Chapter 46: Tumultuous Events II (part 2)

“How about the tea? Although we have the black tea produced in Kaalon, but the tea from the East has a different, special flavor. My wife said that she wouldn’t have anything unless it was tea from Jin.”

Eastern spices and specialties have always been very popular among the nobles and royalty. Even simple consumables have always been in hight demand, not to mention various kinds of rare luxury goods.

Therefore, being well aware of the psychology of the rich upper class, the merchants from various other regions were also showing immense interest in the Eastern Trade.

“The Parish Merchant is planning to spend hundreds of talents just to buy spices, right? I heard that their owner is very determined.”

“Spices are the most popular products and are relatively easy to store. They must be considering the profit it can bring in the future. Every merchant knows that, so the proportion of spices is as high as 60%.”

“It’s understandable, since we’re always suffering from shortages. That’s great. Let’s take this opportunity to buy as much as we can!”

“Anyway, it’s profitable just to hoard things from the East. We have plenty of money, so let’s get everything we can.”

Whether to conduct personal business, or by order of local dignitaries, merchants began to flock to Benessa with huge amounts of money.

And among them… there were also those who were aiming for something a little more special than just a simple transaction.


A medium-sized sailboat on the shore of the Adriatic Sea.

In front of it, was a seemingly endless line of ships, loaded with goods, preparing to dock in the harbor.

Some of them had already docked and were now unloading cargo.

These items would now be sold across the continent, fetching prices 400 to 1000 times higher than where they came from, and they would continue to fetch even higher prices by time they reached the hands of the consumers.

‘In that sense, this is the best time and place to buy things at the lowest price…’

While thinking that, a woman wearing a reddish-brown robe was quietly admiring the spectacle unfolding before her eyes.

Benessa, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, the continent’s commercial center.

‘It will be fun… the process of obtaining the jewel later… will be really fun…’ The woman thought as stared at the precious jewels being carefully leaded onto the highly guarded carriages.

As she was thinking that, someone silently appeared from behind her.

“It is truly spectacular. So this is the famous Benessa. Indeed, the reputation as the Queen of the Adriatic doesn’t seem to be fake.”

The newcomer, apparently a woman, commented with a slightly chilly tone.

The first woman responded with a friendly smile, “Right. I think so too. I’ve been here a few times before, but it’s really spectacular to see the trade ships lined up like this.”

Hundreds of merchant ships lit up in the sea

The night view they created resembles a shining jewel in itself.

After taking in the scene in front of her eyes, the woman wearing the reddish-brown robe slowly turned around and looked at the person standing beside her.

In contrast to her own reddish-brown robe, her companion was wearing a white robe, with a hood, which helped to hide her true identity

It was hard to make out her exact figure, but her long silver hair, which was akin to white snow, was glistening in the light.

Looking at her, the woman in the reddish-brown robe opened her mouth with a calm voice unlike the moment when she was slightly excited.

“By the way…have you checked the list of things you want to buy?”

“Yes, of course. There is no doubt about it. The information was obtained by a few trusted merchants.”

“Yes.. good job. But as you know, we can’t be careless until the end. Let’s not relax until we get our hands on it.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

After confirming it again, the woman in the reddish-brown turned her gaze toward the port again.

“Benessa… on the surface, it’s a simple trade city, but soon the dark world that exists behind it will open its doors.”

“It’s a world that people who simply come for things like spices can never know…”

“That’s how it is with things that are too valuable. Insects tend to be attracted to flowers that are too colorful. I hope I won’t have to use force if possible… but I’m not sure what will happen.”

“We just have to do our best not to make that happen.”

While smiling silently under their hoods, the two women began to appreciate the night view in front of them in silence.

Their minds preoccupied with thought of the hidden forces that might be flocking to Benessa with similar goals.

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