Chapter 105: Difficult Choice (part 2)

However, Shael looked up at me as I embraced her, and put her hands on her waist.

‘There’s still more things to be scolded for?’

This time, I felt a more stinging gaze than before. It was to the point where it made me feel a little tense.

“Follow me.” The shy voice was suddenly gone, and a gloomy voice was heard. 

With a trembling heart, I gulped and followed Shael.

* * *

[Shael’s POV]

Shael scolded Eran for trying to use a strange potion to get her love.

And now, it was time to scold him for another matter. In fact, it was a problem for which she had to scold Eran no matter what!


Eran seems to be addicted to gamb1ing lately. So Shael wanted to make Eran experience the horrors of gamb1ing.

“Follow me.”

Innocent Eran followed Shael without knowing anything. 

Shael entered Eran’s room and took out the poker cards she had prepared beforehand. Her strategy was simple—beat Eran, to the point he would feel the despair induced by gamb1ing.

Shael, who had studied poker rigorously, was confident. She, who was previously defeated by Eran while in disguise, didn’t even know the rules of the poker game. She even thought of a contingency plan in case she was defeated by Eran. 

Therefore, Shael was able to confidently say to Eran, “You seem to like gamb1ing. Let’s wager some money and try it.”

“I don’t know what’s going on…but I guess I’ll do that…”

Shael took out a large sum of money and put it in front of Eran. The amount was a paltry sum to Shael, but not to Eran. If he lost, Eran would surely taste the bitter taste of despair.

“Let’s get started.”


Imagining a future in which Eran with an innocent expression would be brutally defeated, Shael proceeded to play poker with Eran. However, things didn’t go as she had expected. Rather, the situation was heading in the exact opposite direction.

Obviously. Eran should’ve lost, he had to. However, Eran kept winning again and again. 

And, it was Shael who kept losing.

“Do it again.”


Shael bet a large sum of money, vowing to use a last-ditch contingency plan if she lost again.

The result was obvious. 

In the end, Shael lost again.

And so, Shael finally decided to make use of the contingency plan she had been saving from the start.

“It’s my first time playing this game called poker. Let us pretend I haven’t lost so far, and do it again.”

Of course it was a lie. Because she had practiced it over and over against a maid.

But Eran didn’t know that. So it was alright!

And so, Shael was able to hold her head high and looked at Eran in the eye.  

Now that she had activated her plan, she would be able to win back the money Eran had won. Then she’ll be able to play the game again, and again.

However, Eran suddenly opened his mouth so say, “I am also new to poker.”

That wasn’t true. Eran had played poker with Shael before, when she was in disguise.

Shael hurriedly refuted Eran’s words, “I heard that you also gamb1ed.”

“I have gamb1ed, but I haven’t played poker or anything like that.”

At Eran’s shocking remark, Shael had no choice but to remain silent. After seeing Eran’s dignified expression, Shael’s silence grew more still.


“I am an honest man.”

‘…is dishonest to his core!’

* * *

In the end, Shael confiscated Eran’s entire fortune. 

The Baslett family’s finances would come under her control anyway, and Shael didn’t even spend money

unless it was related to Eran, so it didn’t matter.

However, Shael was still feeling annoyed. She wanted to change Eran, but it seemed to remind him of the fun of gamb1ing instead.

Therefore, in order to vent her anger, Shael came to the Baslett family’s prison with a lie detector.

In fact, it was more out of curiosity than out of anger. Shael had seen that woman flirt with Eran on quite a few occasions, and she was very curious about the matter.

“What do you want?”

“I came to find out about what you thinks of Eran.”

The quick-witted Clie quickly turned her head around and gave Shael the perfect answer.

“I really hate the Young Master. I don’t find him attractive in the first place…”

‘Eran isn’t attractive!?’



Clie received a slap in response, causing her cheek to turn red. She then quickly realized her mistake, and spoke to Shael, who was waiting for her answer.

“Urgh, actually, the Young Master is attractive. Even in social gathering, most of the people think well of the Young master. Of course, being a lowly person, I dare not yearn for Young Master…”

Obviously that was the perfect answer. By mentioning that Eran was attractive, she made up for her earlier mistake and also made it clear that she didn’t like him.

But Shael thought differently.

‘Eran is attractive?’

‘No! I am the only one allowed to find Eran attractive and have his affection!’


With another slap, Clie’s cheek, which was already red, turned even redder.

A look of bewilderment appeared in Clie’s eyes. She didn’t know how to deal with the situation, and she failed to grasp exactly what was going through this crazy person’s head.

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