Chapter 106: To be Honest (part 1)

[Clie’s POV]

Clie opened her eyes and shuddered.

It has been quite a while since she suddenly became healthy. Indicating that there was not much time left for her to live.

‘I have to quickly find a way.’

The cold iron chains and the quiet Baslett prison hampered the thoughts of someone as quick witted as Clie.


Suddenly, there was a sound of the iron door opening, indicating that someone had entered the prison. 

As Clie raised her head, the figure of a person came into her view.

It wasn’t Eran Baslett, and it wasn’t Shael Azbel either.


It was Seniela, the daughter of Count Tedel. She was one of the people Clie had built up a close friendship as a part of her contingency plan. As soon as I saw her, Clie felt hope rise in her heart. 

House Tedel mainly specialized in t0rturing all kinds of criminals in the empire.

It was clear that Eran had called her to punish Clie. In other words, for Clie, who had a deep friendship with Seniela, it was an opportunity that would never come again.

In fact, even if the Baslett family was closer to House Tedel than Clie, she was confident in her chances of negotiating with Seniela. Because Clie had something Eran didn’t have. She was in possession of a certain information vital to House Tedel. 

“Clie, long time no see. Who knew you’d end up here.”

“Yes. Somehow I ended up being framed…”

Clie carefully looked at Seniela’s expression. Befitting a member of a family specializing in t0rture, even Clie couldn’t easily see through Seniela’s thoughts. Anyways, it was certain that she would be able to receive Seniella’s help unconditionally.

However, things went differently than Clie had thought.


She was assaulted with an excruciatingly painful sensation, but there was no abnormality with her body at all. It was an ingenious magic for t0rture that would leave no external evidence.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the person suffering was Clie herself, she would have clapped in admiration.

“Why are you doin…aarrhghhh!”

Clie couldn’t even finish her words, as even more painful sensation flooded her mind, and she immediately realized something was wrong. Because she could feel genuine malice in Seniela’s actions.

Therefore, Clie decided to use the last resort.

“I finally got information on a cure for you brother’s illness!”

“You make me laugh. It must be another poison, not a cure.” Seniela continued, “To make us keep feeding my younger brother poison and offer to find a cure for him who wasn’t sick in the first place, all to make use of the Tedel family.”


“Don’t you have anything to say?”

Clie kept her mouth shut, and refused to respond.

‘Did she find out about the poison? There’s absolutely no way she could. They wouldn’t be able to detect it even if they invited the best doctor in the empire.’

But Seniela’s expression seemed to mean that she was confident in her claim.

‘Then how did she know?’

Clie couldn’t find an answer to that question. Because Seniela’s t0rture continued, until the moment she fainted.


Clie struggled to opened her eyes, and she was greeted with the cold silence of the prison.

Previously, she hated the silence, but not anymore. Clie felt relieved at the fact that she would no longer have to feel that pain, and let out a sigh of relief.

‘Now I’ll be able to rest for at least a day.’

However, once again, things didn’t go the way Clie had thought.

Someone entered the Baslett family’s prison again. 

Clie stopped the tears she was shedding in misery and raised her head.

The person who entered the prison this time was another familiar person. Similar to Seniela, they had become aware of the truth. As a result, they didn’t help Clie, they just vented their anger and left.

There was a son of a promising merchant, a commoner with a low status but with great wealth, and other members of aristocratic families Clie was trying to build friendships with.

All of them entered the Baslett family’s prison, and t0rmented Clie. No matter how many times she begged, no matter how much she tried to offer, nothing changed.

The tower of lies Clie had built was collapsing in on herself.


Someone entered the Baslett family prison yet again. 

Clie trembled, her mind at the brink of destruction.

‘Who is it? Who will it be this time?’

She couldn’t even imagine who could it be. There were many who held a grudge against Clie. Her sins were numerous and vile. 

Even so, she couldn’t undo her deeds. It was already too late for that, and she would have to experience the punishment.

Finally, the footsteps came closer. 

Clie slightly raised her head, but that was enough to identify who the person was.

Therefore, Clie just kept her gaze fixed on the floor.

“That’s right, you shouldn’t have messed with me and Shael.”

It was the voice of Eran Baslett. 

The voice she hated the most pierced Clie’s ear.


[Eran’s POV]

I found a list in the Crown Prince’s room, and was amazed by what I learned from the list.

Even if Clie had a formidable talent for socializing, this was an absurd number.

Usually, people from proud aristocratic families wouldn’t even meet Clie. So obviously something was wrong. 

As a reader of the original novel, I was able to find the reason quite easily.

Clie had used their weaknesses to build those friendships. She used the people in need of something, and harmed people who were in good health for her own benefit. Those were things you shouldn’t do as a human being. 

Clie was treating them as her tools.

Anyways, thanks to that list, I was able to destroy Clie even more brutally.

“That’s right, you shouldn’t have messed with me and Shael.”

Clie remained silent. 

No, she was forced to remain silent.

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