Chapter 383: The Mysterious Assailant (part 2)

The man in black clothes’s eyes flashed with a stern look, his steps moved, and rushed towards Song Qingshu with great force, like a shell being shot out from the barrel.

“Your movement technique is not bad!” Song Qingshu’s eyes narrowed, and he quickly pushed Bing Xue’er aside to prevent her from being accidentally injured by the strength of their clash.

The man in black clothes’s movement technique wasn’t quite elegant and complex, but rather brutal and straight forward. In Song Qingshu’s opinion, his movement technique should be better in terms of speed.

As soon as Song Qingshu pushed Bing Xue’er away, the man in black clothes arrived in front of him. His previous fight with Xiao Feng made Song Qingshu understand the true meaning of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, so he directly raised his palms to greet the opponent without using the Wooden Sword.

Like a flash of lightning, the two men exchanged more than ten moves. 

Song Qingshu became more and more concerned the more he fought. He found that the other party was deliberately concealing his martial arts skills, and the moves he was using were all the most common martial arts in the wulin. However, despite that, the man was still able to match the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!

A strange look flashed across the face of the man in black clothes. He didn’t expect that the opponent he had casually defeated in the past would now be able to evenly match with him.

Both of the men were very good at movement techniques, as their figures flashed and appeared in mid-air. Once they came into contact, the clash was not as earth-shattering as imagined, but it was smooth and silent.

Song Qingshu had already understood that although the opponent’s moves were ordinary, he was using an extremely skillful way of applying force. Most of his own attacks were being diverted to nothing by the opponent, so it was naturally difficult for him to hurt the opponent.

The man in black clothes was also secretly feeling anxious. The force of Song Qingshu’s palm strikes were fierce and strong, and he was finding it very uncomfortable to move. If he hadn’t practiced the techniques of his sect to a high level, he would have been seriously injured by now.

Song Qingshu suddenly remembered the characteristics of a certain martial art and couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, it’s you!”

The man in black clothes secretly sighed, understanding that Song Qingshu’s martial arts skills were no longer inferior to his own, and it would be difficult for him to kill him. So, he didn’t want to waste his time. He snorted, and attacked Bing Xue’er in a flash.

Bing Xue’er was watching the battle intently, hesitating whether to help Song Qingshu or not. But, seeing the man in black clothes suddenly attacking her, she became alert and used the Golden Bell Belt to hit his acupoints.

The man in black clothes stretched out his hand and flicked the Golden Bell Belt. 

Bing Xue’er suddenly felt all her strength turn into nothingness, and she was slightly injured in an instant. 

However, during that delay, Song Qingshu managed to arrive in time.

Unexpectedly, the man in black clothes gave up on attacking Bing Xue’er, and took the opportunity to escape from the scene. Taking advantage of the force from the palm strike with Song Qingshu, he quickly flew back. When he passed by Miao Renfeng, he hit him with a palm strike on his chest, causing Miao Renfeng to spurt out blood.

Song Qingshu was immediately furious. Seeing that he was going to kidnap Miao Ruolan, he immediately took out his Wooden Sword and shot forward.

Feeling the sharp sword energy behind him, the man in black clothes knew that if he continued to hold Miao Ruolan hostage, he might be seriously injured on the spot. He quickly turned around to parry, and shook Song Qingshu’s Wooden Sword away with another palm strike.


Looking at the drops of blood falling from his fingers, the man in black clothes became dazed for a moment, then moved and quickly disappeared into the distant woods.

Song Qingshu solemnly gazed at his back, but didn’t run after him. The fight just now allowed him to measure the opponent’s martial arts skills and he understood that it wouldn’t be possible for him to defeat the opponent. When the two of them fought, both sides were caught off guard, and it didn’t have to revolve into a fight to the death.

What’s more, now that Miao Renfeng was at death door, he couldn’t just abandon the two father and daughter.

“Dad!” As soon as she was safe, Miao Ruolan threw herself at Miao Renfeng, who was lying in a pool of blood.

“Lan’er!” Seeing that his daughter was fine, Miao Renfeng’s eyes flashed with relief.

Song Qingshu approached Miao Renfeng, took out a Snow Ginseng Yuchan Pill from his pocket and asked him to take it. Seeing Miao Renfeng’s pale cheeks getting back some of the color, he secretly sighed in his heart, ‘The Snow Ginseng Yuchan Pill can only give him a bit more time. Zhang Wuji’s palm strike just now has severed his heart arteries, so there is no way to save him anymore.’

Miao Renfeng has traveled around the world for so many years, so he was naturally aware of his injuries. He smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t expect that I would need your help again so soon.”

Song Qingshu remarked, “If my Sister-in-law hadn’t begged me, I wouldn’t have saved you.”

Bing Xue’er angrily rolled her eyes at him, then looked at Miao Renfeng with concern and asked, “Brother Miao, don’t listen to his nonsense, he may act cold-faced on the outside, but he is warm-hearted on the inside.”

Miao Renfeng’s time was approaching, so he didn’t want to argue anymore, and smiled sadly, “Madame Hu, considering our past friendship, can you agree to do something for me?”

Seeing the end of a hero, Bing Xue’er sighed quietly, “Brother Miao, just say it.”

Miao Renfeng took his daughter’s hand and pushed her to Bing Xue’er, “I want to ask you to send her to her mother.”

“But her mother has…” Bing Xue’er hesitated, worried about exposing Miao Renfeng’s scars again, so she didn’t finish her sentence. In her opinion, Nan Lan had abandoned her husband and daughter in a rather ruthless manner. She broke her daughter’s heart and resolutely followed Tian Guinong. In addition, Tian Guinong also had a daughter, so it may not be a good choice for Miao Ruolan to stay with that woman.

Miao Renfeng understood what she wanted to say, and a trace of pain and loneliness flashed across his face, “Lan’er is her biological daughter after all, and she will take good care of Lan’er.”

Seeing Miao Renfeng insisting, Bing Xue’er couldn’t say anything. 

On the other hand, Song Qingshu, who was on the side, had a strange expression on his face, thinking that he would have to be careful to hide “that” information from Bing Xue’er’s from now on. If she knew that he was also treating Nan Lan as a plaything, the woman might really leave him forever.

As for Miao Renfeng, he didn’t feel guilty at all. Nan Lan was no longer his wife anyways, so what he did could even be considered as avenging him.

“Brother Miao, why did that person want to kill you?” Bing Xue’er’s face was full of worry and confusion.

“Because…” Miao Renfeng was about to speak, but suddenly looked at Song Qingshu fearfully and remained silent.

Noticing his expression, Song Qingshu sneered,”Isn’t it about the treasure of King Chuang? I already know about that.” 

He believed that with Zhang Wuji’s status, he wouldn’t just go around doing things without a proper reason. So there could only be one reason he would come after Miao Renfeng, and that was King Chuang’s treasure.

“Madame Hu, you even told him about that!” Miao Renfeng suddenly glared at Bing Xue’er. He was so shocked that he vomited a few more mouthfuls of blood.

Bing Xue’er waved her hands anxiously and said, “I didn’t tell him!”

Seeing that Bing Xue’er had been wronged so many times, Song Qingshu angrily said, “My Sister-in-law is not the only one in the world who knows about King Chuang’s treasure. Why don’t you think of someone else who could’ve told me?”

He pointed to Nan Lan in a deliberately ambiguous way, and as expected, Miao Renfeng’s expression changed immediately, “Why would she tell you about it?”

“Guess it yourself…” Song Qingshu smiled faintly. 

He didn’t want to have a conflict with Miao Renfeng, but he just couldn’t stand the way the man was blaming Bing Xue’er every time they met.

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