Chapter 43: Disciplining the Nun XVII (part 1)

“Haangg… Huumn~”

The unhinged, hellish session finally ended for the day.

However, even though she finally reached the end of that hell, Linda’s gaze was empty as if she had lost her soul.

Her body and soul were already in tatters, as she was subjected to several sessions of extreme pleasures that transcended her limits. 

The current Linda Halls was damaged to the point where she couldn’t think of anything anymore. 

As the broken woman gasped for breath, several maids dressed in neat clothes entered the cell and began to approach her.




At some point, Linda suddenly came to her senses.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a gorgeous, yet clean, tidy room.

“What… what is.. this place.. what the hell!”

Her surroundings were so different that the dungeon where she was on the verge of losing her mind felt like a dream. It was as if what had happened so far was just a nightmare.

Outside the window, birds peacefully chirped away, and the warm sunlight soothed her soul.

The clothes she was wearing were not the torn nun clothes, but a dress with neat and detailed decorations.

Linda was beset with doubts and anxiety at the luxury she had never experienced before.


Then, the door of the room slowly opened, and a number of maids entered the room.

Linda reflexively flinched, but not paying attention to her reaction, the maids began to set what they had brought in front of her.

Various luxurious foods were slowly being served on the fancy table.

The moment Linda saw them, she had the urge to run and put them all in her mouth.

During these few days, she couldn’t even eat a decent meal, so her mouth started watering automatically when she saw all the delicious food being served in front of her.

After doing their job, the maids left the room and shut the door without a word.

From the circumstances, it was clear that it was Bahamut who had prepared all these.

However, the hunger she was feeling was too extreme for Linda to think about such a thing, and furthermore, the smell of the food itself was no different from an enormous torture for her to endure.

As the maids all left and no one was there to notice anymore…Linda lost her last bit of self-control and reached out to grab whatever she could, and put it into her mouth.


Linda frantically shoved the food into her mouth without any care to save face.

It was a meal in the midst of severe hunger, and apart from that fact, the dishes themselves were extremely delicious.

‘I don’t know what’s happening, but… I’ll have to eat first. I never thought that food could be so delicious. As expected, rich people live different lives…’

Linda enjoyed the delicacies that she has never eaten before to the fullest, with the best seasoning called hunger.

At the moment, her mind was devoid of all the thoughts about Jake or Bahamut.

She only thought about putting the food in front of her eyes into her mouth.

After such an exhausting meal, Linda finally felt her hunger subside.

After getting out of a situation where she couldn’t even think due to the hunger, she finally had time to calmly think about her current situation.

‘Hmm.. I think he won’t kill me for now. Yes, but what the hell is this?’

Suddenly, she remembered a story about feeding a pig for slaughter.

As she began to wonder if there was any reason to treat her so lavishly, Linda became more and more confused about the situation she was in.

Just as Linda was lost in her thoughts, the maids who had left the room came back inside.

Then, they began to clear the dishes and organize the table.

At the same time, several of them began to approach Linda with something in their hands.

It was a gorgeous dress!

It was made of all sorts of decorations and luxurious fabrics that Linda had never seen before.

Then, without delay, the maids went into action.

“Eh! Now…wait a minute…” Linda cried out in embarrassment.

However, without paying much attention to her, the maids undressed her and helped her put on the dress in a machine-like motion.

It all happened so quickly that Linda didn’t even know how to resist.

After they were finished, the maids again left without a word.

Meanwhile, Linda stood stiff in the room with a dazed look on her face.

‘What the hell…is this?’

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Disciplining the Nun XVII (part 1)”

  1. ahh this is more crazy then what I said about waiting until the last day of the deal lol at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see him d*ugging her food with a aphrod*siac and having her fk multiple men in front of her lover on her “wedding day”

    1. I think the protagonist is actually trying to make her abandon her feelings for Jake on her own after seeing all the luxury she can have by submitting to him. In the end, he might even make her say she loves him in front of Jake.

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