Chapter 44: Disciplining the Nun XVIII (part 2)


Linda opened her eyes to look at the man sleeping beside her. 

It was Jake, the man she truly loved.

Three months had passed since Linda was freed from Bahamut’s dungeon and started lived with her lover.

And for Linda, those three months were more of a hell than she had previously imagined.

Linda and Jake might have found freedom, but they were basically penniless

They somehow made it to the Aosta region, the only place they though to be safe, while looking like beggars.

But…life there was far from the happiness Linda had hoped for.

Lord Easter, who had suffered great losses in the process of cooperating with Jake’s gold mining industry, received them in a cold-hearted manner.

He didn’t kick them due to their old friendship… but the treatment they were receiving were very poor.

The food was poor, and the room given was cramped and shabby.

The clothes they were given were also rough and dirty.

There was nothing Linda liked in her new life.

It was nothing compared to her life in Lugano, not to mention her life at Bahamut’s mansion.

And there was one more thing…

At some point, Linda realized that Jake no longer loved her.

Her union with Jake, the thing she had been longing for for a long time…didn’t happen.

Jake didn’t seem to share her longing and excitement, as his thing didn’t even stand up!

No matter what Linda did, there was no response. 

And finally, from his gaze full of disgust, Linda was able to perceive what Jake was thinking.

He was looking at her as if he was looking at a dirty who*re!

She no longer held a place in his heart.

After that miserable experience, Linda tried to pleasure herself on her own. But, it was different from what she had experienced with Bahamut.

All she felt was an unmatched sense of emptiness.

The intense stimulus that penetrated her being…the pleasure that seemed to shake her soul…wasn’t there.

‘I can’t…feel satisfied. Not at all…’

Linda couldn’t even openly express her inner turmoil. 

‘This…is this…the future I chose…? Is this…the happiness…that I wanted?’

She didn’t know that things would be this bad. She only had vague fantasies about the future she hoped for. 

She thought that as long as she had love, she would be happy in any situation.

But…Linda finally realized that wasn’t the case.

That love couldn’t solve anything.

In the face of harsh reality…even the feeling of love would cool down and change.

‘I don’t like it…to live my whole life like this…to live in this situation… with a man like this…’

Linda slowly rose from her side of the bed, while the agony gnawed at her heart.

‘I know this isn’t right.’

To abandon the beliefs she had always held dear.

She knew that it would be an act of giving up on something precious that she had treasured for a long time.

However, despite that, Linda finally gave in.

For the happiness that she had once experienced… like an enchanting dream. It had been completely different from the bitter reality of the present, which was so miserable.

‘If I hadn’t known, it wouldn’t have been as painful as it is now.’

It was the poisonous seed that man had planted… a very perfect and sweet dream.


A few days later, the woman named Linda Halls disappeared from Aosta.

Leaving behind Jake, who had become a complete failure. 

Leaving behind only a short letter saying, sorry.

After that, no one had ever heard of anything about her anywhere.



Looking at the woman in front of his eyes, Bahamut remained expressionless.

And in front of Bahamut, was…the woman named Linda Halls, who had left the place a few months ago after

receiving her ‘freedom’. 

Currently, the woman was on her knees, pleading with a desperate expression on her face, 

“Please… let me… make me… your… sla*ve again…”

Her words were spoken with full sincerity.

However, in her eyes, there was no longer any vibrancy or hope from the past.

It was a face that had given up on everything, on life itself.

It was the face of a perfect loser who had accepted her defeat.

And at the same time, it was exactly what Bahamut wanted to see. 

As he looked at the demon who had completely collapsed, Bahamut spoke in a cold voice,

“Is that so? Then you shouldn’t expect the luxurious hospitality from before. Do you still want to be a sla*ve?”

“…it doesn’t matter…now..whatever happens…because I..have nothing left…”

With that, a smile slowly appeared on Linda’s face.

There was no sorrow or joy  in it.

It was akin to a doll that was beautiful but didn’t contain any vitality.

It was a hollow, empty smile…

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  1. huh rip she never slept with jake I thought she’d leave after not being satisfied with jakes sxex skills but huh rip

  2. It was worse than my guesses. She basically lost the money, s*ex, and love. Her boyfriend became the legendary limp di*ck boyfriend from ntr plots.

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