Chapter 42: Strange promise with the villainess (part 2)

I sighed and looked out the window. Some time passed like that.

Suddenly hearing a metallic sound I turned my head at Shael, and she casually handed me a tray.

Something was placed on top of it.

It seemed that Shael had finally finished cooking.

“Would you like to try it?”

She was offering me muffins that she was obsessed with without even trying them first. It was very surprising.

But, it wasn’t long before I found out why.

“Are you asking me to eat this?”

An object too strange to be called a “muffin” was placed on the tray. It looked like you would get sick after eating.

Actually, it was the expected result.

Shael, who couldn’t even remember the order of cooking, had no way of knowing the amount of the ingredients.

Moreover, some of the ingredients were wrong in the first place.

And the result was obvious.

Therefore, the villainess handed me the muffins first.

“Your fiancé worked hard to make it for you, why are you rejecting it? How would you feel if your fiancé refused to eat something you worked hard for?”

I barely held myself back from cursing out loud. The villainess treated me as her fiancé only at times like this.

“Take it.”

“I don’t like it.”

When we were having a brief confrontation like that, the door to the kitchen, which had been firmly closed, opened.


The one who entered, was Duke Jespen. He was smiling as if he was excited about something.

And, seeing Shael handing me a muffin didn’t seem to be the reason.

In that case…

If it wasn’t for Shael, there was only one other person he would smile for. It could only be related to his wife, Enella Azbel.

Duke Jespen, who confirmed that we were here, quickly put the ingredients he was holding into the magic pouch.

‘Did he come here to cook for Enella?’

It was clear that Shael and I interfered with his plan.

Duke Jespen’s expression hardened for a moment, then he opened his eyes wide as he looked at the tray containing the muffin Shael had prepared.


He was looking at the “things” as if he wanted to eat it.

Looking at his expression, Shael handed a muffin to Duke Jespen.

Duke Jespen ate the muffin with an emotional look of on his face.

I mean, those muffins didn’t look appetizing at all. But…


The words coming out of Duke Jespen’s mouth was completely different from what I expected.

‘Is that thing delicious?’

To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. Could he be lying for his daughter?

Shael also looked at Duke Jespen with a questioning gaze. 

Then Duke Jespen spoke, “It is clear that it resembles the excellent cooking skills of my lovely Enella.”

His words sounded quite sincere. So, it seemed like Duchess Enella also cooked for him.

‘He really thinks that those weird looking muffins are delicious?’

Then Duke Jespen continued with a tone that was filled with a sense of urgency.

“Enella! I miss Enella. I have to go!”

Then, Duke Jespen hurriedly left. 

Feeling strange for some reason, I amplified my hearing with a bit of my restored mana.

Heukk! Kuk! Kuhk!

It was the sound of Duke Jespen coughing.

The love Duke Jespen had for his daughter was great. He managed to eat that ‘thing’ with a straight face and even called it delicious.

Fortunately, my future daughter, Ruelle, was a good cook!

I turned my head to look at Shael.

After watching her muffins closely for a moment, Shael stood up from her seat while holding her tray, and started walking toward her room.

I also followed Shael to her room.

Suddenly, we were sitting facing each other in Shael’s room.

Shael reached out for the muffins on the table. She then took a bite of the muffin.


Shael, who was frowning on her face, placed the muffin back on the tray. At the same time she stared spouting words of excuse.

“I definitely got the ingredients and the order right.”

‘Not at all. The ingredients were strange, and the order was messed up.’

“Is that so?”

“The recipe must be wrong.”

That, too, was not true. But I didn’t bother to correct her.


Because it wouldn’t change anything, even if I did.

It was clear that even if I gave her a proper reason, the villainess wouldn’t take it seriously.

Even when faced with a difficult situation, she wouldn’t try to find a solution. She’ll just blame someone else.

That’s just how the villainess was.

So she’ll just blame something else this time as well.

I had already expected that.

But, not this time. 

Shael, who remained silent for a moment, opened her mouth.

“You will make the desserts from now on.”

Shael was actually looking for a new way. Then she added with a serious expression, “Forever.”

I looked at Shael with a strange expression. 

Then Shael grumbled, “There is nothing else you can do anyway.”

She didn’t forget to add an insult along with it.

But I didn’t really care.

Resisting the laughter that was about to leak out, I also spoke to Shael.

“Yes, I’ll make it for the rest of my life, so don’t worry.”

To make dessert for the rest of my life.

It was a strange promise that would make anyone laugh.

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