Chapter 47: Tumultuous Events III (part 1)

An inn located on the outskirts of the main street of Benessa.

In a special room with a spacious and splendid appearance, a woman finally reunited with the person she had been longing to see.

“Come here!”


The moment he saw her, Bahamut directly took Bertina in his embrace, which caused the mature woman to blush in embarrassment. She was really acting like a obedient little puppy.

There was a slight age difference, but other than that, the scene gave off the same feeling as a longing wife welcoming her husband.

“I missed you…really..”

“I did too. I heard that you had to do a lot of work. How have you been?”

“Yes, of course. It’s just…I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I’m a little lonely.”

“Hahahaha…sorry. To be honest, I wanted to visit Vienna at least once, but there was a lot of work on my end as well.”

Bahamut smiled at the sight of her sultry gestures, and he felt his excitement rise up.

And so, while sharing the joy of the reunion, the two entered the room to avoid being disturbed by others.

Watching that scene, Tilda, who had followed Bertina as her escort for quite some time, let out a small sigh.

However, the next moment, a woman appeared in front of her eyes



Upon discovering a thin-looking woman with black hair and green eyes, Tilda thought in her head,

‘Who is she? Ah…she must be in charge of escorting that man named Bahamut…’

The woman was wearing a black adventurer’s outfit and had a long sword at her waist.

Feeling curious, Tilda decided to ask a question to the woman who was staring at her in silence.

“Are you Lord Bahamut’s escort?”

“Yes, and you?” The calmly responded in a quiet voice

Tilda felt a little strange, but she still reached out her hand to the woman in front of her.

“As expected, nice to meet you. My name is Tilda Rusty. I’m in charge of protecting Lady Bertina.”

“Is that so. Nice to meet you. I am called Ophelia Crimson.”

Ophelia took Tilda’s hand and lightly shook it.

At first glance, it was a simple greeting, but Tilda immediately felt that this woman was quite different from the rumors and her appearance.

‘Mana…is it? She is a more capable woman than I had imagined. I can feel her strength even from a simple handshake. She’s… strong!’

The tingling sensation in the palm of her hand was enough for Tilda to realize that the other party was someone she should never take lightly.

‘On the outside, she looks like dry firewood, but inside…she is a monster. So, is it true… that the talents chosen by Lord Bahamut are special.’

However, Tilda judged that there was no need to be wary of the sword-like woman in front of her.

Considering the strong relationship between their masters, this woman could be a reliable ally depending on the situation. 

‘The fact that she is stronger than I thought is something I should be happy about.’

As Tilda was lost in her thoughts, the woman named Ophelia looked at her and spoke in a quiet voice,

“Anyway, I think we should get out of here for now. We shouldn’t disturb those two.”

“Ah…yes, I was thinking the same as well.”

After that, the two women returned to the entrance and closed the door.

Paying no attention to all the bustle, they took their seats in the chairs in front of the entrance as escorts.

“I know a little bit about you. You used to be a low-level adventurer with no noteworthy records, but still, you were selected by Lord Bahamut to be his escort, right?”

“You know quite well.”

“To be honest, it’s really rare for a low-level adventurers to be hired in this type of job. Especially if you have no prior experience as an escort.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Ophelia showed a slightly surprised look at Tilda’s words.

Seeing her expressionless face show a little change for the first time, Tilda became more interested.

“Did you not know at all? No matter how strong an escort is, it’s no good if you fail to pay attention to the situation around you. Especially for escorts like us, who serve merchants. We have to react sensitively to information and rumors around us.”


Ophelia quietly agreed, as she too was aware that she was neglecting that side of her job a little too much.

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