fear, and…


“Hmm…it’s great!”

Bahamut praised as she spa*nked Linda’s plentiful re*ar, enjoying the sensation to its fullest.

At the same time, Linda felt a stabbing pa*in from her hip that had been burned by the candle wax, but…she couldn’t even afford to think about it any more.

The reason being…

“Are you feeling a little more relaxed now? Shall we move on to the last chapter then?”

“That…ah… no… no more!”

Disregarding her desperate pleas, Bahamut pulled Linda’s legs apart with force and opened her cro*tch to gain full access.

What did that mean…Linda knew it all too well.

“Nohh! Ahhh…no…stop!!!”

Linda let out another scream as she was beset with a terrible pa*in.

At the same time, the remaining liquid Bahamut had released in her back ho*le began to flow out.


“What’s this? Could it be that you were still a vi*gin? This is a bit surprising, but…”


With one last push, a line of blood began to flow from Linda’s precious place.

It was a fatal blow to Linda, who had already suffered enough due to the terrible abu*se.

And, Linda finally spoke in a weeping voice.

“Ahhng…wrong…I was wrong…”

In response, Bahamut paused for a moment and looked at the crying woman beneath him.

“I…I…was wrong… ahh! I don’t like… the pa*in… so… so… please… please… stop…”

Linda desperately begged Bahamut.

However, Bahamut spoke to her in a cold voice.

“You were wrong? Heh, there is no need for an apology…you don’t need to say anything stupid, just stay quiet and get fu*ked, you bitch!”

“Ahhn.. that..euuuk!!!!”

At the same time, Bahamut shoved his shaft deep into Linda’s wo*mb and began thrusting his hips without hesitation.

Thap! Thap! Thap!

And so, the punishment continued without mercy

Linda, soaked in the delirious pa*in and the pleasure rising from beneath, began to earnestly pray that the moment would somehow end.

And… the unbearable and hellish situation continued—

To the next day… 

And the day after that…

And, the day after that…

As days went by, Linda’s mind began to shatter.

Until the moment when even her perception of herself started to blur.

And at some point… she become addicted to the pleasure she felt through the pa*in and began to laugh.

It took only a week for Linda to be reduced to such a state after struggling with the pa*in.

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  1. huh what he didn’t fk her ? The chapter before sounded like that wtf did I read it wrong? What did he do then ? fk her mouth or something but it didn’t(ahh I did read it wrong just checked the previous chapter huh lol got confused on the “white flame” sentence) Though I was kinda right with anal stuff but he didn’t wait until the last day of the “deal” so meh almost right).

    “You were wrong? Heh, there is no need for an apology…you don’t need to say anything stupid, just stay quiet and get fu*ked, you bitch!” rip the dialog homie author, he should read a female authors “lewd” books if wants to learn how to describe a lewd scene, honestly female authors are pros at describing lewd scenes rather then our author who sounds like a virgin whos just writing what he wish he could do.

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