Chapter 38: Man with a wife

The next day. After the afternoon class.

Gu Xia was called out of the classroom by Li Wen.

Excited Liu Shu and Wang Qun stood at the door. Both of them were wearing new clothes and their hair was combed. You didn’t need to look to know that they had used a lot of hair gel.

“Let’s go…”

Gu Xia said helplessly.

“Third bro. Don’t you need to change your clothes and take care of your hair? What would they think of you if they saw you like this?” Wang Qun asked.

Gu Xia looked at what he was wearing—a white shirt on the upper body, jeans and sneakers on the lower body, it was alright.

As for his hair?

He had his hair cut at home on National Day, and he washed his hair every day.

And it was all appropriate for a respectable youth!

Gu Xia had already made it clear that he was just coming along because he had to, and he only had his Sisi in his heart!

Gu Xia sighed in his heart, ‘Alas~ being so charming is also a sin, it’s all my fault…’

“No, it’s good enough, and it’s too late already. We made an appointment to meet at the playground at five o’clock in the afternoon. Let’s get to know each other and go to eat hot pot.” Li Wen looked at the time and said.

“let’s go”


When they reached the playground they faced quite the spectacle.

There was a group of people playing basketball on the field, and a group of people were watching, and many girls were shouting.

“Huang Xuan really cheers…”

“Huang Xuan really fills his hat…”

“Huang Xuanzhen, I love you so much…”


Gu Xia heard the screams of these girls, smiled, and followed their gaze. There he saw a handsome boy who was about 1.85 meters (6 foot) tall. Sure enough, whether it was on TV or in novels, playing basketball was very popular with girls.

“Who is this? So popular?” Wang Qun said with some resentment.

“He is a sophomore student, his name is Huang Xuanzhen, and he is the main force of our university basketball team. Last year, when our University and another University played a game, he helped the University win the game by turning the tide, so he has the current popularity.” Li Wen laughed.

“Let’s go, it’s none of our business what they do.”

When they got to the edge of the playground, they saw four girls standing there, all watching the game, pointing at the field and saying something.


Li Wen waved and shouted.

“You are here~”

Gu Xia looked over and saw that in addition to Yiyi, the other three girls were standing beside her.

“Hee hee~”

As Gu Xia approached, he heard the whispering and laughter of the girls, their eyes were looking at them, and Gu Xia felt uncomfortable all over.

“These are my roommates. This is Liu Shu, Wang Qun, and Gu Xia.”

Li Wen pointed at Gu Xia and the other three for an introduction.

“Hello, nice to meet you~”

A girl with freckles on her face waved and smiled.

“Hello, nice to meet you~”

Wang Qun said with a smile.

Gu Xia and Liu Shu both nodded and said hello.

“Gu Xia, the girl on Sisi’s left is the one I want to introduce to you, how is she?” Li Wen whispered in Gu Xia’s ear.

“Not bad…”

Gu Xia looked at the girl, who was very delicate and beautiful. Seeing Gu Xia looking at her, the girl also looked at him. Gu Xia saw her raising her eyebrows at him, like a provocation, and couldn’t help but be speechless.

‘How was this girl so daring? Shouldn’t you shyly look down? And why are you raising your eyebrows, are you teasing me?’

Gu Xia had a feeling that he was being harassed by the opposite gender, and felt very uncomfortable. 

“This is Huang Qin and Li Feifei from my dormitory, and this is Han Jing. “

Li Wen’s girlfriend, Yiyi also introduced her roommates.

The one who just raised her eyebrows at Gu Xia was called Han Jing, ‘Han Jing? How is she polite?’ (G: Han Jing means polite.)

“Your name is Feifei, right? I’m Wang Qun.” Wang Qun ran to Li Feifei, who was the freckled girl from before.

“Li Wen.”

Gu Xia said to Li Wen who was beside him, “I have something to do at the moment, so I’ll be leaving first, you three can go eat.”

Gu Xia had no interest in this kind of thing, he was only interested after earning money now.

“You’re leaving, how can that be? If you leave, I won’t you my brother anymore, can’t you do that work later? Besides, you don’t have to be nervous. It’s not surprising that you’ll be nervous after seeing so many girls. Don’t you want to get a girlfriend?”

‘Dam*n…You think that me, an old iron, is nervous? This brother doesn’t have a girlfriend! But this brother has a wife! This brother is a married man!’

But only he knew these words. Gu Xia quite hated Wang Qun for his big mouth. That guy usually gossiped about everything. If he sees something happening with someone, he will make the whole dormitory know about it. So why didn’t he talk about him having a girlfriend with Li Wen?

Wang Qun and Liu Shu had clearly heard what he had said while he was on the phone Tu Sisi!

If Wang Qun knew that Gu Xia was cursing him in his heart, he would definitely shout that he was being wronged. Li Wen came back at midnight every day and went to class in the morning. Who had the time to tell him!

“Okay! But I have someone I like, so don’t worry about me. That Han Jing is not my type. Besides, I think that our big bro seems to be interested in her.” Gu Xia said helplessly.


Li Wen looked at Liu Shu and found that the guy kept looking in Han Jing’s direction. ‘Did our big bro take a liking to Han Jing?’

Gu Xia smiled secretly, ‘Who knew if their big bro likes Han Jing! The guy now had Han Jing and Huang Qin as options, let’s see who he manages to take!’

And who said that Wang Qun was not good at chatting?

The vibe between Wang Qun and Li Feifei was becoming quite heated already.

“Let’s go! Let’s go eat! There is a new Chuanshu hot pot restaurant in front of the university, let’s chat while eating.” Song Yiyi said with a smile,



On the way, Li Wen and Song Yiyi walked ahead holding hands, Wang Qun kept talking with Li Feifei, and Li Feifei kept laughing.

Only Gu Xia, Liu Shu and Han Jing… quietly followed behind. (G: poor Huang Qin is invisible.)

The atmosphere was a little awkward. Gu Xia signaled Liu Shu several times to find something to chat with. Who knew that this guy chose to act dead, making Gu Xia very angry.

Liu Shu was such a boring dude. He could chatter nonstop in the dormitory, but here he became meek like a young wife in front of girls!

‘And you lament about not having a girlfriend all day?’

“Hey~ Don’t make eye signals with others anymore, your eyes might turn crooked.”

Gu Xia became stunned, was this Han Jing talking to him?

“Are you talking to me?” Gu Xia pointed to himself and asked.

“Who else?” Han Jing sneered with narrowed eyes.

“I saw the song you sang at the military training party, and it was good.”

“It was only so so.”

Gu Xia touched his nose.

“What, do you hate me so much?”

“No, why would you think that?” Gu Xia said suspiciously.

“That means I’m not good-looking?”

“No, you look nice!”

Gu Xia couldn’t figure out why Han Jing was asking some nonsense?

“You don’t hate me, and you think I’m good-looking, so why aren’t you looking at me or talking to me? Are you feeling inferior?”


Gu Xia felt stunned in his heart.

‘I said you look nice, and I don’t hate you, so why do you think I’m feeling inferior? Do you want me to stare at you and keep courting you so that I can prove that I don’t feel inferior?’

What was with that logic?

‘My Sisi is really the best! She never makes trouble unreasonably, although sometimes she acts a little unreasonable, but she’s still very cute. If she was like this, my happy days would be over!’

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