Chapter 78: Crisis

“Those who can appear on the V*ctoria’s Secret stage are among the most attractive women. V*ctoria’s Secret imposes strict requirements on body shape, and if you’ve made it to Charm, it means you already meet the qualifications for a figure, but that’s just the basics. On the V*ctoria’s Secret stage, it’s not only about your physique but also the selection of linge*rie that suits you, your style, and your demeanor. There are many factors to consider.” 

After Ruth finished speaking, she took a sip of her coffee and glanced at the group of girls in front of her. She continued, “Do you know why they are called V*ctoria’s Secret Angels?”

The girls looked puzzled, none of them knew the answer, not even Tu Sisi, who was reborn and didn’t pay much attention to these things.

Ruth smiled and explained, “V*ctoria’s Secret Angel, what does an angel represent? Perfect appearance, right? But there’s more—wings. There’s a significant difference between models with wings and those without them. In every V*ctoria’s Secret show, apart from the supermodels’ long legs, slender waists, and dazzling Fantasy Bras, what garners the most attention are the ‘wings’ worn by the supermodels. These wings not only symbolize beauty but also rank. Behind the scenes, all the supermodels may appear to have slim waists, long legs, and beautiful busts, but they are secretly categorized into different levels. The presence and type of wings determine their status on the V*ctoria’s Secret stage. The more popular a model, the larger and heavier her wings on the runway. The largest wings have even weighed nearly 40 kilograms. Yes, while wings bring honor, wearing them on stage is quite challenging.”

“Teacher Ruth, how many types of wings did you have?” one of the girls raised her hand and asked.

Ruth chuckled, “Well, your teacher Ruth was a popular V*ctoria’s Secret Angel who always sported five types of wings. Her largest wings weighed over 20 kilograms, which was quite remarkable back in the day.”

“Alright, girls, I hope some of you will have the opportunity to wear those wings. But remember, you must first make it to the V*ctoria’s Secret stage. Let’s start the assessment!” Ruth said.

“Okay,” Ruth responded.

“Alright, let’s proceed one by one. Alice, you go first.”


The Capital.

Lingyun Technology.

Xu Fan sat in his office, furrowing his brow as he smoked.

Tring! Tring!

The landline phone in front of him rang.

“I’m Xu Fan. Who’s this?”

“What’s your decision, Mr. Xu?” a raspy male voice came from the phone. “You should be aware that the person behind me is losing patience with you. So, it’s in your best interest to provide an answer as soon as possible.”

Xu Fan’s frown deepened as he listened. He took a drag of his ciga*ette and replied, “Give me a bit more time. Remember, Lingyun doesn’t belong to me alone.”

“Haha, Mr. Xu, how much time do you think I’ve given you? Let’s do this– I’ll grant you three more days. If you still can’t make a choice by then, I’ll make the decision for you,” the caller sneered before hanging up.


In a courtyard house, a middle-aged man with short hair put down the phone, sneering as he walked out of the house.

In the yard, a man around forty years old was fishing in a small pond.

The short-haired man’s pupils shrank, and a flash of fear crossed his face as he recognized the fishing man’s status. He quickly approached and said, “Mr. Hua, I just spoke with Xu Fan.”

Hua Shao continued to fish with a calm expression, seemingly oblivious to the conversation.

The short-haired man pressed on, “As per your instructions, I gave him three days. Should we take action soon, Mr. Hua?”

“No need,” Mr. Hua replied calmly. “The Xu family will continue to apply pressure on Xu Fan. The Xu family is already in decline. Standing on the wrong side of this conflict will come at a cost.”

“Yes,” the short-haired man agreed.


Xu Fan hung up the phone, wearing a helpless expression. He hadn’t anticipated that these individuals would target Lingyun, the last remaining piece of his assets in the capital. He had thought that relinquishing his property in the capital would be sufficient, but it appeared they wouldn’t let go.

Tring! Tring!

Xu Fan’s cellphone rang again. He looked at the caller ID, displaying “Second Uncle,” with a hint of disgust on his face.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Xu Fan, if you don’t hand over your company, do you want all of us to suffer?” a voice roared from the other end.

“Why didn’t you consider this outcome when you chose your side? Why are you afraid now? Grandpa advised against it from the start, but did you listen? Now, the Xu family is in this state,” Xu Fan retorted sharply.

“What does a junior like you understand? I did it for the Xu family. The old man is aging and doesn’t concern himself with these matters. If he used his connections, would I get involved in this mess? Fortunately, the old man is still alive, and they didn’t eliminate us. We just need money, so you better resolve this company issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, our Xu family is truly doomed, and the old man won’t be able to save us now,” Xu Fan’s second uncle, Xu Tianming, sighed.

“If I had known this would happen, why did I get involved in the first place? It’s too late now; I hope you have a sense of proportion,” Xu Fan said before ending the call.

He rubbed his temples. The Xu family was like a small boat in a stormy sea, constantly at risk of capsizing.

The old man was ill and recovering. The political careers of his father, second uncle, and other uncles had come to an end. Even his real estate company was gone. Now, they wanted Lingyun just because they had chosen the wrong side.


Xu Fan sighed, and contemplated on calling Gu Xia, but then hesitated. He didn’t know how to explain the situation to Gu Xia.


At the same time, Gu Xia was at an Internet cafe, dragged there by Wang Qun to play games. Although he wasn’t particularly fond of dungeon games, he had no choice because Le*gue of Le*ends wasn’t available yet. Since his friends enjoyed playing, he went along with it.

What Gu Xia didn’t know was that the Lingyun Company, which he believed would bring them great profits, was on the verge of slipping away from him and Xu Fan.

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