Chapter 41: Disciplining the Nun XV (part 1)

Looking at Linda, who was in despair, Bahamut coldly spoke. 

“If you had been more careful, you wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake. But came back in Lugano to ask for loan after loan. Under such circumstances, this sparkling ore must have looked like gold to the eyes of those who were already tired and at the clasp of despair. And…”

With those words, Bahamut took out something else from his chest pocket. 

The moment she confirmed what it was, Linda’s face automatically began to frown. 

It was the title deed for the iron mine she owned. 

Shaking it lightly, Bahamut spoke in a voice filled with cynicism, “As a result, you missed your last chance to save yourselves. You were fooled by some useless metal that only looked like gold…similar to how you had fooled the miners and played with their hopes.”

Linda couldn’t say anything at Bahamut’s words as she carefully explained her situation. 

‘I, who had deceived countless people until now, was really fooled by such a worthless piece of metal?’

It might seem like a coincidence, but Bahamut, who was directly involved in the matter, thought that maybe it wasn’t.

‘This is karma…the sin of inflicting pain on innocent people finds a way to strike back in the end…is that how it is?’

In the first place, Bahamut didn’t like such an act and had no intention of squeezing the blood of innocent people, but even so, he strengthened his convictions once again.

You never know what a person’s job would requite them to do.

He didn’t know how things would change if he was swayed by greed. 

‘I need to make an effort not to lose my original intention. There is no mercy for the wicked. And that could be same for me as well…I should always remember that fact.’

With that thought in mind, his gaze turned to Linda, who was sitting in front of him in despair. 

Wearing a nun’s uniform that deceived people, she is weeping over the devastating reality that had befallen her. 

Seeing that, Bahamut let out a small sigh. 

‘Even a trashy demon becomes like this when facing ruin. Well, I don’t feel even a tiny bit of sympathy for such a demon…’ 

While thinking about that, Bahamut decided that it was time to proceed with the plan. 

Since he was done with informing her that there was no place to run away anymore, it was necessary to take some time to discipline her, through a sequence of well deserved punishment.

“Okay then. Now that we have explained why the previous deal was canceled, let’s talk about a new deal.” 

“Eh! New… a new deal..? That… what is that?”

In addition to feeling doubts about Bahamut’s words, Linda became hopeful.

Knowing that Linda liked to play with others people’s hopes, Bahamut began to feel the urge to kick this wicked woman.

‘But for now, I have to be patient. I have to let her taste hell more efficiently…’ 

Controlling his emotions, Bahamut looked at Linda and said in a voice full of cold mockery, “Well, it’s nothing much. It’s about your proud lord. You are worried about him, right?”

“Jake? That… where… where is he now?” Linda asks in an urgent voice. 

In response, Bahamut spoke in a voice mixed with ridicule, “Hahahaha, well? Maybe… by now they are getting ready to deliver him to the Holy Church? You were the one who acted as a fake nun, but in fact, it was the lord who made all the arrangements. Oh, come to think of it, that guy also claimed that he was responsible for all of this, right?”

“Ah, no. He… he did nothing wrong! Everything… everything was planned and ordered by me! If necessary, I can go to the Holy Church to testify in person. So… so please… it’s okay if you kill me, but please… spare him!” Linda pleaded with tears streaming down her eyes.

Jake’s fate was obvious if he was taken to the Holy Church. 

Even though the Holy Church’s authority was not what it used to be, they still had enough power to cut the throat of sinners who challenged their authority.

If things continued like this, the person she loved might die. 

Therefore, Linda kneeled on the floor and began to beg Bahamut for mercy.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 41: Disciplining the Nun XV (part 1)”

  1. Well MC is as evil as the villianesses he captures and “disciplins” them. They cheat, and take advantage of many people. MC only r*pes and plays with them. Only scale is diffirent.
    Thanks for chapter

    1. The funniest part is Def the irony… He talked about how hypocrites are unforgivable and yet he is a major hypocrite commiting atrocites with the excuse of granting punishment to sinners

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