Chapter 7: Master of the Dark Sword V (part 1)

“Mmm… whoa…”

Feeling a bit heavy, Bahamut stretched his body.

His mental fatigue, which was caused by all the work he had to do, had decreased quite a lot. But that was probably because he enjoyed the “Service” yesterday. It’s as if he could still feel that pleasant sensation.

‘It felt so good, I want to enjoy doing that more often… but unfortunately, I don’t have much time.’

To prepare for the next plan, there were many things that he had to do.

From stocking up on items for trade, to scheduling appointments with people he needed to meet.

Even now, just yesterday, he barely had time to go to sleep in the late evening, so it was absolutely impossible at this point to enjoy doing “that” without thinking.

‘But in the end, money is all that matter…’

Having lived a hard life before coming to this world, Bahamut didn’t think of being lazy even in a situation where money would come in easily even if he let loose from time to time.

Moreover, considering that this was a fantasy world of a novel he had extensive knowledge about, it was even more so.

‘If this one and some additional projects are successful, I will go to visit neighboring countries in the name of business expansion. Maybe if I go to the Dragona Empire, I might be able to see that princess?’

The novel [The Fallen Warrior] was a full-length novel with 60 volumes. Its setting was elaborate and the world building was so vast that it was adapted as a game. Being able to meet the characters in it one by one was one of Bahamut’s pleasures as an avid reader of the novel.

Not just for survival. It could be said that it was also a part of his personal hobby.

‘Things have gotten more fun after meeting Ophelia… come to think of it, we decided to have dinner together today, right?’

After eating with Ophelia the other day, Bahamut came to realize that it was better to eat with someone than alone.

After that, he regularly ate with Ophelia under the proper pretext of asking her to escort him during meals, which was giving Bahamut another sort of pleasure.

‘How should I say it… to be honest, it’s fun to see her reaction when she eats food.’

Perhaps because she had lived a difficult life, Ophelia seemed to get strangely excited when eating. Then, when food entered her mouth, her pupils would automatically expand into a circle and start to shine.

It was both funny and cute, so from Bahamut’s point of view, it was worthwhile for him to feed her.

‘Come to think of it, was it lamb today? The chef made it with extra passion…’

With such thoughts in mind, Bahamut arrived in front of the dining room.

Ophelia was there, as always, waiting for him, standing in a neat manner.

“Hello, Lord Bahamut.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s go in.”

Unlike usual, Ophelia seemed to be thinking about something.

Regarding that, although Bahamut accepted her greeting, he began to have doubts in his heart.

‘Eh? She feels a bit different today, right?’

It looked like there was a dark shadow hanging over her head.

Seeing her look as if she was worried at first glance, Bahamut could not hold back his curiosity and opened his mouth first.

“What troubles you, Ophelia? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

“Yes, there is.”

‘Yes? There is?’

Ophelia, agreed with his words way too easily.

Normally, when a superior asked a question like this, it was normal to step back and say that there was no such thing, but Ophelia didn’t seem to have such a concept.

Anyway, since he was the one to bring up the matter first, Bahamut spoke to her again.

“Is that so? Tell me what your worries are.”

“That’s… I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I know it’s a really rude thing, but…”

“Uh… yes…it’s okay, so tell me.”

Ophelia reacted a bit hesitantly to Bahamut’s words this time. As a result, Bahamut felt his curiosity deepen as to what she was trying to say. And when his doubt was starting grow, Ophelia cautiously opened her mouth as if she had finally made a decision.

“Does the Lord, by any chance, hate Ophelia?”


Ophelia suddenly asked such a question like an innocent girl. In response, Bahamut showed a dazed expression for a moment.

‘What is this… is this a sudden confession event? There’s no point… no, more than that, how should I handle something like this?’

While thinking about that, Bahamut somehow decided that it would be best to speak as honestly as possible.

“I don’t hate you… I really don’t. Personally, I think you’re closer to what I like. But why are you asking such a thing?”


Ophelia’s face suddenly turned red at Bahamut’s question.

It seemed as if she was too embarrassed to say it, and in response to that, Bahamut somehow started to feel like an older brother looking at his sister who had made some mistake.

‘This is probably… I think Ophelia made a small mistake? That’s why she is hesitating to tell me…’

According to what he had seen so far, Ophelia had a rather timid personality.

Bahamut was sure that perhaps even a minor mistake would make her feel very nervous.

Ophelia, who had a painful past, would surely react sensitively even to small mistakes.

Making that judgment, Bahamut spoke to her with a kind smile.

“It’s alright. Tell me, I will forgive you no matter what.”

Despite Bahamut’s words, Ophelia’s face was still red, but fortunately, as if she gained some courage, she finally opened her mouth.

“That…then… Lord…”

Even so, Ophelia stuttered as if she was too embarrassed.

And finally, as if shooting an arrow, she spoke to Bahamut with little forceful manner.

“Does the Lord…not… think of me… as a woman?”


Ophelia word seemed incomprehensible in Bahamut’s ears.

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