The Project after RTV Ends…

Honestly, I find it quite hard to find a novel that is completed in the raw, suits my taste, and has the potential to be popular. I lucked out with FSM and RTV, but the other projects aren’t doing so well (PETTV maybe). As for why I always look for completed novels…it’s because I like the sense of assuredness it gives me. 

Now that RTV is about to end, I felt the need to pick another project, that can hopefully take its place. And so, after a lot of searching I found a novel that matched the criteria to some extent.

The title of the novel is “I Picked Up an Amnesiac Witch” and it’s a Korean novel from Novelpia. I will keep posting chapter’s whenever I can, and then it will take RTV’s spot once it ends.

Name: I Picked Up an Amnesiac Witch (IPUAW) (기억상실에 걸린 마녀를 주워버렸다)

Author’s name: Lemon Mint (레몬민트)

Chapters: 201

Status: Completed

Categories: Korean, Fantasy, Harem, Regression, Romance

Summary: A ‘witch’ who brought winter to the entire continent. After many twists and turns, the moment he subdued the witch, he returned to the past 10 years ago–with a witch with amnesia.

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