Chapter 46: Tumultuous Events II (part 1)

Holding the sword, the nerves of her entire body slowly sharpened—to the extent that she could sense even the slightest movement of a hair.


And, she felt the power flowing through her body, as it slowly flowed along the edge of her sword.

The flow was constant, and seemingly unending.

It had only been a few months since her awakening, but now she could use it as naturally as she drew breath.


It was something beyond human limits…as it had the power to distort the laws of the world set by God.


With a shout, Ophelia swung her sword.



The next moment, a large piece of metal was divided into two with a clean metallic sound.

After going through several rounds of smelting, the object, which was extremely hard, was cut in half like tofu.

“That should be it for now…”

Feeling a bit tired, Ophelia puts her beloved sword back into it’s sheath.

Behind her… there were countless pieces of debris that were neatly sliced, similar to the lump of metal in front of her eyes.

‘Good. At this rate…’

A smile automatically appeared on Ophelia’s lips as she witnessed something that was absolutely impossible for her to achieve just a few months ago.

She now held the power that could only be used by strong people, who had gone beyond their limits of this world.

Ophelia’s fighting power began to rise rapidly from the moment she awakened the power called mana. 

By applying mana on her sword, it became possible for her to easily split even steel, and by cladding her body with mana, her physical abilities could also be strengthened to a level incomparable to before.

In addition, if it grew a little more, it would be possible for her to blast flames or even shoot lightning!

It was the power to literally twist the logic of the world.

Of course, it would take her many more years to reach that level. 

However, looking at the speed of her own growth, Ophelia was confident that might not be the case.

‘By common standards, yes, but… this speed is too fast no matter how much I think about it. To the extent that I can feel the difference myself…I wonder if I had a talent for this from the beginning?’

The people who could use mana were few and far between, and those with real talents were even more rare.

That’s why, for the first time in her life, Ophelia felt grateful to her parents for giving birth to her.

‘My parents didn’t give me anything, but they gave me this strength.’

They gave her such a powerful ability to protect her most precious person.

‘I still have a long way to go, but I will do my best. So that I can protect my Lord no matter what…’

With that thought in mind, Ophelia left the training ground and headed for the annex where she was staying.

Considering her usual schedule, it was still a bit early, but she had to prepare in advance for what would happen from the next day.



It was the best commercial city on the continent, touted as the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.

It has been widely known as the center of continental trade for the past hundreds of years, so much so that there was a saying that Eastern Trade began and ended here.

And now, in this splendid city, there was no gap to set foot in because of the merchants who came from all over the continent.

“The Eastern Trade have finally returned?”

“About time! Honestly, I’ve been biting my fingers because of the commercial war for the past two years, but now I can finally breathe!”

“Merchants are flocking from not only the Holy Empire, but also the Frank Kingdom and the Dragona Empire. Isn’t that really amazing?”

Due to the high risk, the Eastern Trade would be conducted only once or twice a year.

In particular, for the past two years, most of the giants had to stay away from Eastern Trade due to the commercial war, so the expectations and response to this one was beyond imagination.

It naturally ignited the flames of the desires of those who had wealth and power across the continent.

“I heard that the traders of the Uranus Merchant Company have finally returned.”

“You don’t know just how long I waited for this. In the meantime, it was harder to find spices in the market than to pick stars in the sky!”

“I almost died of envy when the lord of Marseille took out the spices he had stockpiled, and now I can finally taste the true cuisine.”

“Spices are good, but I’m more interested in myrrh and perfumes. I couldn’t forget that delicate scent after I smelled it once. Didn’t some Duchess even get into a fight to acquire it?”

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