Chapter 42: Disciplining the Nun XVI (part 1)

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Bahamut slowly reached out his hands.

It was directed straight towards Linda’s mounds, which was covered in a black nun’s uniform.



Bahamut began to roughly fondle Linda’s melons without an ounce of care.

Although it was through the fabric, Bahamut could feel that her mounds were flatter than he had thought.

‘Hmmm, this is… quite a bit smaller than Isolda…and a bit bigger than Ophelia, but…’

To be honest, he felt that there was a lot to be desired in terms of texture.

Linda’s melons were not as firm and springy as Ophelia’s, nor was it satisfyingly large as Bertina and Isolda.

If he really had to judge her, it could be said that she had the most featureless mounds of all the women he had ever had a relationship with.

‘In the first place, this woman…doesn’t really seem to fit my taste…’

Linda was a woman with blonde hair and golden eyes.

Her face wasn’t that bad, but her figure left much to be desired.

‘Her waist has quite a bit of fat as well…’

Somehow, the more he explored her assets, the more he disinterested he became.

He was truly disappointed about her mounds.

‘Haa…but, well… this is also a job… I have to work hard to implement justice.’

Without expecting much, Bahamut started taking off Linda’s nun’s uniform.

“Eh? Noh…ahh!”

Linda’s face showed more and more humiliation as the clothes covering her body slowly disappeared.

After the top came off and even the underwear that covered her melons fell down, she just tightly closed her eyes.

“Hmm really… you might be a fake nun, but I can’t believe you can be so indifferent about something this embarrassing in front of god…”


Without answering Bahamut’s words, Linda just turned her head away and bit her lip.

Her face had turned red, and it looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

While insulting her a bit more, Bahamut took off her skirt without much expectation.



At the same time, all her assets were revealed for his eyes to see.

And, the moment he saw it, Bahamut had to change his evaluation a bit.

‘Ohh! This woman… her bre*sts aren’t that great… but she has something better than I thought…’

Unlike her mounds, which were a bit disappointing, Linda’s buttucks were quite well endowed.

Looking at her firm, and big behind, Bahamut was finally able to figure out how he would play with her.

In the first place, Linda was someone who didn’t even deserve any mercy.

So there was no problem even if he tried some full-scale tor*ture, which he had never done before.


[Linda’s POV]

She was determined.

For the man she loved, she would overcome any humiliation and disgrace.

She really thought so, but…

At the moment, Linda Halls was at her limit.

She finally understood that she had been too naive when she had thought that she could endure any amount of pa*in and humiliation.

“Stop!!! Please…no more!!!”

Linda let out a ghastly scream.

Currently, she was feeling the worst kind of pa*in since she was born.

‘It’s hot!… it hurts!… it’s… so pa*inful!”

Linda thought as it kept falling on her but*ocks.

It was like lava from hell, giving her terrible pa*in with every drop.

It was a burning candlestick.

The drops of the white flame burned Linda’s flesh, and each time she began to writhe, howling in pa*in.

“Kuh! Please, stop!!!”

“Please stay calm. Don’t you want to protect that lord?” Bahamut spoke with a nonchalant voice

In response, Linda tried to forcibly stop her twisting body, but regardless of her efforts, the burning candle wax made the scream endlessly flow out from her mouth.

And finally… the moment when that excruciating pa*in cut off her last bit of resolve.

“That…aaahhhh no! Please…no! Mercy, have mercy!!!”

Linda’s screams and pleas reverberated throughout the dungeon.

Immediately after that, Bahamut straightened the leaning candlestick.

“Huh… heok ack ahk…”

The excruciating pa*in somewhat stopped, but the candle wax covering her hips was still very hot, and the burns they left were giving Linda a soul-tearing pa*in.

“Well then, now that the warm-up is over, shall we move on to the next stage?”

“Heh uhck! Again…next? What…”

Linda asked in a blank voice amidst the pa*in that still wouldn’t go away.

The next moment, she began to feel terrible chill creeping up her spine as she saw that “thing” appear before her eyes.

“That…that… ”

“What? Wasn’t it already obvious?” Said Bahamut as he showed off his shaft.

“Haang…but..jus……please, not yet!”

Linda pleaded in a desperate voice through the pa*in that hadn’t yet gone away.

“Hmm… it’s impossible in your current state… is that what you mean?”

“Ewngh… ugh… ”

Linda gasped, and slowly nodded her head at those words.

Even as she pleaded, she felt a deep anxiety inside her heart.

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