Chapter 47: Tumultuous Events III (part 2)

Noticing Ophelia’s bitter expression, Tilda lightly smiled, and said,

“Well, it seems like you have quite a bit of skill. I’m a little hopeful about that. Let’s try to get along well in the future. Anyway, since Beden and Uranus have become inseparable allies, we can also be called colleagues.”

In response, Ophelia showed a faint smile on her lips, finally feeling a bit better.

“Ah yes. I think the same as well, Tilda.”


“So.. how much profit did we make in this trade?”

“We don’t have the exact amount yet, but I’m thinking of more than 10 million coins. The main products also include various kinds of spices, as well as other luxury items.”

At the moment, the two were facing each other while lying on a bed, only in their underwear. Their posture created a rather steamy atmosphere, but apart from that, the subject of their conversation was quite serious.

“I heard that they also did business with the merchants from Jin? How did that turn out?”

“They only selected and purchased items that were unique and thought to be valuable. I have a rough list here. Would you like to see it?.”

“Oh, then shall we?”

Bahamut took the purchase list, and began to sift through it with a bit of anticipation. While slowly reading the contents, there were several items that grabbed his interest.

“No way…they even have this?”

“There many strange things, isn’t it? I happened to do business with the merchants of Jin once before, and they had many really unusual things, including clothes and ornaments. All of them were precious things that could be considered quite rare in these parts.”

Saying that, Bertina cautiously approached Bahamut, who had been unable to take his eyes off the list from earlier, and asked, “Emm, do you… do you have anything you want? Just say it. I can give you anything.”

Bertina whispered with deep affection in a sweet voice.

Bahamut felt a little embarrassed at the fact, but then slowly shook his head.

“Hmm. Most of what’s here is for auction, right?”

“That’s true… but we are the ones who owns these items.” Bertina spoke in a cautious voice.

However, Bahamut slowly shook his head, “Even if we do, we shouldn’t go back on information we’ve already passed on to the customers. Trust is something that is hard to get back once you lose it.”

“That’s true, but… isn’t it something you want? Wouldn’t it be a pity to let it go?”

With those words, Bertina slowly leaned on Bahamut’s back.

The soft touch and warmth of her voluptuous body sent Bahamut into a slightly ecstatic mood, but despite that, he still clearly stated what he was thinking, “Of course it’s a pity to miss the chance to get my hands on it for free, but…”

With those words, Bahamut slowly turned around and caressed Bertina’s face.

Although they had already done the deed once, the charm of the woman in front of him still ignited his passion.



Bahamut took her lips without hesitation.  

Although Bertina was a little surprised, but she soon accepted it naturally and enjoyed the sweet gesture once again.

“Haahh… ”

After such a short but intense exchange of saliva, the two slowly parted their lips.

And then… looking at Bertina who was flushed red, Bahamut said with a confident smile, “I think you’re mistaken about something. I didn’t say that I’m giving up on these items.”


The moment she heard those words, a thought automatically appeared in Bertina’s head.

And Bahamut nodded and replied, “Yeah, I’m going to participate in the auction too. I will get my hands on these things in a fair way, not undermining your credit.”

“I thought as much…” Seeing Bahamut showing such a confident attitude, a smile began to form on Bertina’s lips again.

However, at that moment…

Tuk! Tuk!

There was a sudden knock on the door.

“Yes? Please wait.”

In response, Bahamut and Bertina hurriedly put on their clothes and carefully opened the door.

They found Tilda and Ophelia standing in front of them with desperate expressions on their faces.

“Sorry to interrupt. However, a serious problem has arisen, and we had no choice but to report it.”

“Problem?” Bertina slightly frowns at Tilda’s words.

Then, after slightly glancing at Bertina, Ophelia looked at Bahamut and opened her mouth, “Yes, the thing is…”

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