Chapter 45: Tumultuous Events I (part 2)

“According to the report, there were no major losses during the trade, and the reason for the delay was that a large merchant group from the eastern ‘Jin’ Empire visited the trading area, and they had to conduct additional trade with them.”

“Ohhh…then it went better! From what I hear, there really aren’t any such eastern specialty products in our market, so we can expect a bigger profit than we had initially imagined.”

“Surely. Congratulations, Young Master.”

As he talked with Ashbel, Bahamut was seized with a considerable amount of excitement and anticipation.

‘Whoa…this is really a lot like watching the Kitcoin that you’ve been saving for a year go up in price by several hundred fold…’

If there were no unexpected accidents, then with the additional trade with the Jin Empire successfully carried out, the profits he could expect would be simply astronomical!

If one had to give an example, it was akin to a situation where the money that was barely enough to pay a months rent in the metropolitan area had grown to the point of being able to buy several buildings in the middle of Gan*nam in just one year.

‘In addition, my stake in the trade is 37%. And, with that amount of money, I’d be able to make connections with high-ranking people in this world one after another…’

At the moment, Bahamut was full of grand expectations.


“Hmm? This is…”

The next moment, an object that had been stuck between the documents fell to the floor.

Feeling curios, Bahamut picked it up and opened it.



“What is that, Young Master?”

“Hmm…no…it’s just a personal matter. Now then, you did a good job today, so let’s leave it at this.”

“Ah…yes, I understand, Young Master.”

Somehow, his Young Master seemed happy in a different way than before, so Ashbel left the room feeling a bit doubtful.

And Bahamut, who was left alone in the room, looked at the paper in his hand.

To be precise, he began to take another look at the contents of the letter Bertina had written to him.

“That woman…she must be feeling very lonely. Then I guess I can’t help it. After all, she is an important asset, so I can’t just ignore her.”

Bahamut, muttered to himself with a happy smile on his lips. Then he carefully placed Bertina’s letter, which was filled with her longing for him, in his coat pocket.


Vienna, Bertina’s mansion.

There, Bertina Minerva, the owner of the Uranus Merchant Company, finally received the news she had been waiting for.

“Is it here?”

“Yes, Lady Bertina. We have received a reply.”

“Please give it to me!”

Tilda Rusty took something out from her bosom. It was the letter her mistress had been waiting for.

The letter was delivered by a young warrior, who was tasked with delivering the letter to her exclusively.

The warrior was a woman with light green hair, black eyes, dark brown skin and a strong, muscular body.

“Haah…ah.. I can finally see him again. Finally…”

Upon receiving the letter, Bertina couldn’t hide her joy and excitement, as her face blushed with a shade of red.

Seeing such a rare reaction of the ruthless Lady of Blue Gold, Tilda asked her with a cautious expression,

“Uhmm…Lady Bertina. Is he that good? That… Bahamut…”

“Hmmm…I really like him. To tell you my honest feelings, it’s to the point where I feel like I want to stay by his side all the time, rather than being apart like this. Aah… I want to officially marry that man someday…”

While saying that, Bertina read the short letter from Bahamut several times.


To be honest, Tilda didn’t quite understand her mistress.

She knew that Bahamut, the owner of the Beden Merchant Company, had defeated Bertina once. 

But…who was Bertina? 

Even if she suffered defeat once, she wasn’t someone who would just forget the shame. She was a woman who would try her best to return the favor several times over and in the end, she was always the last one standing.

However, when it came to Bahamut, she became like a gentle puppy and was busy wagging her tail.

‘To be honest…it’s quite unbelievable. What on earth did he do to make her care so much about him?’

From what she had heard, that man was amazing on the bed…

However, Tilda knew very well that Bertina wasn’t someone who would simply be swayed by such things.

Bertina had always felt lonely from time to time, but she was never particularly interested in bringing other men to her bed.

‘I think she just fell in love… but I’m not quite sure either. Maybe I will find the answer to in a few days…’

And so, determined to know the true face of Bahamut, who might really become her other master, Tilda began to have some expectations about the future.

‘What kind of surprises will that man named Bahamut give us?’

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  1. Bertina actually might be the best person to marry status/money wise. Though I think our MC is gonna end up fking the empress’s otherwise I don’t really see the point in making the emperors woman lol and they been bringing up the empress’s quite a bit the past chapters so I feel hes gonna become the emperor or like a emperor

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