Chapter 65: Being the best man

“Haha~ Come in and sit.” Their second grandpa laughed.

Gu Xia walked into the second grandpa’s house. This was an old-fashioned house. It was a house built with bricks and tiles. It had a history of fifty or sixty years. The floor of the house was just yellow soil, with no use of cement. If you spilled water on it, you are most likely to slip if you were not careful.

There was a smell of wood and earth in the house. Old-fashioned houses like these were all one-story, with attic roofs, and firewood was generally used to keep it warm.

“Xia Xia, come help me with the wine. Qinqin, go and play with your classmate.” The second grandpa waved at Gu Xia, and then said to Gu Qin.

“Okay~ Second grandpa, I’ll take Jingjing to go shopping.” Gu Qin replied sweetly.

Gu Xia took two pots of wine with his second grandpa, picked a bag of vegetables from the vegetable field behind the house, put it in the trunk of the car, and then took two pots of oil and a bag of rice. In just a few moments the trunk was full of fresh produce.

At noon, Gu Xia and the others finished their meal, and after some idle conversation, they came back to their house in the city.


After arriving home, Gu Qin and Li Jingjing went shopping. Gu Xia was feeling quite bored alone, and the weather was cold, so he got into bed for a quick nap.

Just when Gu Xia was getting sleepy and was about to fall asleep, his phone rang.

“Hey~ Sisi! What’s wrong, did you miss me!” Gu Xia laughed.

[Well~ I just got into the bed and touched the side, and found that you were not there. Now I can’t sleep anymore. It’s all your fault. When I first came to the United Stat*s, I was fine. But, now look at what you did!] Tu Sisi muttered.

Gu Xia smiled bitterly, “How is that my fault?”

[It’s your fault, it’s all your fault~] Tu Sisi said tenderly.

“Haha~ okay, it’s my fault, it’s my fault.” Gu Xia smiled bitterly.

Tu Sisi had become more cheerful than they were in love in their previous life, but he liked it very much in his heart.

[What are you doing?] Tu Sisi asked

“Nothing important. I was just bored, so I was going to take a nap. The weather is so cold, it seems that the weather forecast says it’s going to snow in two days. It’s really snowing quite a lot this year. The last time it snowed this much, there was a disaster, and I don’t know if it will be like that in two days. Will it be as severe as last time?”

[It’s going to snow again! I really want to see snow, if only I were in Jiangbei.] Tu Sisi said enviously.

“Is it not snowing in the United Stat*s?” Gu Xia asked.

[I checked the weather forecast, it won’t snow in New Yo*k, I really want to see snow!] Tu Sisi sighed.

“Hehe~ In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t snow. It’s just pretty to look at, and it’s deathly cold. Besides, before we were reborn, didn’t we have a snowstorm?” Gu Xia comforted her.

[I don’t care about all that. I just want to see it snow. Maybe it will snow during the New Year’s Eve, and I’ll feel homesick.] Tu Sisi said sentimentally.

“That’s also true. Are you still not sleepy? It must be very late at night over there. If you don’t sleep, you will wake up late again. Don’t you dislike staying up late? I used to play LOL after getting off work until midnight and you would fall asleep very early.” Gu Xia laughed.

[Hmph! It’s because you didn’t help take care of Chengcheng after getting off work, you only knew how to play games.] Tu Sisi coldly snorted.

Gu Xia rubbed his nose with a wry smile. He used to play games as soon as he got home from work every day. During that time, because the work pressure was relatively high, the industry was sluggish, and he couldn’t earn much money, so he would be really stressed every day. After coming back home, the only way he could release that stress was through games.

[Hmph~ You didn’t help me cook or take care of our child. I feel so angry when I think about how it was back then. I had to buy groceries, cook and wash clothes during the day, but when you came back at night, I still had to do everything.] Tu Sisi was feeling quite resentful.


Gu Xia was lost for words. What she said was true, and he didn’t know how to refute it. At that time, he was really annoyed and confused all the time, and the two often quarreled.

[How about it? You have nothing to say? Hmph~] Tu Si said triumphantly.

“Hehe~ You are right, you are amazing!” Gu Xia said with a wry smile when he heard Tu Sisi acting smug like a child.


Tu Sisi burst into laughter.

[Okay, I’m going to bed. After talking to you, I’m feeling sleepy.] Tu Sisi said with a yawn.

“Hmm~ good night.”


After Gu Xia hung up the phone, he smiled, and then retreated into the quilt to prepare for sleep.


It was the second night in a flash, and Gu Xia was wearing slacks, a coat and a wool sweater today. He put on a pair of fleece leather shoes on his feet, sprayed hairspray on his hair.

“Really handsome!” Gu Xia looked at himself in the mirror and sighed in admiration.

“Ah, my eyes burn! Gu Xia, can you stop being so narcissistic?” Gu Qin looked at Gu Xia and complained.

“Haha~” Gu Feng, Deng Ling and grandparents also laughed.

“Go away!” Gu Xia glared at Gu Qin.

“Xia Xia, Drive carefully on the road, alright?” Grandpa instructed.

“Got it, grandpa!”

“I’m leaving.”

Gu Xia said goodbye and drove out to Li Sicheng’s hometown.

[Who do you think of when you’re alone…]

The car sounded music, and because it was connected to Bluetooth, Gu Xia pressed the answer button on the steering wheel.

[Hey Gu Xia, haven’t you arrived yet?] Li Sicheng’s voice was heard.

“On the road, why are you in such a hurry?” Gu Xia helplessly gave a reply.

[It’s going to be dinner soon, come on, haven’t you been dying to eat the rice noodles and meat in my hometown? This time, my grandfather steamed the rice noodles and meat. It’s really authentic. Come quickly and drink.] Li Sicheng said.

“Understood, I will arrive in about twenty minutes.”



When Gu Xia arrived in Li Sicheng’s village, he could see the house brightly lit from a distance. Many light bulbs were also hung up outside the house, and the noise spread far and wide.

There were two children standing in front of him and Gu Xia honked his horn.

“Oh! Who is this? This car looks very high-end, it’s worth at least 100,000 yuan!”

“It can’t be 100,000, it should be 50,000 or 60,000.”

The five or six people who were eating outside all looked at the unfamiliar car and talked about its price.

Seeing that the children were pulled away by the adults, Gu Xia drove around from the back of the house to the front of Li Sicheng’s house to park the car.

Li Sicheng also heard the sound of the car, so he guessed it was Gu Xia, and when he came out, it really was as he had guessed.

Gu Xia got out of the car and saw Li Sicheng walking over with a smile, wearing a black suit.

“Yo~ Mr. Groom, this little pretty boy also knows how to smile like a flower.” Gu Xia joked.

“Fu*k you, go inside and get a drink.” Li Sicheng smiled.

When Gu Xia walked into the house, he saw Li Sicheng’s parents. He had met them several times before, but today they were all dressed formally, and they were toasting with a smile on their faces.

“Gu Xia is here!” Li Sicheng’s father shouted.

“Hello, uncle and aunt!” Gu Xia greeted them.

“Sicheng, arrange Gu Xia to sit.”

“Gu Xia, order whatever you want, eat whatever you want.” said Li Sicheng’s mother.

“Okay~” Gu Xia responded.

“Go to that table, my cousins ​​and sisters are also there. We young people have a table for ourselves.” Li Sicheng pointed to the table not far away.

Gu Xia looked over and saw a table of young people who were shouting and drinking wine.

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