Chapter 44: Disciplining the Nun XVIII (part 1)


It was a really scary thing.

It was a word that referred to an action or process of adapting to something…becoming accustomed to it.

In that sense, the woman named Linda Halls was adapting to her current situation.

For one week, she would be tor*tured without mercy, and for the next week, she would experience the life she had always dreamed of, like a noble princess.

Although Bahamut continued to explore both her front and rear ho*les with his large shaft, at some point Linda began to feel it…

As time passed… the sensation she would feel gradually changed from pain to pleasure…

However, despite recognizing that fact, Linda couldn’t accept it.

She had someone she loved.

A precious childhood friend, who she had been with since childhood.

A benefactor who saved her when her family was in ruin, and she was in trouble.

And…the man who had promised to marry her.

Thinking of him, Linda continued to deny her feelings to the end.

‘It’s a lie… this sensation…is a not real. I have Jake! I love him more than anything. If I am with him, I will definitely be able to feel happy. Much more than this! A life with someone I love will definitely be…uhhnngg!’

Linda tried her best to maintain her sanity while she reached climax after climax.

As another week of tor*ture was over, Linda went to see Jake in a gorgeous, yet very pleasing dress.

“Jake, I’m here!”


Jake looked at Linda and answered in a quiet voice.

Seeing his reaction, Linda began to feel her concern for him grow stronger.

‘I know how much you’ve suffered… I need to comfort you even a little..’

With that thought in mind, Linda stayed close to Jake and spoke in a voice that contained as much warmth as possible.

“Jake…it might be hard, but be patient…it won’t be much longer… just a little… just a little bit more…”

“…yeah… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…”

Jake’s voice was full of deep guilt and frustration.

Hearing that, Linda felt a pang of pain in her heart, and began to reinforce her heart once again.

‘I… will not give up…I will be together with Jake…we will have a happy future…’

However, unlike Linda, who was thinking of their future, Jake’s expression was infinitely dark.

He knew it all.

He knew that Linda was paying for their failure with her body.

He also knew that it was something unavoidable.

However, despite knowing it in his head, Jake’s couldn’t accept it in his heart.

The fact that his woman was being ravaged by another man…

Adding to that, the man was a person with wealth and power beyond his own.

He could feel it keenly through Linda’s splendidly changing clothes every time she came to visit him.

However, despite suffering from such an inferiority complex, Jake couldn’t get it out of his mouth.

It was because he couldn’t let his woman’s hard work for him be in vain.

‘We might be free one day, but.. can we really be happy after that?’


The time they thought would never end…eventually came to an end.

The journey that started at the end of summer ended on a winter day when the chill winds began to blow.



Jake and Linda were finally free.

They held each other’s hands and left Bahamut’s mansion with a deep sense of joy.

For now, Jake was accepting the moment with joy, as the terrible time of humiliation and pain was finally over.

He wasn’t that hopeful about the future that lay ahead of them.

And…watching the two people leave the mansion, Isolda said in a cold voice, “Are you really going to let them go like that?”

Isolda expressed her dissatisfaction while holding the processed pyrite in her hand.

Honestly, no matter how much he promised, she thought that Bahamut must have set some king of trap.

But after three months, Bahamut actually set them free as he had promised.

Without any conditions or further schemes!

“You said that there would be no mercy at all. Did you develop sympathy for that woman during this time…”

“No, not at all.”

“Then why?”

The next moment, Bahamut replied with an extremely cold voice, “There is no such thing as mercy when it comes to those people. Hmm…you’ll find out more about it soon.”


Those were not just empty words.

Isolda finally understood that it wasn’t the end, there was still something more to see.

More than she had initially thought… something harsher and devastating!

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  1. She will probably come back on her own. I doubt that Jake will be able to satisfy her masochistic tendencies. Also, his size may not even be enough to satisfy her after tasting the protagonist.

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