Chapter 45: Tumultuous Events I (part 1)

Kang! Kang! Kang!

The sound of metal hitting metal ruled the air.

However, it was only one of the many sounds in the noisy place.

From the point of view of the people working here, it was accepted as a sound that gave them safety and hope—a feeling quite different from the past.

“With this, the rate of accidents in the iron mines will decrease for a while.”

“Thank you very much. Why didn’t we have something like this from the start?.”

“Isn’t this all thanks to Lord Bahamut from the Beden Merchant Company? Things have completely changed since he bought the iron mine.”

“There is more to eat than before, and the safety inside the mine is also well taken care of, and the people who want it can also borrow land for farming again, don’t they? And that too with very little tax!”

After the Lugano area was taken over by the Beden Merchant Company, the situation in the area was completely changed.

The hellish taxes were reduced to a minimum cost for maintaining the region, and the treatment of people working in the mines was completely different from before.

Unlike the time when the people were able to barely pass their days, it was now possible for them to earn more money from the mines compared to even farming, and the safety problem was greatly improved by installing steel supports instead of weak rotten trees.

Their situation had changed so dramatically that the workers naturally compared their lives in the past to how it was now.

“To be honest, I’ve been a little worried since Sister Linda left.”

“Who knew that things would turn out like this? It was all because she cheated us and leached off the funds.”

“I didn’t even know that! I was a fool, and treated such a vile human being like a saint…”

“Now, what’s the use of regretting the past? Now that the good times have come, it will be enough to live well in the future.”

“Yes, that’s right…”

“Alright, let’s stop chatting and get down to business. We just found a new vein a few days ago! We have to work hard and get lots of good quality iron ore!”

“That’s right! Let’s live well together!”

Unlike when they were once filled with grief and sorrow, the people of Lugano was now filled with hope and joy. 

And, they once again took up their picks and headed for the mines.


“With this, the work in the Lugano region has finished.”

“Good job Ashbel. Although public sentiment has calmed down right away, please keep an eye on them for a while.”

“Okay, Young Master.”

Looking at Bahamut, Ashbel bowed his head, his heart filled with loyalty.

No, the feelings he felt towards his Young Master at the moment was not just simple loyalty. It was also admiration, respect, and awe.

‘They say that late-blooming flowers are the most splendid… I guess that’s true. I can’t imagine that he would accomplish such amazing things in a little over a year..’

Bahamut completely subdued Isolda and put the Uranus Merchant Company under his feet under the guise of an alliance, and after that, he also obtained the Lugano region, a treasure trove of resources located in the south!

The Beden Merchant Company was now expanding its power to a frightening extent!

Although Bahamut didn’t reveal his influence as much as possible for fear of frightening the surrounding forces. Even in the eyes of Ashbel, the Beden Merchant Company was already one of the most powerful merchant companies on the current continent.

‘The previous Master laid a solid foundation… now the Young Master is building a huge castle on top of it. How far can we go in the future?’

Of course, the continent was vast, and there were still many competitors, but Ashubel was able to assert that only a glorious future awaited for both the Company and Bahamut.

‘Even though he has accomplished this much, the Young Master is still engrossed in gathering strength.’

Until now, numerous companies had risen and fallen facing the tides of time, but no company has yet completely conquered the commercial world of the continent.

No one could become the undisputed King of Merchants.

Ashbel was hopeful that maybe his Young Master was the one who would ascend to that throne that no one had ever climbed before.

“Okay then. The next thing to look at is… hmm… this?” Bahamut’s attitude suddenly changed.

As a result, Ashbel stopped thinking about the faraway future and began to examine the contents of the document his Young Master was looking at.

“This… is from the Uranus Merchant Company.”

“Mistress… no, Lady Bertina… let’s see…hoh…is it finally back?”

“That seems to be the case. Although it took a little longer than before. It seems to have arrived a little while ago. The trade ships that was sent to the east.”

“I am glad that it went well. I was worried, but they arrived safely.” Ashbel let out a relieved sigh.

The Eastern Trade was one of Bertina’s schemes that she had set into motion earlier this year.

Originally, Bertina wanted to use it to commit a huge investment fraud, wiping out all the small merchants of the Holy Empire as a result. She was trying to become the sole ruler of the Empire’s commercial sector, but due to Bahamut’s intervention, that scheme was neatly destroyed.

In the end, the traders were sent with authentic materials and finally, after a period of about a year, they had finally returned to the continent with a lot of exquisite trade items.

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