Chapter 43: The villainess is unfair (part 1)

“Then, please make it now.”


I immediately felt the intense urge to cancel the promise I had just made.

Anyways, Shael continued to stare at me with an eager expression.

“It’s a little late now. We will do it next time.”

“I think my father came to the kitchen to cook for my mother.”

Shael was talking about what happened a while ago. Certainly, it was clear that Duke Jespen had come to the kitchen to cook food for Duchess Enella. 

‘But why are you saying that now?’

Considering Shael’s attitude towards me, it was completely unreasonable to compare me to Duke Jespen.

But I couldn’t refuse Shael’s eager eyes. Instead, I made a suggestion targeting her health.

“Actually, I have some leftover cookies from before. If you take herbs from the Azbel family’s storage and eat them, I’ll give you the cookies.”

So, if she wanted to eat something bad for her body, she would have to eat something good for her body first. 

Shael frowned at my suggestion.

She was someone who hated bitter things. But Shael still nodded her head. It was because she liked sweets more than she hated bitters.

At some point, cookies and herbs were placed in front of Shael.

Shael looked at the herbs for a while, then said, “Do I really need to eat this?”


Shael stayed still for a while. I also kept waiting for her to make a move.

And, it happened when I closed my eyes just for a moment to regain some energy.

The cookies had disappeared before I knew it!

Of course, the herbs were still in place.

It was obvious who the culprit was.

“Why are you acting so childish?.”


I let out a deep sigh. 

Then I stuffed the herb into the villainess’s mouth.

* * *

After spending time with Shael like that, I headed to Baslett Estate, and finally arrived at my home. 

It was a day full of extraordinary things.

I met my future daughter, and made a strange promise with Shael.

My body was tired. But I didn’t want to fall asleep like this. 

I sat down at my desk and opened the journal Ruelle had given me.

It was a journal written by my future self. I could tell just by looking at the handwriting.

So it was obvious that there were things in it that would help me in my endeavors.

Most of the content were recipes that Shael would like. 

The rest of the journal only contained some meaningless advice.

ㅡ Unconditionally accept and drink the drink Shael gives you.

— Make lots of desserts for Shael.

And more…

— When you become the head of household, give up your work and devote all your time to Shael and Ruelle.

ㅡ When you receive a love letter from someone, do not ignore it, but punish the sender with a curse.

Many of the advice were all very bizarre.

Are you telling me to accept the drink Shael gives me? What the heck are you thinking?

Why did you make so many desserts for Shael? Even now, I’m worried about that bad girl’s health.

For now, I skipped the advice I couldn’t understand. And…

Finally, I found something that seemed important.

ㅡ Stay away from Clie.

Stay away from Clie. It was written that way in the journal and it gave no reason why. 

‘Would it kill you to write down the reason?’

Anyway, it was the advice I had to take seriously, considering it was a journal that my future self had written and sent. So I closed the journal and began to think about what the real meaning of the advice I read earlier would be.

I wanted to see Ruelle again somehow. I wanted to achieve my goal of rehabilitating the villainess.

If that happened, I would be able to see Ruelle for sure. In fact, if the present differs even slightly from the future, Ruelle’s existence may also become something uncertain.

But that probably won’t happen. Because this was a fantasy world with no sense of logic.

Clie also went back to the past and performed various actions, but her children remained the same.

In the first place, the future me must have been convinced for some reason.

Otherwise, there was no way he would send Ruelle to the past.

So I felt relieved, and carefully placed the journal in the magic pouch.


At that moment, the envelope I had placed at a corner of the desk started to ring. Inside it was the bracelet that Clie had given me before.

I had thought that the bracelet wouldn’t ring anymore because all the magical energy it had accumulated had disappeared. Since I wouldn’t be contacted anyway, I put it in an envelope and left it unattended so that it wouldn’t be seen by anyone.

It had gathered enough mana before I knew it, and it was functioning again.

[Young Lord Eran. Are you there?]

Instead of answering, I thought about the advice I had just read in the journal. 

The advise to stay away from Clie.

In that case, I wondered if it would be better to stop keeping in contact.

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  1. “considering it was a journal that my future self had written and sent” yeah, sure, “my”. Future Shael being cheeky in that journal, I see.
    Thanks for the chapter Sr translator .

    1. Roberto Rafael

      Yeah, some of that advice sounded like Shael was reviewing what future Eran was writing to his past self.

  2. JustCallMeDaBoss

    lol definitely sounds like it wasn’t mc that wrote that journal but Shael, and she just wrote useless stuff haha.

  3. Roberto Rafael

    Hadn’t Eran said that the journal had his handwriting? …. Although if it was Shael, that also means that Eran is going to make her fall in love with him, because Shael wants Eran to spend all his time with her, and that no girl approaches him.

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