Chapter 146: Sleeping beauty

The moon was shrouded in darkness and the wind was high.

Song Qingshu was standing on a hill wearing black clothes; the cold wind blew all over his body in the middle of the night, yet he kept staring intently at Sansheng Temple in the valley in the distance.

Judging that the people inside the temple had already fallen asleep, Song Qingshu jumped up, his body fluttering in the wind, and when the momentum was exhausted, he lightly stepped on the leaves of the trees beneath him, and his figure would  jump forward several meters once again. (G: Naru*to anyone?)

He quietly entered the Sansheng Temple, then looked back at the distance he had traveled all the way, and sincerely signed in his heart, ‘Traceless Sand Treading Steps can really be called the number one movement technique in the world.’

Looking around, he found that no one was disturbed by his intrusion. Song Qingshu showed a satisfied smile, then continued to hide his figure, and went all the way to Chen Yuanyuan’s room.

“The windows of the ancient times can’t prevent thieves or peepers. I really don’t know what’s the use of having them.” Song Qingshu stared at the paper window in front of him, and became momentarily speechless. He quickly used the tricks he learned on the TV dramas. He gently poked, and pierced the window paper without a sound, and moved his eyes to look inside.

The room was dark, and he vaguely saw two people lying on the bed. Song Qingshu felt very disappointed, ‘Could it be Chen Yuanyuan and her lover? Although this woman is pitiful, but she herself is not a chaste woman. Most of her misfortunes were really her own fault.’

He sighed, but he still remembered the purpose of this trip. Song Qingshu opened the window and gently jumped in. As soon as he landed, he saw someone on the bed turning over. Not giving the person a chance, Song Qingshu rushed over like a sharp arrow, and clicked their two sleeping acupoints, and only then he was secretly relieved.

Song Qingshu was taken aback by the soft feeling he got from his fingertips, and he looked down using the faint moonlight.

Under the layers of gauze, on the ancient bed made out of sandalwood, lay a young girl. Most of the quilt on her body had slipped off, revealing a moon-white silk tube top, and the gentle moonlight reflected on her exposed porcelain skin. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly with each breath. When he clearly saw the pretty face, Song Qingshu suddenly realized, ‘So the other person is Ake.’

Picking up a corner of the quilt, Song Qingshu gently covered her while muttering to himself, ‘What a sin… I’m only here for the “Sutra of Forty-two Chapters”, I really didn’t mean to take advantage of you. Now the weather is getting colder, so let’s cover you with a quilt to prevent the cold from harming your body, and just take it as an apology for my offense this time.’

After covering her up, Song Qingshu turned his head to inspect where the “Sutra of Forty-two Chapters” was placed. 

“Where could it be!” Song Qingshu almost had a nose bleed by the beautiful scenery that suddenly caught his eye.

What he saw was Chen Yuanyuan’s graceful and willowy figure lying down on the bed, under the hazy gauze. Her snow-white twin peaks stood upright, and the gauze could not hide their peachy fullness. Her brows were like a crescent moon, curved like a willow leaf, and she lay there, asleep, with a peaceful expression. Her red lips were luscious, and her willow eyebrows were naturally curved. It was a face that could really make a man enamored. (G: Mil*f Supremacy! I took extra care while translating this part.)

“Wenjun has a beautiful maiden as white as jade, as if carved with skillful hands, and I yearn for her. Tonight, the time is right, and I should come under the moon to get it.” For some reason, the appearance of the thief Chu Liuxiang suddenly appeared in Song Qingshu’s mind. (G: Chu Liuxiang is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series Chu Liuxiang Series by Taiwanese writer Gu Long.)

‘Hey, although I’m lustful, I’m a man who won’t even wrongly touch a pros*titute.’ Song Qingshu restrained himself with great perseverance and searched for the scriptures wholeheartedly, and he finally saw the “Sutra of Forty-two Chapters” under Chen Yuanyuan’s pillow.

Song Qingshu pursed his lips, sat on the edge of the bed, stretched out his hand to pick up Chen Yuanyuan’s neck. He then gently lifted her up, put her body against his arms, stretched out his other hand under the pillow and took out the scriptures, and replaced it with the one he had forged.

Just as he was about to put Chen Yuanyuan down, the tip of his nose smelled a delicate fragrance that was like perfume but not perfume. He suddenly felt that the beauty in his arms was extremely soft and supple, and for a moment he felt reluctant to let her go.

“Dirty thief, come out and die!” Song Qingshu was startled by an angry male voice outside the window, and he hurriedly put the “Sutra of Forty-two Chapters” into his clothes. He quite reluctantly put Chen Yuanyuan back down on the bed, and jumped out of the window, then vigilantly looked at the person in the courtyard.

He saw a man in his 50s or 60s, wearing coarse clothes and trousers. He had a white cloth wrapped around his head, a wide belt of green cloth around his waist, and he was wearing straw sandals. Song Qingshu didn’t dare to take him lightly. He felt a deep aura of anger when he heard the other party’s voice just now. This man was obviously a master.

“Who is Your Excellency? I didn’t expect such a master to be hidden in such a small Sansheng Temple.” Song Qingshu concentrated his energy, guarded himself, and suddenly a matter became clear to him. Wu Sangui would never leave such a beautiful and charming wife alone in the wilderness. He would definitely make sure that she would be protected.

“I’ve long forgotten my name, and even if I remembered it, I wouldn’t tell it to such a low-class thief.” The peasant villager looking man gave Song Qingshu a contemptuous look.

“Although I enjoy the feeling of being called a thief by a beautiful woman, being called a thief by a sloppy old man like you feels somewhat strange. If the people from my era heard it, they might think I might have done something to your chrysanthemum!” Song Qingshu felt more and more disgusted as he spoke, and quickly stopped thinking. (G: Chrysanthemum refers to bu*tt.)

The villager-like man looked puzzled. He had planted some chrysanthemums in the vegetable garden, but they were not damaged at all, and even if this guy destroyed a few plants, it would not be a big deal. But, soon he thought back to the fact that the other party was in the room just now and he didn’t want to be led on by him. The thought of the things that this person could have done, and couldn’t help but angrily say, “Little thief, this old man has not used a weapon for decades. Today, in order to deliver justice for the heavens, I will make an exception.”

In a flash of cold light, a set of sharp and ruthless sword energy slashed over. Song Qingshu didn’t want to reveal his identity, so he didn’t bring the wooden sword with him. He noticed the cold and threatening sword energy coming his way, and he didn’t dare to parry it with his bare hands. For him, anything in his hand was a sword. The sword strikes of the two were sometimes fast, sometimes slow; sometimes, they collided multiple times like a series of beads, and sometimes they didn’t even make a move.

After more than ten exchanges, the two separated, and the farmer looked at Song Qingshu in utter horror, “The legendary swordsmanship where one can use the grass, trees, bamboo, stones and everything as a sword… Your swords technique is so exquisite! Why did you become a shameless thief with that level of martial arts?”

The shock in Song Qingshu’s heart was no less than his, and he hurriedly shouted, “I remember who you are! You are Hu Yizhi, the “Hundred Victorious Saber King”, but why are you using the Hu family’s sword technique?”

Hu Yizhi, also nicknamed the “Handsome Saber King”, was said to be the most beautiful man in the wulin. He accidentally saw Chen Yuanyuan once in Chengdu, and he became fascinated with her. When Chen Yuanyuan was in the Pingxi Palace, he disguised himself as a gardener in the palace, planting flowers and pulling weeds for her. Later, when Chen Yuanyuan went to Sansheng Temple, Hu Yizhi followed her there as a cook.

The strange thing was that, although Hu Yizhi was obviously very strong in martial arts, and Chen Yuanyuan could be said to be as weak as a bug in front of him, yet he never thought of approaching her. He only kept following Chen Yuanyuan so that he could remain near her and protect her from any danger.

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