Chapter 52: Tumultuous Events VIII (part 2)

Reflecting on the recent events that unfolded before her eyes, the woman in the reddish-brown robe expressed her sincere admiration, stating, “That was great… really.”

Shortly after arriving, she had vaguely noticed that merchants on the continent were attempting to manipulate spice prices. 

In hindsight, it was a reckless endeavor. 

The opposition held a complete monopoly on all products, making collusion with someone in such a powerful position a perilous venture—an adventure with the potential for significant repercussions if mishandled.

The attempt at collusion was completely thwarted by the ‘performance’ executed by a person named Bahamut. 

Ultimately, those involved faced a backlash and were defeated miserably.

However, the woman couldn’t help but acknowledge Bahamut’s skill in navigating such a situation. His ability to commit such an act in such a perilous situation was also highly regarded by her.

‘He’s a man who knows how to manipulate people’s hearts. It seems that his insight to see the future is also quite high level…what is more surprising than that is his will to act on his thoughts.’

Even when people were aware of something, they often hesitated to take action. Many feared failure and loss, causing them to miss decisive opportunities. 

The woman recognized that the world was driven by those who could turn their thoughts into action. 

‘From that point of view, he’s a very coveted talent.’

Setting aside her interest in Bahamut, she focused on the items in her possession—the primary targets of her visit. While there might be a way to acquire them elsewhere, complications could arise. 

Completing the work here was not just advantageous for her but also for many others connected to it.

As she quietly observed the tumultuous scene outside the window, she pondered, ‘It would be nice if money alone could finish the job…in the current situation, I don’t want to resort to anything else if possible.’

Amid those thoughts, her attention remained on the celebratory scene in the streets of Benessa, filled with alc*ohol, food, and music. 

Among them, the winners of the venture, the subordinates from the Beden and Uranus Merchant Company, stood out.

‘The joy of the winner…the fruit of had labor will definitely be sweet. Will I be able to reap the fruit in the circumstances that will follow?’


“How are you?”

“I feel a little drunk. Still, I am alright…”

Bahamut sat on the terrace, sipping a drink. Despite his appearance, he remained quite sober even after consuming a considerable amount.

 Bertina, holding a glass herself, joined him cautiously.

She was swept away by the atmosphere and drank a lot, so she became quite drunk.

But even so, her mental strength remained strong as ever. It was just that she was slightly more excited than usual.

“Today, you…you were really great. How did you think of all of that.”

“Hahahaha…well, to be precise, Ophelia gave me the idea, and I just acted on it.”

“Ophelia… you mean?”

Bertina’s curiosity about Bahamut’s words grew, and in response, he lightly stroked her hair, recounting the events of the previous day.

“That’s right…so the part with the fire…”

“Yeah, it was to get people’s attention and create a more dramatic situation. As Ophelia said, when people are pushed into extreme situations, their judgment becomes blurred.”

“I see… that child is quite good too. As expected of the one you have chosen.”

“Huh, right?”

Bertina spoke with interest. Bahamut smiled and silently thanked Ophelia once again.

Ophelia had gone out for a drink with Tilda earlier, claiming it was for celebration. However, Bahamut suspected there was more to it, considering her behavior. 

‘She’s being considerate…so that Bertina and I can be alone…I’m certainly grateful for that kind of thought, but…’

Bahamut’s gaze returned to Bertina, who was now leaning on his arms, blushing. 

Despite the confident demeanor she displayed during the day, a hint of cuteness and sparkling beauty radiated from her current appearance.

‘Really… I feel it every time, but really… she’s an attractive lady.’

With those thoughts, Bahamut ki*ssed Bertina on the lips as they held each other. 

With everyone vacating their seats without notice, there was nothing left to shy away from. 

In response, Bahamut hugged her body and guided them toward the bed.

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