Chapter 317: The alluring madame

Zhao Min’s face was filled with joy, as if it was her subordinates that had come, but she soon realized that with Song Qingshu’s ghostly and unpredictable movement technique, it was impossible for Monk Jinlun and the others to catch up so quickly.

Although Zhao Min’s intellect told her that it was impossible, but she still hoped it would be so in her heart, and she became worried about the gains and losses, looking nervously at where the sound was coming from.

Not long after, a look of disappointment appeared on Zhao Min’s face. What appeared in front of them was a luxurious carriage, guarded by a dozen soldiers and a Guard Captain, with piercing eyes and a sturdy face. The Guard Captain looked like a master at first glance.

“Hey! Who’s in front!” The Guard Captain pulled the rein, stopped and looked at the two stranger with vigilance.

Zhao Min’s expression suddenly changed, and she found that the soldiers were all dressed in Jin Empire uniform. 

At the moment, the enmity between the Jin Empire and Mongolia was as deep as the sea, and if her identity was exposed, that would spell a miserable end for her. Zhao Min shuddered when she thought about it, ‘If that’s the case, it’s better to stay as Song Qingshu’s hostage.’

With that idea in mind, Zhao Min found that Song Qingshu, who she had always hated, looked much more pleasing to the eye.

“What happened?” 

Before Song Qingshu could answer, a languid and sweet female voice came from the carriage, possessing a soul-stirring sense of enticement. It turned out that the noble lady in the carriage wondered why they had stopped and asked.

Song Qingshu was stunned, wondering how could such a seductive voice exist in the world. He didn’t even see the person with his eyes, and only heard her voice, but he was sure that the woman in the carriage was a stunner who captivated all living beings. (G: mi*lf alert!)

“This woman speaks in such a coquettish manner, she is definitely not a proper lady.” As if to ensure her safety, Zhao Min had calmly moved to Song Qingshu’s side, and she just happened to notice Song Qingshu’s expression. She couldn’t help but blush and spat out, “Men really are not good things!”

“It seems that beautiful women are naturally hostile to other beautiful women.” Song Qingshu laughed.

Hearing him praise her beauty, Zhao Min felt a bit happy in her heart, and coldly snorted, “You haven’t even seen her yet, how do you know she is beautiful?” But even she knew that with such an enchanting voice, how can a woman not be beautiful?

“Reporting to the Mistress, there are two young men standing in the middle of the road ahead.” The Guard Captain rode his horse to the side of the carriage, and reported with a respectful tone.

“Replying to the Madame, I was taking my younger brother to Kaifeng City to find a doctor, but it was getting late and the city gate was closed, so we had to rest here for a night. We didn’t intend to block your way, and I hope the Madame will forgive me.” Song Qingshu also judged that the person in the carriage should be a very powerful figure in the Jin Empire. He had to treat Zhao Min as soon as possible, so he didn’t intend to cause any trouble.

“You haven’t even seen my face, so how do you know that I’m a Madame, not a Miss?” A chuckle came from the carriage.

Song Qingshu was at a loss for words for a moment, and thought in his heart, ‘I can’t tell you my true thoughts, but if a young Miss is as seductive as you, her parents would just die of anger.’

“As soon as the Madame opened her mouth, it possessed an air of elegance and luxury. That kind of calmness and elegance is not something that any ordinary ladies can possess. That’s why my brother dared to guess.” Seeing Song Qingshu hesitate, Zhao Min quickly spoke up. She was still seriously injured, and her tone was rather weak, but her voice was clear and sweet, which made people very comfortable.

“Oh?” A slender hand as white as jade lifted a corner of the curtain, and the people in the carriage seemed to be quietly looking at the two of them. “Young Master, your younger brother was seriously injured. If you wait until the city gate opens tomorrow before going to the city to seek medical treatment, the treatment may be delayed. You can come in the carriage, and I will take you into the city on my way.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, how could a woman belonging to this world take the initiative to invite two unknown men to ride in the same carriage? Seeing that there was no surprise on the faces of the surrounding guards, it felt even more strange, and he embarrassingly said, “I’m afraid this is not very convenient.”

A sly look flashed in Zhao Min’s eyes, and she took Song Qingshu’s arm and walked towards the carriage, “Brother, it’s rare to find a Lady with such a kind heart, so why are you hesitating?”

Zhao Min’s coquettish ‘brother’ made Song Qingshu’s body almost collapse. However, as a man, he was also quite curious about the appearance of the woman in the carriage, so he smiled wryly, cupped his fists and said towards the carriage, “Thank you, Madame, then we will be disturbing your journey.”

“Wait!” When the two came to the carriage, the Guard Captain stopped them, “For the safety of the Mistress, I hope the two Young Masters will let us search the body.”

Zhao Min secretly groaned. She wanted to take this opportunity to find out the identity of the lady in the carriage, but who knew that stealing a chicken would end up costing a fortune, and would put her in an embarrassing situation.

Seeing Zhao Min’s expression, Song Qingshu knew what she was thinking. He gloated and said, “Okay, you can search me first.” After speaking, he raised his hands, as if he didn’t care.

Zhao Min glared at him fiercely, thinking that if someone really came to search her, she would drag this culprit into the water even at the cost of her life.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s cooperation, the Guard Captain was also very surprised, and he quickly signaled to his subordinates, another soldier nodded, jumped off his horse, walked up to Song Qingshu, and began to carefully search his body.

“My lord, I found a wooden sword.” The soldier held the wooden sword in front of the Guard Captain.

Looking at the flimsy wooden sword in front of him, the Guard Captain laughed, squinting at Song Qingshu with contempt, “You call this a sword?”

“I use that to play with children when I’m bored.” Song Qingshu said calmly without getting angry.

The Guard Captain frowned, raised his hand and threw the wooden sword back, motioning to his subordinates, “Go and search his brother.”

Just as Song Qingshu put the wooden sword back into his sleeve, seeing Zhao Min’s sudden expression, he quickly put his arms around her shoulders and looked at the Guard Captain with a smile, “My lord, my younger brother is seriously injured. I’m afraid he can’t stand the strength of the official. Let me search him for you, your eyes are like torches, and you will be able to see clearly.” After speaking, without waiting for everyone to refuse, he quickly started patting around Zhao Min’s body with his hands.

Feeling Song Qingshu’s palm brush over some sensitive places from time to time, Zhao Min’s face became flushed. Fortunately, Song Qingshu didn’t deliberately stop on certain parts, so Zhao Min forced a smile and suppressed her urge to kill the guy.

“Look, there’s nothing!” Song Qingshu imitated the soldier’s method just now, and patted Zhao Min’s body all over, and there was no trace of any hard objects. The Guard Captain just nodded and waved his hand to allow them to enter the carriage.

Song Qingshu carefully helped Zhao Min into the carriage, and while he was opening the door curtain, Zhao Min’s little hands secretly wrapped around his waist, grabbing a piece of flesh and twisting tightly, as she gritted her teeth and whispered, “You are such a ba*tard! “

Song Qingshu looked normal, and whispered in her ear, “Thank you for the compliment.”

After entering the carriage compartment, they smelled a sweet fragrance, and the two of them couldn’t help but turn serious. But when they saw the appearance of the Madame in front of them, they couldn’t help but stand still on the spot.

The compartment was luxuriously decorated, the interior space was extremely spacious, and the walls were covered with soft cushions. A beautiful woman in palace attire seems to be half lying on her side. Her body was covered with a layer of translucent tulle, which could hardly hide her plumpness. She had graceful curves, and her fair face had a healthy shade of pink. (G: Tulle is a form of netting that is made of small-gauge thread.)

The woman looked at the two of them with a faux-smile, and lazily commented,

“What a handsome pair of brothers.”

Zhao Min looked at the other party’s seductive peach blossom eyes, and slightly frowned her brows. She subconsciously disliked this woman. 

But Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up, and he praised, “A face that is as gentle as peach blossom and eyebrows as long as willow leaves. I didn’t expect there to be such a graceful figure as the Madame among Jin people.”

The beauty in the palace attire slightly pursed her lips, but her eyes were full of smiles, “That mouth of yours is quite sweet, according to what you said, you aren’t from the Jin Empire?”

Zhao Min’s heart was about to jump to her throat, fearing that Song Qingshu would be confused by this vixen and reveal her identity as a Mongolian, so she quickly pinched his thigh in secret, but Song Qingshu’s internal energy automatically rebounded it, making her fingers hurt instead.

Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “Several countries have been at war for years, and various places have changed hands in turn. I don’t know which country I belong to anymore.”

The beauty in the palace attire was obviously just casually asking, and she wasn’t really interested in such things, so she gently asked, “Won’t you two introduce yourselves?”

Song Qingshu cupped his fists and said, “We were rude, our surname is Song, my name is Xiyang, his name is Qiucao. We are from Songzhou.”

“Autumn grass grows on Moshang every year, and the sun rises every day until the sunset. Your names are really unique.” The beauty in the palace frowned lightly, “It’s a pity that the surname is not good.” (G: Xiyang means ‘the setting sun’, and Qiucao means ‘autumn grass’.)

The Jin Empire and Song Empire were enemies. So she naturally subconsciously disliked it.

Song Qingshu glanced at her in surprise, he didn’t expect that she, a Jin, would be familiar with Han poetry. He had created these two aliases just casually, and he originally intended to poke fun at Zhao Min, but who knew that the other party would find out its origin.

“To tell you the truth, Madame, I also hate the surname Song.” Seeing Song Qingshu become slumped, Zhao Min secretly laughed, “I wonder if the Madame can tell us her name?” 

Now, she was even more curious about the identity of this woman, and wanted to take the opportunity learn more about Jin Empire’s situation and plan for the future.

“This Young Master is quite bold, it’s not common among the Han people. Don’t your Han women have a famous saying— you should only tell your name to your future husband.” Said the beauty in the palace attire as she looked at Zhao Min. There were no thorns in her tone, but a hint of teasing.

From the way she was looking at her, it seemed as if she had taken a fancy to Zhao Min. It caused Song Qingshu to stand on the spot in a daze, ‘No way, you can’t even tell that this is a woman disguised as a man?’

Song Qingshu naturally didn’t know that the beauty in the palace attire was a distinguished figure in the Jin Empire, and so, she naturally couldn’t see through those tricks common in the Wulin. In addition, Song Qingshu had taken one of Zhao Min’s earrings before, and so Zhao Min had simply taken the other earring off as well. As a result, apart from looking a bit too handsome and fair, there were no obvious flaws in her disguise, so it wasn’t surprising that the other party couldn’t see through it.

‘What an enticing vixen!’ Zhao Min cursed in her heart, but kept a smile on her face, “I have never seen such a beautiful woman as Madame, so I lost my composure for a moment and blurted out the desire in my heart. I hope the Madame will forgive me.”

“My name is not as unique as yours. It doesn’t matter if I don’t say it, so you can just call me Madame Tang.” Hearing Zhao Min’s praise, the beauty in the palace attire was overjoyed. She patted the cushion beside her, and beckoned Zhao Min to sit beside her, “You are such a charming and handsome young man, who was so cruel to hurt you?”

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