Chapter 103: Conversation (part 1)

Baslett family’s prison.

This place had a cold, dreary atmosphere, and in one of the cells of the prison, Clie was being held captive, still unconscious.

‘What should I do now?’

When Clie’s blood clotting disease reached its peak, she developed a high fever. After that, she would make an unexpected recovery, and after living a healthy for about a week, she would die.

So if left unattended, Clie would be dead within a week. And at the moment, her fever was slowly dropping, indicating that she was getting closer to her eventual demise.

Of course, I don’t want it to end things like that.

When Clie broke into the Azbel family. She obviously could have caught me and Shael right away, but she let us escape.

‘Considering how fast she appeared just a moment later, she must have been to playing with us.’

Invading the Azbel family in the first place was a mortal sin. So Clie had to be punished!

That’s why I took a risk and acquired the list of people close to Clie from the Crown Prince’s room.

‘The territory closest to the Baslett family, should be the territory of Count Tedel…’

If Clie escaped, she would go to the territory of Count Tedel. Because it was also the family with the most people who supported Clie.

The Count Tedel family was also an important family in the original novel. So I should be able to handle them quite easily.

‘It should be easy.’

I came up with a plan to completely shatter Clie, and sent a letter to Count Tedel. I also prepared some magic tools to use on Clie. 

And, thanks to meticulous planning, the situation went according to my wishes. It would have been more perfect if not for Shael, who was glaring at me from the side.

“Could it be that my fiancé, who caused me so much suffering at the Imperial Festival, have forgotten to pay me back just because the festival is over.”

“You have never suffered.”

As soon as I returned to the Baslett family, I spent quite a lot of my time with Shael. Of course, we couldn’t be together all the time because I had to take care of some things and prepare for my revenge against Clie.

Furthermore, Duke Ezran would be returning soon, so to be honest, I didn’t have much time to spend with Shael.

In the first place, did I make Shael suffer at the Imperial Festival?

Obviously not!

Rather, I was the one who went through all the suffering. To be precise, the me of the past, who was secretly k1ssed by her every night.

“You k1ssed me every night…come to think of it, did you do it for the Imperial Festival?”

“Ha, yes. Next time, I will aim for five digits.”

“If you do that, our lips will wear out!”

I mean, it not like I didn’t  like it.

‘For now, spending time with Shael is the priority.’

It was natural. Because my most important treasure was Shael.

We walked around the Baslett family’s mansion together, and made Shael’s favorite dessert. We also talked together in the garden, which was my favorite place in the Baslett family’s mansion.

“No, did Duke Jespen really gamb1e?”

“It’s real. My mother is lecturing father for that.”

Shael looked at me, as if realizing that her fiancé also gamb1ed, she also began to lecture me, and I responded to her lecture in a composed manner.

Suddenly, Shael asked me with a serious expression, “I heard that your father is coming back soon.”

“Yes, he is.”

“Looking back at it, we used to be really awkward around each other.”

Shael looked at me as if was feeling hesitant to say something. 

It was quite rare for her to make such an expression, so I assured her, “You can speak freely.”

“It’s strange. What the hell happened between you two to make things so awkward?”

That was a bit of a difficult question to answer. Even though I regained my memories after breaking Clie’s bracelet, my relationship with Duke Ezran remained quite distant. So I began to evade the issue in any way I could. 

You could say that our relationship had become awkward, or you could say that it was like that from the beginning.

But, I didn’t want to keep it a secret from Shael. Even if it hurt me, I just wanted to tell her the truth.

It seemed that at some point, I began to see Shael not only as a woman I loved, but also as someone I could rely on.

“I was raised by a very kind person…”

Before I came to this world, I didn’t have any parents, and I lived with my aunt all my life. She was the perfect embodiment of kindness, and motherly love. She raised me like her own son, and I treated her as my mother.

And so, I told Shael about something from before I came to this world.

“She is not here right now….but I grew up relying on only one person, so it’s awkward for me to lean on someone else.”

It must be completely incomprehensible to Shael, who didn’t know the truth of my existence. However, she acted differently than I had thought. 

Shael’s expression became a bit sad, as if she was trying to empathize with me.

“I’m also sad that I can’t see your mother….”

She was talking about Daria Baslett…the wife of Duke Ezran and the mother of Eran Baslett.  

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