Chapter 70: The Kingdom Project VI (part 2)

“You are not a native of Hangury, so you don’t have any special ties. Above all, you are a merchant. Merchants never move where there is no profit. Then why are you trying to help us…Hangury and His Majesty the King?”

Gerard’s words made it obvious that he was feeling a bit wary.

Hearing the question, Bahamut also showed a light smile on his face, recognizing that this person wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

“Certainly, as you said, we are profit-seeking merchants.”

With those words, Bahamut took out a coin from his pocket. Then lightly flicking that shiny gold coin, he continued.

“We are people who move and invest according to our interests, and in that respect, our recent actions can indeed be considered quite strange. Not only as a normal merchant, but even more so if you look at it by the standards of a death merchant who sells weapons.”

Even though they were merchants of death who could make a big profit in times of war. The risks involved in the matter were also very great. 

In a war, one would use any means and methods necessary to weaken the opponent, and it was natural for them to aim for supply lines in the process.

Naturally, the merchants of death who transported and sold such supplies were bound to be targeted. If the party they supported lost the war, they could be captured and even executed by the winners for supplying weapons to the enemy.

Of course, with such a risk, it was advantageous to stick to the side that was more likely to win the war.

And at the moment, the current Hangury seemed inferior not only to the Dragona Empire but even to the Sakiel Knights.

Nonetheless, this man named Bahamut had made the decision to fully invest in Hangury, which was incomprehensible to Gerard.

“But…when it comes to investment, the greater the risk, the greater the profit.”

“…what do you mean?”

Bahamut was speaking logically, so Gerard decoded to ask for clarification, recognizing that it was something of importance.

“Think about it, even if I were to support the Sakiel Knights or the Dragona Empire at this point, how much would I be able to gain? At best, it will be the level of commission for selling weapons.”


“On the other hand, the Kingdom of Hangury is in crisis, so they have promised me several things if the case is resolved smoothly. Objectively, the benefits are incomparable to simple arms sales.”

Even if you invest in the stocks of large corporations, it wasn’t easy to obtain large profits all at once. Since it was already in a somewhat stable state and its foundation was solid, it was difficult for their price to fall or rise.

However, it was different in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises or emerging companies with weak foundations. Although there was a possibility that they could go bankrupt anytime, but once they start to rise, it was possible for their stock price to jump several times.

Bahamut was proceeding with his current project by applying that same logic to the concept of a nation, and he described that principle to Gerard in simple words.

“I see…I think I know what that means.”

Gerard understood that they were the weak side. Yes, it might sound a bit unpleasant, but at the same time, it was also very logical.

‘In case of failure, the result would be devastating, but in case of success, the benefits would be overwhelmingly large, that’s why this man is supporting us…’

Gerard would have been more suspicious if Bahamut had given him some sweet-sounding excuses, but his words seemed rather genuine due to the fact that he was so direct with his words.

“Now I would like to hear Misted Gerard’s answer.”

Bahamut gave Gerard a look that seemed to say that he had finished what he wanted to say.


Gerard seemed to be worried for a brief moment, but his mind was already made up.

Bahamut knew that too.

The man named Gerard would never refuse the opportunity to lay down his life for his nation and help save his people from the current crisis.

“Alright. I will raise my sword again, not for you, but for the Kingdom of Hangury and His Majesty the King!”

With those words, Gerard reached out his hand towards Bahamut.

In response, Bahamut held his hand tightly and spoke in a bright voice.


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