Chapter 340: Repaying others

Coming outside, they saw Song Qingshu escorting a young man to this side, although the man’s hair was disheveled and there was traces of blood on the corner of his mouth, they could vaguely see his elegant eyes and sword eyebrows. 

A frown appeared on Zhao Min’s beautiful face, ‘Is this the well-known Southern Murong? Why did Song Qingshu really catch him?’

“Song Qingshu, what is the meaning of this? This old man wanted you to bring back a dead Murong Fu’ head, not a living one!” Seeing the scene clearly, Ping Yizhi snorted and became agitated.

Song Qingshu said in a deep voice, “Wouldn’t it be a big loss for me if I kill Murong Fu and come back, but you don’t heal my companion as agreed? Anyway, Murong Fu is seriously injured now, and I have sealed all the major acupoints of his body. You can kill him anytime.”

“This old man is here to heal her, so of course your companion will not die. Just look at her and you will know that I didn’t lie to you. Now you can let the saintess go, and kill Murong Fu while you’re at it.” Ping pushed Zhao Min to the in front of him so that Song Qingshu could see her more clearly.

“Then let me see clearly…” Song Qingshu deliberately lowered his voice, when Ping Yizhi was distracted by his words, he suddenly shouted, “Let her go!”

Song Qingshu brought his hand forward and pulled Zhao Min away with the Twin Dragons Fetch Water. Ping Yizhi suddenly felt a huge force pull Zhao Min forwards, and couldn’t hold on to her anymore. He could do nothing but watch as Zhao Min was pulled away from him. Surprised and angry, he jumped aking to a big roc hurriedly spreading its wings and followed behind Zhao Min.

Song Qingshu held Zhao Min in his arms with one hand, and struck the air with the palm of his right hand. Ping Yizhi pointed his finger in the air and felt a heavy wave of air coming towards him. The wave of air hit him before he could block it and he had to take a few big steps back after landing, only then he could stand firmly again.

“Master Song is the number one expert in the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and he really lives up to his reputation.” Ping Yizhi coughed a few times, and his face turned ashen.

“Physician Ping’s words are wrong. This Song has already broken my ties with the Manchu imperial court, so I can no longer be called the number one master of the Qing Dynasty.” Song Qingshu was also shocked. He had never thought that Ping Yizhi’s martial arts would be this strong. Although he controlled the strength of his palm strike to be quite weak, it was still strong enough to make ordinary people either vomit blood, or disrupt their Qi flow, causing them to be unable to speak at all. But this Ping Yizhi looked just fine.

“Master Song, this old man has already returned your companion to you. I also hope that you will release the saintess and kill Murong Fu as promised.” Ping Yizhi said with a normal expression, as if he was the one who had sent back Zhao Min just now.

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, and didn’t care. He just grabbed Zhao Min’s wrist and carefully checked her pulse, then finally heaved a sigh of relief. Although Zhao Min’s pulse was weak, it was quite stable, and there was no sign of exhaustion like before.

“It’s not impossible for me to release the saintess, but can Physician Ping first tell me what kind of enmity there is between you and Master Murong? Why do you want him dead?” Song Qingshu admired Ping Yizhi’s medical skills in his heart, so his tone of voice was also quite different.

“I just hate that he looks more handsome than this old man, is that reason good enough?” Ping Yizhi now had the confidence to talk back even though Zhao Min was no longer in his grasp, so he rolled his eyes and said some random nonsense.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help laughing, “That… is also a reason.”

Seeing that he didn’t intend to do anything, Ping Yizhi said with a cold face, “Song Qingshu, don’t get too complacent, do you think it will be all right just because you snatched that girl back?”

“What do you mean?” Song Qingshu was startled, and then realized that Zhao Min hadn’t spoken since the time he had snatched her back. He judged that she must have had her acupoints sealed, so he quickly unsealed her acupoint.

With a groan, Zhao Min finally regained her freedom, but her pretty face remained expressionless, “I have been poisoned by his Three Corpse Worm Brain Pill.”

As soon as this remark came out, Bing Xue’er and Murong Fu didn’t react at all, but Song Qingshu and Ren Yingying, who knew of the Three Corpse Worm Brain Pill, both exclaimed, and the faces of the Sun Moon Holy Cult disciples also turned ashen, they were obviously afraid of that thing to the extreme!

“Give me the antidote!” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand and spread it in front of Ping Yizhi, and said in a cold voice.

Ping Yizhi stroked the beard on his chin with one finger, and said with a chuckle, “Master Song, why are you pretending to be ignorant? As long as you kill Murong Fu, I will offer the antidote with both hands.”

“If you want to kill him, do it yourself.” Song Qingshu hit Murong Fu’s waist with his palm, and threw him in front of Ping Yizhi with gentle force.

Ping Yizhi was shocked and angry. Killing Murong Fu was not a simple matter. The reason why he wanted to use Song Qingshu’s hand to kill him was mainly because he wanted to use him as a shield to block the Murong family’s subsequent violent revenge, especially that person… since ‘he’ was still alive.

That person’s martial arts had already reached the top in the world, Ping Yizhi knew that he was no match for ‘that’ person, so he resorted to borrowing a knife to kill him, and asked Song Qingshu to deal with him. With the realm of martial arts that Song Qingshu has shown in the past two years, maybe he could help him get rid of that serious trouble.

Just as he was about to push Murong Fu back with his palm, Ping Yizhi suddenly found out in shock that Murong Fu, whose vital point was restrained, had broken free from the rope, and attacked him with a palm strike.

Ping Yizhi hastily confronted the attacks with dozens of moves, before he was able to get away and retreat, he felt his blood surge, and couldn’t help but glare at Song Qingshu, “You deceived me!”

Before Song Qingshu could answer, Murong Fu clasped his fists and asked, “Master Ping Yizhi is known as one of the ‘Four Great Physicians in the World’. May I know how my Murong family in Gusu has offended you. I live in the south, thousands of miles away from here, so why do you want to take my life?”

His words were reasonable, and everyone present, including the members of the Sun Moon Holy Cult nodded, they all felt that Murong Fu really lived up to his reputation, he still acted like a humble gentleman even after knowing that the other party wanted to kill him. In their heart, they felt that Ping Yizhi was simply a madman, otherwise why would he want to provoke such a powerful enemy as the Murong family.

Ping Yizhi pointed his finger and said in a hateful voice, “The Murong family in Gusu didn’t offend me, but you offended me a lot.”

Murong Fu was stunned for a moment, and even after thinking hard for a long time, he couldn’t think of any grievances between himself and this person. Of course, he didn’t know Ping Yizhi’s true identity, so he naturally didn’t understand the reason for the offense. Being the current head of the Murong family, and practicing the Great Cosmic Transformation was the biggest sin he had committed.

“Be careful!” 

Seeing that Murong Fu was distracted, Ping Yizhi again attacked with his finger, and Song Qingshu hurriedly reminded him. This was a grievance between the two of them, and it would be inconvenient for Song Qingshu to intervene. What’s more, with Murong Fu’s status in the wulin, it wouldn’t look good if he helped him, so he decided to just take this opportunity to observe Ping Yizhi’s martial arts, then see if he could trace it back to his sect, and use that to find out his identity.

Murong’s family was well-known in the world for being able to communicate with hundreds of school of thoughts. Murong Fu was proficient in the martial arts belonging to various factions, and he demonstrated the martial arts of more than a dozen sects in a single bout. Everyone from Sun Moon Holy Cult was dazzled and admired his martial prowess.

Who knew that Ping Yizhi wouldn’t be any inferior at all, and the variety of martial arts he displayed was even more complicated than that of his opponent. Two people used various styles of martial art to attack and counter each other, which shocked the people who were watching.

“Why are these two people’s martial arts so similar?” Zhao Min asked suspiciously.

Song Qingshu’s heart moved, and he felt a flash of lightning flashing across his mind, but he show anything on his face.

“Hmph, why don’t you use the Great Cosmic Transformation?” Ping Yizhi sneered while attacking.

“I don’t need to use the magical skills passed down from my family to deal with a clown like you!” Murong Fu snorted, and mercilessly fought back.

Ping Yizhi said with a smile, “If this old man’s guess is correct, you have only practiced the Great Cosmic Transformation to the state of borrowing power to fight, so you dare not use it, worrying that outsiders will see it, and be disappointed in the great Southern Murong, or see through its mystery!”

When Murong Fu heard his words, he couldn’t help being surprised and angry, “Who are you, and why are you so clear about the Murong family’s affairs?”

It turned out that the Murong family’s Great Cosmic Transformation was a very powerful martial arts, and it was passed down through hundreds of generations.

Anyone would be terrified after seeing many martial arts masters die under their own special martial arts. In order to maintain the mystery of the Great Cosmic Transformation, the Murong family’s children generally didn’t show it to outsiders, so those who had seen the Great Cosmic Transformation were all basically dead.

Although the Great Cosmic Transformation was miraculous, most of the successors were still in the realm of relying on the opponents strength to attack. It was basically using one’s opponents strength and transforming it to one’s own strength to counter attack, so if the enemy’s martial arts was too high, the Great Cosmic Transformation would not be able to dispel the opponent’s attack at this level.

Murong Fu had practiced the Great Cosmic Transformation for many years, but he had only managed to reach that level.

He once heard that when the Great Cosmic Transformation was cultivated to a high level, the used would enter the state of no form in martial arts. At that time, he would no longer need to rely on any other strength to fight. He only needed to watch the enemy use their martial arts once, and he would be able to automatically deduce and perfect the enemy’s martial arts in his heart, and then use it against again. To defeat the opponent with more perfect version of their own martial arts, that was the real strength of the Great Cosmic Transformation.

Of course, it has been passed down from generation to generation that once the martial arts is practiced to the highest level and it can even help the user transform into a star, but Murong Fu had always dismissed that fact, subconsciously thinking that it was just an exaggeration of his ancestors.

“I know a lot more than that.” Ping Yizhi snorted, and his moves suddenly became sharper, “Let me show you the meaning behind ‘returning you with your own way.”

Next, Ping Yizhi no longer used any moves of his own, but followed Murong Fu’s moves, and immediately used the same moves to attack him. The two obviously had the same moves, but Ping Yi’s moves seemed to be slightly more powerful, and Murong Fu soon fell into a disadvantage.

“Eh?” Looking at the situation of the fight, Song Qingshu was also amazed, the young master of the Murong family was losing to a stranger in his own family’s martial arts!

Ren Yingying’s beautiful eyes were full of doubts, ‘Ping Yizhi has always been famous for his medical skills in the Sun Moon Holy Cult, but I never knew that his martial arts were so superb.’

Murong Fu was even more terrified, and thought in his heart, ‘Could it be that this person has already entered the state of ‘no form in martial arts’? Although he knew that might not be the case, but the state of ‘no form in martial arts’ was not something he could understand, so he became doubtful.’

But due to the doubt, Murong Fu’s moves became more obscure, and soon he was hit a palm strike on his chest, vomited blood, and retreated.

Song Qingshu couldn’t just watch Murong Fu being killed before him, so he quickly pulled him over and shouted, “I want to see if you can do that against me!”

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