Chapter 43: Disciplining the Nun XVII (part 2)

Feeling immensely confused by the current incomprehensible situation, Linda stood in front of a mirror in a daze.

In the reflection… was exactly what she had always dreamed she could be.

At the moment, she was wearing a dazzlingly beautiful dress, not a drab nun’s uniform, and it accentuated her natural charm to the fullest.

As she watched, Linda began to feel a little excited even in such a dire situation.

‘Yes.. this is it… this is it… that’s what I’ve always wanted…’

While thinking about that, Linda couldn’t take her eyes off the mirror.

At that moment…

“The gift I prepared looks quite good on you, right?”

She heard the voice of that hateful man next to her.

“Ahh! It’s you…”

In response, Ringa glared at the man… Bahamut with a sharp expression.

In response, Bahamut smiled lightly as he looked back at her, “Don’t get so upset, you were the one who accepted the deal in the first place. If I hadn’t used my connections, Jake would be dead by now.”

“Jake! Where is Jake now?” The moment she heard the name she seemed to have forgotten, Linda asked in an urgent voice. 

And, Bahamut answered in his usual light tone, “Where is he? Of course, he is imprisoned in this mansion. Well, do you want to meet him?”

“I want to.. I want to, please take me to him right now!”

“Allright, if you really want to…”

With those words, Bahamut pointed towards the slightly open door.

In response, Linda headed there without hesitation.

And, as he watched her, a cold smile began to spread on Bahamut’s lips.


“Jake! Where are you?”

Following the guidance of the servant, Linda arrives at the dungeon.

She frantically searched for Jake in the place that seemed quite similar to the dungeon she used to be.


“Lin…Linda…is that you?”


The next moment, Linda hurriedly ran toward the weak voice calling her.

Once there, she found Jake locked in his own cell.

The current Jake looked as if he had been subjected to considerable torture, and there were scars all over his body. He looked nothing like his former self due to his long beard and dazed eyes.

“Ah… are you okay? How… how could they do this…”


Jake was unable to answer Linda’s questions full of concern.

Then Linda hurriedly shook the bars, her heart seized with the urge to save Jake at all costs.

However, the iron bars didn’t even more, and the guards, of course, didn’t show any signs of freeing Jake.


Recognizing that she couldn’t do anything on her own, Linda slowly knelt down in front of the bars.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Jake… I… tried to save you somehow… but…”

“No, it’s okay… it wasn’t a situation that you could do anything with your own strength anyway.”

Jake looked at Linda with a smile of despair.

Linda then reached out and gently touched Jake’s face.

“Just a bit more… please endure a little bit more. Jake… I… I will… save you no matter what!”

“Alright, got it. I’ll be waiting for you…until then..”

Jake answered in a low-spirited voice. 

Seeing his reaction, Linda couldn’t control her emotions anymore and broke out in tears.

However, unlike Linda, who was expressing her sadness so innocently, a cold shadow was cast over Jake’s face.


“How was it? How does it feel to meet that man for the first time in a while?”


At Bahamut’s words, Linda didn’t say anything.

It was extremely painful for her to see the man she loved suffer so much.

However, she didn’t have the ability to protest against it at all. 

All she could do was endure, and try her best to prevent the man before her from changing his mind over the course of the next few months.

The only thing she could do, was to do her best to satisfy him.

With such determination, Linda slowly knelt in front of Bahamut.

“From today…I will obey whatever you want…”

Watching her action, Bahamut slowly got up from his seat.

But what he did next was completely out of Linda’s expectations.


Bahamut lightly tapped her on the shoulder. Then he walked straight to the door and spoke in a calm voice.

“It’s okay. You must have had a hard time, so you should rest for a week. Be prepared to work hard again from the next week.”


Unexpectedly, he was showing her mercy!

Feeling embarrassed, Linda opened the door and looked at Bahamut’s back as he left.

And as he said…

It wasn’t until a week later that she was taken back to the dungeon after living a dreamy life.

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