Chapter 21: Buying things

“Sicheng, you are driving too slowly! There are no cars here. Why are you driving 20 or 30 yards an hour? When are we going to get to Mount Tai? It’s 140 kilometers from here to Mount Tai.” Gu Xia complained about Li Sicheng’s driving.

“I just bought a car not long ago, and it’s still on manual transmission. What do you think I am, a race car driver? Besides, we’ve almost reached the highway.” Li Sicheng said without squinting, still looking ahead.

“That’s right, I think Li Sicheng’s driving is quite good, very stable, and he doesn’t run rampant like some other people I know.” Tu Sisi laughed.


Gu Xia smiled bitterly. 

In his previous life, he drove very fiercely. Every time he drove, he would overtake and yell at people, and he often went past the limit when he drank too much. He still remembered eating at his father-in-law’s house once. He drove so fast on the way home that Tu Sisi was almost frightened to death.

“Sicheng, play some music and I want to listen.” Wang Qian said with a smile.

“Okay.” Li Sicheng put the disc, and a melodious song sounded in the car.

“Di di di!”

Gu Xia’s cell phone message rang, Gu Xia took out his cell phone, looked at the message, and found that it was sent by Tu Sisi. They were in the same car, but she wanted to communicate through a message, what the hell was this?

“My aunt is here. I didn’t bring sanitary napkins. Would you like to buy them for me?” (Goblin: The term “Aunt” usually refers to that part of the month for women.)

Gu Xia’s face had a black line, ‘Buy sanitary napkins? Damn it, I never bought it before even when we were married, and you want me to buy that for you?’

Feeling helpless, Gu Xia turned to Li Sicheng and said, “Sicheng, find a store and stop the car. I have to buy something.”

“Oh, okay.”

Li Sicheng parked the car, Gu Xia got out of the car, gritted his teeth and walked to the store. This was his first time buying this kind of thing. It was really embarrassing!

When Tu Sisi saw Gu Xia getting out of the car and going to the store, the corners of her mouth slightly raised up, and she felt very happy.

“Boy, what are you buying?”

Upon entering the store, an aunt approached him and asked.

Gu Xia saw that there were several people in front of the cash register who were preparing to pay the bill. He was too embarrassed to say that he wanted to buy sanitary napkins, so he had to say, “I’ll take a look first.”

After saying that he would look around, he walked inside the store alone. Gu Xia looked at the row of sanitary napkins and couldn’t help but worry. Which one would be better to buy?

Gu Xia didn’t know which brand Tu Sisi used, so he had to pick two packs at random, and only went to pay the bill when he saw that there was no one at the cashier.

“A total of 50 yuan, young man, are you buying it for your girlfriend!” The cashier aunt said with a smile.

Gu Xia responded with a flushed face, “Yes.”

Gu Xia hurriedly paid the money, then ran out of the store, and when he got into the car, Gu Xia deliberately kept the black plastic bag behind him, otherwise if Li Sicheng saw it he would probably die of laughter.

Gu Xia didn’t speak or look at Tu Sisi after getting in the car. He glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Tu Sisi’s half-smiley eyes looking at him, and he turned his head in a hurry.

“Gu Xia, what did you buy just now? Take it out and let us take a look.” A strange smile flashed on Tu Sisi’s face, and she deliberately caused trouble.

“Yes, I just saw you carrying a black bag, what is it? Is it food?” Wang Qian also asked.

“Ah~ I didn’t buy anything, I didn’t buy anything, just some toiletries.” Gu Xia hurriedly waved his hand.

Gu Xia thought to himself: It’s not what you eat, it’s what you eat elsewhere.

Gu Xia glared at Tu Sisi fiercely in the rearview mirror, this woman wanted to deliberately embarrass him, she was really evil.

“Toiletries! Did you buy mine? I told you to buy something for me.” Tu Sisi saw Gu Xia staring at her and continued.

“I bought it, I bought it.” Gu Xia smiled helplessly.

“If you bought it then show it to me. If I don’t like it, I don’t need it.” Tu Sisi said in a cute tone.

When Gu Xia heard the words, he fell into a dilemma. It is not good to give, and it is not good to not give. It’s not good for my heart!

Suddenly, he gave up and said, “If you want to see it, I will show it to you!”

After he finished speaking, he threw the black bag to Tu Sisi,

Then he lowered his head and pretended to play with his mobile phone, but his eyes were slantingly staring at the rearview mirror.

Tu Sisi grabbed the black bag, but it was snatched away by Wang Qian. After she opened the bag, Wang Qian had an inexplicable smile on her face, and her eyes kept sweeping over Tu Sisi and Gu Xia.

When Tu Sisi was looked at like that by Wang Qian, her face flushed, she hurriedly grabbed the bag, put it behind her, and glared at Wang Qian.

“What is it! Is there any drink? Give me a bottle if you have one. I’m dying of thirst.” Li Sicheng asked.

“Drink your head, just drive your car.” Gu Xia said angrily, and punched him.

“If you don’t have a drink then it’s fine, why are you beating me?” Li Sicheng screamed back, feeling aggrieved.

Gu Xia ignored him, bowed his head, his face was a little hot, and he was embarrassed and angry. He had never been so embarrassed as he was today.

“Hehe~ I can’t believe that you guys have developed to this stage, Sisi, you’re not being honest, you just said that you didn’t promise to be with Gu Xia, but now you ask Gu Xia to buy this for you, hum~ I think you’re quite cheeky.” Wang Qian said while looking at them strangely.

“What?.” Li Sicheng asked.

“Shut up!”

Wang Qian and Tu Sisi roared at the same time.

Frightened, Li Sicheng shrank his neck, hurriedly shut up, and drove seriously.

Seeing Wang Qian laughing all the time, Tu Sisi couldn’t help but start tickling her in anger, and said angrily, “This’ll teach you to laugh at me~”

“Haha~Sisi, stop tickling, haha~”

“You’re so embarrassed that you’re angry, haha~ Sto…stop tickling, Big Sister!”

Wang Qian said while being out of breath from all the laughing.

“Hmph~ I’ll spare you this time, and I’ll never let you go next time.” Tu Sisi retracted her hand and hummed.

“Haha~ Sisi ah Sisi, this time your weaknesses are in my hands! Humph~” Wang Qian wiped away her tears and continued.

When Tu Sisi heard this, she reached out to tickle her again.

Wang Qian hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t, don’t, I didn’t say anything!”

Although Wang Qian didn’t say anything, her eyes kept looking at Tu Sisi and Gu Xia.

Gu Xia felt nothing, but Tu Sisi was really embarrassed, and her ears were all red.

Gu Xia laughed in his heart, ‘Weren’t you feeling quite daring, and you let me buy sanitary napkins, hum…how does it feel now!’

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