Chapter 77: Assessment

On New Year’s Eve, Gu Xia watched the Spring Festival Gala with his family. Although he had watched the 2008 Spring Festival Gala in his previous life, he had long forgotten about it. It was quite interesting to look back now.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, Gu Xia took a shower and went to bed. His sister had gone to her room early. Only his parents and grandparents were still watching the Spring Festival Gala and keeping vigil in the living room. At 12 o’clock, it was time to set off firecrackers for New Year’s Eve.

Gu Xia lay on the bed and couldn’t help but think about the six months since he was reborn. It had been so colorful, and it was completely different from the life trajectory in his previous life.

His career had started and stabilized, and he had gone to university. The only regret was that Tu Sisi was not around.

As the clock struck 12, it was the first day of the New Year in 2009, and the sound of firecrackers echoed everywhere.

The firecrackers lasted for more than ten minutes, gradually becoming less loud. Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and sent New Year blessing text messages to a few contacts in his address book. Each message was personalized, not copied from the internet. In his previous life, Gu Xia had composed his New Year’s greeting messages each year. He felt that copying and pasting them all at once was a bit disrespectful.

It was almost 1 a.m. after sending the messages, and Gu Xia called Tu Sisi.

“Hey, Gu Xia, you’re not asleep yet!” Tu Sisi’s voice came over.

“No, didn’t I just want to give you a call?” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“What, you missed me?” Tu Sisi smiled.

“Well, I miss you,” Gu Xia said with a warm expression.

“I miss you too,” Tu Sisi said softly.

“Oh, I wish you were by my side,” Gu Xia sighed.

“Well, it’s coming soon. My illness has recovered. After the Charm assessment, if I haven’t passed, I will return to China immediately. If I pass the assessment, I will go back after participating in V*ctoria’s Secret,” Tu Sisi said, sipping her lips.

“What did you just say?”

“Are you healed?”

Gu Xia sat up in shock and asked loudly.

“Gu Xia, haven’t you slept yet? Go to bed quickly; we have to get up early tomorrow to go to the countryside to pay New Year’s greetings,” his mother Deng Ling’s voice came from outside the room.

“I know, Mom,” Gu Xia said sheepishly.

“Haha~” Tu Sisi laughed upon hearing this.

“Is it true?” Gu Xia asked with some uncertainty. He was so happy that he was afraid he had heard wrong.

“Yeah, really,” Tu Sisi confirmed.

Hearing Tu Sisi’s definite words, Gu Xia wanted to laugh, but he held back, otherwise, everyone in the family would have been woken up by him.

“I’m so happy, Sisi,” Gu Xia said excitedly.

“Hehe, me too.”

“By the way, Sisi, what test did you just mention? What happened?” Gu Xia asked.

“It’s like this…”

Tu Sisi told him about the opportunity that Hu Chao had secured for her to participate in V*ctoria’s Secret.

“Is Hu Chao very nosy?” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“He! You know your family is rich, but aside from pestering people, this guy is pretty good at other things.”


The two talked for a while and didn’t hang up the phone until two o’clock in the morning. Gu Xia was lying on the bed, but she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t until she couldn’t stand it anymore that she reluctantly fell asleep.

In the next few days, Gu Xia went to offer New Year’s greetings everywhere.

The first day of class came soon, and Deng Ling helped Gu Xia pack his clothes and other belongings early in the morning.

Originally, Gu Xia had planned to go to Sha*ghai to continue his university studies, but his parents and grandparents disagreed. So, Gu Xia had no choice but to inform Xu Fan and continue studying at Jiangbei University.

“Mom, Dad, grandparents, you can go upstairs; I’m leaving,” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“Be careful on the road!”

“Drive carefully.”

“Don’t worry.” After saying that, Gu Xia drove away.

When he arrived at school, students returning to campus were everywhere. Gu Xia drove slowly on the road; after all, there were too many people, and he couldn’t keep honking his horn.

In the envious eyes of many people, Gu Xia parked the car.

“Gu Xia?”

Gu Xia heard someone calling him from behind. When he turned around, he saw that it was Teacher Wu Jiahui, who had stepped out of a red Polo.

“I heard people say before that you drive a Mercedes-Benz. I didn’t believe it. But today I saw it, and I didn’t expect it to be true. Student Gu Xia is hiding it so well!” Wu Jiahui said with a smile.

“Teacher Wu, please stop teasing me,” Gu Xia said, touching his nose helplessly.

“Teacher, please go ahead. There’s still a lot of preparation work to do today.” After Wu Jiahui finished speaking, she headed towards the office.

“Okay, goodbye, teacher.”

When Gu Xia arrived at the dormitory, Liu Shu and the others were already there.

“Third brother, you, the one who lives closest, are the last to come back,” Wang Qun said with a smile.

“There’s no class today. There will be class tomorrow. Why are you here so early?” Gu Xia curled his lips and said.

“Come on, I have nothing to do today. Let’s go play games,” Liu Shu suggested.

“Let’s go~”

Gu Xia didn’t want to play at first, but the other three were very interested, and he wasn’t interested in being left out, so he had to follow them to the internet cafe to play dungeons.

They played games all day, read books at, and ordered food at the internet cafe for lunch.

They had initially wanted to play into the evening, but Gu Xia was already dizzy from gaming, so he suggested going for dinner.

They all had a few drinks in the evening. Wang Qun had originally said he wouldn’t go home until he was drunk, but Gu Xia and the other three said they had classes the next day. So, they didn’t drink too much, fearing they wouldn’t be able to wake up for class.

Gu Xia spent the following days in an ordinary way. He attended classes daily, ate, slept, and occasionally played games with Liu Shu and the others. Every night, he and Tu Sisi stayed on the phone until the early morning.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye…

On the second floor of Charm Model Company, in a spacious classroom, more than a dozen models with extremely good figures and beautiful looks stood in a row wearing various outfits. Tu Sisi was among them.

Sitting in front of them were five people, all of whom were top shareholders of Charm, including Hu Chao as a shareholder.

Ruth, the modeling instructor for Tu Sisi and others, spoke in English: “

Charm only has three slots to send to V*ctoria’s Secret this year. Two slots have already been filled, and the remaining slots will be chosen from among you. So, the upcoming assessment will determine if you can make it to V*ctoria’s Secret this year. Work hard, girls.”

The dozen or so models were excited when they heard this. They never expected this opportunity to be given to newcomers like them.

Tu Sisi had known about this for a while. Apart from feeling a little nervous, she didn’t have any significant mood swings.

Ruth continued, “The assessment will be based on what I’ve taught you. Everyone, give it your all during the assessment. Although these slots are reserved for newcomers, if none of you pass, they will go to the experienced models.”

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