Chapter 71: The Kingdom Project VII (part 1)

Bahamut, who had succeeded in recruiting Gerard, smiled with excitement.

‘Good. As long as the Black Legion is restored to its former glory, they’ll be able to easily suppress the Sakiel Knights.’

Even in the original novel, the Black Legion proved itself as Hangury’s strongest force. 

At that time, the Black Legion was in a weakened state because it didn’t have good equipment, but nevertheless, they burned with pure love for their motherland, and succeeded in defending Hangury until they were at the brink of annihilation.

However, this time, with the support of Beden Merchant Company it would be like adding wings on the lion’s back.

‘The Black Legion achieved great results even in poor circumstances. With just the right investment, they’ll be able to do even better. Plus, now they would have Gerard…’

Although in the original novel, Gerard was not very active due to some unfortunate circumstances, but the power Gerard possessed was not to be ignored.

The man was Hangury’s strongest general with the power to fight several people on his own, even though he was not included among the strongest five fighters like Ophelia, he should not be underestimated.

If he officially returned as the general of the Black Legion, it would complete the strongest force in the history of the Kingdom of Hangury, which has been a topic of discussion even among readers of the original work.

‘Of course, there’s a very high chance that they can still fail. Alright, now that we’ve finished recruiting the best general, shall we move on to the next step?’


The Sakiel Knights started to gather troops for the war against the Dragona Empire.

Apart from their usual ‘business’, they were originally knights, so each and every one of them were armed warriors.

On top of that, as they spent additional money to recruit local mercenaries and other forces, the scale of their force was greater than expected.

“Brothers! Let us put aside the petty grievances that have divided us all this time! This is time for us to join forces and win!”

“We shall get rid of that wicked Dragona sc*um! Everyone, take up your arms!”

“For the glory of Sakiel Knights!”

Originally, the Sakiel Knights were not united due to mutual pride and conflicts over interests, but the tremendous situation that occurred in Benessa this time instilled a deep sense of crisis in them.

Several important executives of their organization were massacred in an instant, and furthermore, their funding lines were in danger of being cut off. The crisis induced unity, and Sakiel Knights began to unite as one under the leadership of the Five Godfathers, a loose link that already existed among them.

“5,000 troops from the Franz region have just arrived.”

“We also received 4,000 troops from the Espan area. The 2000 brothers sent from the Fortuna area is expected to arrive around next week.”

“Good, with this, the total strength of the Sakiel Knights in our southwest branch would reach approximately 20,000. This is enough to invade any country.”

“All this time, our Sakiel Knights have been divided, so if we gather our strength, there will be nothing to be afraid of. Even if it is the Dragona Empire, they will experience our strength at this opportunity.”

The total number of troops that had already gathered and would gather within the next month was a large army of approximately 80,000.

It was a large army that no monarch on the continent would dare to face easily.

Although the fighting power of each individual varied, and the discipline was subpar, it was still an army. The threat of numbers could never be ignored. In addition, from the Sakiel’s point of view, it confirmed their strength right in front of their eyes, and it made them feel truly reassured.

On the other hand, those who could be called the generals of the huge army, the elders of the Sakiel Knights, were discussing their opinions in preparation for the war that was about to begin.

“I was expecting it, but a lot of people gathered.”

“With that level of troops, we can make a preemptive strike on our side.”

“Don’t say that, no matter what, the opponent is the Dragona Empire. A country that swallowed even the mighty kingdom of Polena in the north.”

“That’s right, our strategy is to use Hangury as a shield as much as possible, sacrifice their strength, and then launch a counterattack. For that, don’t even think about making a hasty move until we’ve completely drawn Hangury into this war.”

The gray-haired elder once again spoke their basic strategic principles.

At that time, a middle-aged man who belonged to the youngest of the elders cautiously opened his mouth.

“Well, the truth is. We may have a problem with that.”

“A problem?”

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