Chapter 341: Li Qiushui’s nature

“Dragon Capturing Hand?” Murong Fu felt the force of Song Qingshu’s technique, and looked at Song Qingshu in horror. It wasn’t too shocking when he saw his opponent pull Zhao Min in the same manner just now, but he finally felt its power now that he was experiencing it personally. It was really unimaginable that Song Qingshu could pull even a first-class master like him from a distance.

‘To think that another person other than Qiao Feng had practiced that horrible Dragon Capturing Hand!’

In fact, Murong Fu was just misunderstanding. Song Qingshu was actually using the Twin Dragons Fetch Water from the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, which had been reinforced from his grueling practice of the Flying Sword. Therefore, it was no less than Dragon Capturing Hand in terms of power.

Song Qingshu didn’t know that Murong Fu had already made so many assumptions in his mind, and he was really surprised by the force displayed by Ping Yizhi just now, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?” Ping Yizhi’s eyes were narrowed, then his whole body trembled, and he actually used the same move to meet his opponent.

“How is it possible?” Song Qingshu was also horrified, the two exchanged dozens of moves in the blink of an eye, and each time they hit each other with the same move, but Ping Yizhi’s power seemed to be somewhat weaker.

Fortunately, Song Qingshu’s inner Qi was higher than that of the opponent, and he was not taken advantage of by Ping Yizhi during his moment of panic. After the two separated, Song Qingshu looked at Ping Yizhi with surprise, “What kind of internal strength is this?”

After the initial astonishment, Song Qingshu gradually calmed down. He had already understood that although the other party’s moves were similar to his on the outside, their method of inner Qi circulation was vastly different.

After the bout of fight, Song Qingshu gradually discovered that although the moves used by Ping Yizhi seemed different from each other, there was a trace of regularity in them. Only by mixing moves from various other martial arts styles can the so-called effect of “returning you with your own way” be achieved.

“I underestimated you. I didn’t expect that you would find the clues in such a short time.” Ping Yizhi said in surprise, “Heh, but so what if you see through it? Can you also recognize this martial art?”

It wouldn’t be possible if it was someone else, but Song Qingshu was very familiar with Jin Yong’s novels in his previous life. Although his knowledge about the origins of various sects of martial arts may not be as detailed as that of the Murong’s family in Gusu, but he was very knowledgeable about the so called miraculous martial arts.

In his mind, he sifted through all kinds of famous martial arts, and when he thought of one particular martial art, Song Qingshu’s heart suddenly brightened, but he soon fell into doubt again, so he could only ask, “Are you from the Xiaoyao Sect (Carefree Sect)?”

“Huh? You actually know about the Xiaoyao Sect?” Ping Yizhi looked at him in surprise, never expecting Song Qingshu to know this secret at such a young age.

“What is your relationship with Li Qiushui?” Song Qingshu became thoughtful. Among the three elders of the Xiaoyao Sext, Wu Yazi was the best at “Northern Darkness Divine Scripture”, and Tianshan Tonglao was good at “Eight Desolation and Six Harmonies Method”, also known as the “Immortal Eternal Spring Method”.

Li Qiushui, on the other hand, was adept at the “Minor Formless Martial Art”.

With Li Qiushui’s nature of loving pretty boys, it wasn’t that surprising that the “Minor Formless Martial Art” had spread far and wide. For example, his good friend Jiumozhi. (G: Li Qiushui is a bonafide cou*gar.)

Song Qingshu actually wanted to ask where he got the “Minor Formless Martial Art” many times, but he didn’t in the end. If the poor man really got it from Li Qiushui, that might touch the painful memory from his past, and make him angry out of shame.

Of course, all of it was just Song Qingshu’s shameless conjecture. Jiumozhi might have also taken the “Minor Formless Martial Art” from the blessed land of Langhuan of the royal family of Gusu, so that was also a valid possibility.

“You even know about this?” Ping Yizhi was startled, and thought that since Song Qingshu already knew it, he didn’t need to hide it anymore, “Although the taste of that old witch was good, how could a real man be willing to be rap*ed by a woman? I got the “Minor Formless Martial Art”, as a repayment for my services, so it was just another form of trade.”

Looking at Ping Yizhi, who was short and fat, with a face full of beards, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but curse in his heart, ‘It’s said that Li Qiushui liked to find young and handsome boys to “play” with. But for her to take “services” from this guy indicated that Li Qiushui’s taste in men was indeed a bit worrying.’

“Speaking of which, Master Murong should call me uncle, hahaha!” Ping Yizhi laughed loudly, obviously thinking of a very happy memory. (G: Li Qiushui is Murong Fu’s aunt and his cousin Wang Yuyan’s mother.)

“Ba*tard!” Murong Fu didn’t really know the relationship between Li Qiushui and Wang Yuyan, and was at a loss. However, he was still furious when he heard Ping Yizhi’s words, and was about to rush up, but was stopped by Song Qingshu.

Now that the extent of Ping Yizhi’s strength was unknown, Song Qingshu was worried that the poor guy would risk his life in vain. After all, he was here to help him, so he would feel very guilty if something happened to Murong Fu in his presence.

“It’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the Minor Formless Martial Art just from its appearance. As long as you know the moves of other martial arts, you can imitate other people’s unique techniques and even surpass the original version. It must have something to do with the Murong family’s Great Cosmic Transformation.” Song Qingshu said after some thought. 

As Song Qingshu created a link between the characteristics of the Great Cosmic Transformation and the Minor Formless Martial Art, Ping Yizhi’s face became dark. 

Murong Fu also became thoughtful.

“Physician Ping, I want to see if you can imitate my palm technique!”

As soon as the words fell, Song Qingshu attacked with a palm strike.

Ping Yizhi saw that his opponent’s strike obviously belonged to a certain style of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, but in the blink of an eye, it changed to the Emei Sect’s Golden Top Cotton Palm, followed by Wudang Sect’s Returning Wind Palm. In the next instant he used the Kongtong Sect’s Seven Injury Fist, Mount Song Sect’s Songyang Fist. 

The barrage of different techniques made Ping Yizhi unable to imitate his opponents moves, so he hastily raised his palm to receive the attack, but was caught by Song Qingshu, who lightly turned his palm and pressed it on his shoulder.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu didn’t expel his palm strength, but suddenly felt a stern energy coming from the sky, and hurriedly dodged and retreated.

“The One Yang Finger of the Duan family in Dali!” Murong Fu saw it clearly and exclaimed.

Ping Yizhi took the opportunity to distance himself from Song Qingshu, the two looked at each other vigilantly. 

Ping Yizhi’s shoulders were already sore and numb from Song Qingshu’s palm strike, but fortunately he was able to escape by using the One Yang Finger, otherwise his shoulder bones might have been broken.

“Are you finally willing to use your real techniques?” Song Qingshu smiled slightly. 

With his eyesight, he could naturally tell that Ping Yizhi’s accomplishment with the One Yang Finger was much better than his imitation of other people’s moves with the Minor Formless Martial Art.

“So you have also learned the secret martial art of the Duan family in Dali… strange, really strange…”

“What’s so strange about me knowing the One Yang Finger? Do you think this old man’s name is Ping Yizhi for nothing?” Ping Yizhi looked at his opponent with a faux-smile, but he was already thinking of retreating in his heart. (G: Yi means one, and Zhi means finger.)

“So you are so proud of your One Yang Finger that you named yourself after it. Then what was your previous name?” Zhao Min was alert and quickly realized the flaw in his words.

Ping Yizhi almost choked on his breath, and thought, ‘This dead girl unexpectedly picked up the flaw in my words!’ and then he calmly said, “Little girl, instead of caring about my name, you might as well care about the poison in your body. You’d better persuade your lover to kill Murong Fu, and this old man will naturally detoxify you.”

“Catching you will naturally get me the antidote.” Song Qingshu snorted coldly, and with a flash, he appeared in front of Ping Yizhi.

Ping Yizhi didn’t expect his movements to be so fast, and in a moment of life and death he used whatever he had learned in his life to block the attacks one by one. 

Smoke and dust flew everywhere, as the two masters exchanged dozens of moves in an instant.

Suddenly there was a muffled cry as Ping Yizhi flew back, and Song Qingshu was about to follow up, but her was suddenly stunned by the scene in front of him.

It turned out that after Ping Yizhi was hit by Song Qingshu’s palm, and he suffered serious internal injuries. So he could no longer maintain his original body shape, and his whole body started crackling. 

The short and fat murderous Physician turned into a tall and thin middle-aged man. .

“Murong Jingyue?” Clearly seeing the man’s appearance, Song Qingshu was startled, ‘How could it be him? But this also explains why Ping Yizhi wanted to kill Murong Fu…’

With a sudden shout, Bing Xue’er, who was hidden in the forest in ambush, rushed out, and wrapped the long whip around Ping Yizhi’s body from afar.

Ping Yizhi was seriously injured, and he was overwhelmed by Bing Xue’ers’ fierce offensive in the blink of an eye. Bing Xue’er was concerned about the power of his One Yang Finger, so she refrained from launching any following attacks.

Worried that something might happen to Bing Xue’er, Song Qingshu rushed over to help her. But while he was in mid-air, he suddenly heard a sharp sound coming towards him, so he quickly bent his waist, abruptly turned over in mid-air, and dodged the incoming attack.

As soon as it missed, the sharp weapon that had flown past just now, circled back to it’s user again. 

Song Qingshu didn’t know what it was, so he didn’t dare to take it head-on. When he finally saw the sneak attacker clearly, he couldn’t help but be shocked and angry, “Great Monk Jinlun!”

“Princess, I hope you will forgive me for being late to rescue you.” As soon as the two Xuanming Elders finished speaking, they took advantage of Song Qingshu being held back by Monk Jinlun and rushed towards Zhao Min.

Murong Fu was taken aback, and he quickly raised his sword to block them! 

However, the Xuanming Elders were best at combined strikes, and one used his Deer Head Staff to block his long sword, the other raised his palm to attack.

Murong Fu hastily blocked the palm strike with his palm, only to feel a cold Qi penetrate his body along his arm, and before he had time to react, Lu Zhangke silently stretched out his other hand and hit his abdomen, as He Biweng’s weapon also stretched out and swept across his ribs.

However, Murong Fu was a master who was as famous as Qiao Feng. Although the incident happened very suddenly and he was in a dangerous situation, he hastily used the “returning you with your own way”, so that the strength of the two people hitting him would cancel each other out. Moreover, he quickly used the force of the shock and retreated several feet away, his clothes already soaked in cold sweat.

The Xuanming Elder’s looked at their palms suspiciously, and shouted in unison,

“Returning you with your own way?”

“The Great Cosmic Transformation?”

Murong Fu calmly considered the situation around him. 

These two weird old men were almost his equal, and the monk holding the wheel seemed to be after Song Qingshu. Furthermore, with the addition of the members of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, he really felt a desire to give up and escape. However, considering that Song Qingshu had just given him the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, it would be too ungrateful if he just ran away, so he fell into a dilemma.

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