Chapter 41: Disciplining the Nun XV (part 2)

However…no matter how she acted, Bahamut regarded her as nothing more than a nasty demon to vanquish.

“The people you and your proud Lord killed and harassed until now must have told similar things, right? ‘No matter what happens to me, I only ask that you let my family live’.”

“That…that… ”

Linda became speechless at Bahamut’s words.

In the past, many of the miners had said the same thing to her in their dying breaths.

Of course, Linda herself just laughed in her heart as she heard their plea, but now she was in the same situation.

Seeing that she wasn’t able to give an answer, Bahamut continued to speak in a voice devoid of mercy.

“But, well…honestly, even if I hand over that Lord to the Holy Church, I don’t see any benefit to myself. That’s why, I’m going to offer you a deal.”

“That… a deal?”

“Yes, the duration of the deal will be three months. If you do what I tell you to do, in return I’ll set you, as well as that guy named Jake free. How is it? Would you like to try?”

The moment Linda heard that, she crawled right in front of Bahamut’s feet and cried out in an urgent voice.

Three months.. it was a time that could be called both long and short, depending on the situation.

Linda didn’t know what would happen to her during that time.

However, she didn’t care.

‘If there is only the slightest possibility…if there is a chance that Jake can be saved by any means…’

No matter how painful the road was, the woman named Linda Halls was prepared to take it with all her might.

Also, the duration wasn’t three years, but only three months, so it was quite a short period of time.

“Ha.. I will! Anything.. I will do anything! That… so… so please spare Jake… only Jake!”

Linda screamed as she put her head on the ground to grovel as best she could.

Looking at her, Bahamut spoke to her in a voice so calm that it didn’t suit the situation.

“Anything…huh? Do you really mean it?”

“Yes! Anything! I will do anything!”

“Heh…is that so…?”

Along with those words, a cold smile appeared on Bahamut lips.

Looking at that smile, Linda was able to understand what it meant.

Linda was good at reading other people’s emotions, so naturally, she could also sense the desires of the man in front of her eyes.

It meant that she would have to sacrifice the precious thing that she had been preserving for her beloved.

It was her purity.

Not too long ago, Linda would have preferred death compared to giving it away.

However, Linda now had to protect something much more precious to her.

‘I don’t have a choice. I’m sure that would be very painful… but if it’s to protect Jake then…’

Without much thought, Linda made her decision.

In the first place, her purity was something she was saving for the person she loved.

But if her beloved died before she could even offer it to him, would it really matter?

No matter how humiliating and painful it was, Linda reassured herself by thinking that she must protect Jake.

“I’ll give it to you. For the next three months, you can use my body…and my soul.. as you like. So… so please… please save Jake’s life!”

With that, Linda Halls bowed her head once more and declared total submission.

Looking down at the demon in a nun’s uniform kneeling in front of him, Bahamut nodded lightly with a terrifyingly bright smile on his face.

“Okay then, that’s a deal. Then, wouldn’t it be proper for me to take the down payment right now?”

With those words, Bahamut opened the iron door and entered the cell.

As a result, Linda was seized with a deep fear that she had never felt before, and she took a step backwards without realizing it.

‘It’s three months…for three months…’

But… she held herself back and stood still.

Gritting her teeth, Linda slowly bowed her head toward Bahamut, who was standing in front of her.

To protect her beloved.

In order to obtain a future with her man…

‘I’m sorry…so sorry. Jake…forgive me…I’m doing this for you…so…’

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