Chapter 79: Tu Sisi Fails the Assessment

New Yo*k

Charm Model Agency.

Ruth announced, “The one selected for Vi*toria’s Secret this time is Maggie.”

More than a dozen girls, including Tu Sisi, looked disappointed. 

Maggie, a girl with a proud look on her face said, “Thank you,” and glanced at the others.

Then she glanced briefly at a middle-aged senior executive sitting upright in his seat.

“How is this possible? Did Maggie perform as well as Tu Sisi?” Hu Chao frowned, questioning.

“Mr. Hu, please believe in everyone’s fair judgment, and this is also the result of Miss Ruth’s assessment.” McGeeth, who was one of the executives said while looking at the other senior executives.

Upon hearing that, Hu Chao frowned. Although he didn’t know much about the man named Lawrence, he knew Lawrence was quite prestigious among Charm’s senior management. It was also he who had suggested that all newcomers take the assessment together. Initially, only Tu Sisi was supposed to take the assessment, but after his suggestion, it became a group assessment.

Though Hu Chao had doubts, he was present during the assessment. Being an outsider, he thought their assessments were similar. However, he favored Tu Sisi and believed she was the best.

He glanced at Tu Sisi apologetically. 

Tu Sisi smiled at him and said it was okay, which eased his worry.

Still, Hu Chao felt a pang of anger. He had arranged everything to help Tu Sisi shine at Vi*toria’s Secret. Yet he hadn’t expected such an outcome. He looked at Lawrence, who was smiling next to him with a dark expression

“Okay, girls, the assessment is over. Congratulations to Maggie.”

“Bravo!” Ruth and Lawrence led the applause.

Though unwilling, the girls smiled and clapped to congratulate Maggie.

Tu Sisi also smiled and clapped. Despite her disappointment, she realized life wasn’t perfect. 

With so many people in the assessment, she couldn’t guarantee that she would be the best. She worked hard, so even if she failed, it didn’t matter. The worst that could happen was that she would have to try again next time.

After the top executives left, Tu Sisi greeted the girls and walked home. Regardless of the assessment’s outcome, she could return to Ch*na. Failing wasn’t the end of the world.

“Sisi, I’m sorry; I wanted you to go to Vi*toria’s Secret, but I didn’t expect this.” Hu Chao said after catching up.

“It’s okay. I should thank you for giving me this opportunity.” Tu Sisi smiled.

“I…haah…” Hu Chao didn’t know what to say, so he sighed. 

Though Tu Sisi seemed fine, he felt unhappy. She worked so hard for the assessment, yet someone else was chosen for Vi*toria’s Secret.

“Sisi, let me treat you to a meal. There’s a newly opened Ch*nese restaurant run by people from S*chuan. You like spicy food, right? S*chuan is famous for its spice in Ch*na. Shall I take you to try it?” Hu Chao looked expectantly at Tu Sisi.

Tu Sisi hesitated. 

She didn’t want to go at first, but she realized Hu Chao had helped her a lot at Charm, and she owed him a lot, so she said, “All right.”

“Great, just wait; I’ll drive.” Hu Chao said in glee.

Tu Sisi waited by the road and saw Hu Chao’s car approaching.

When they arrived, Hu Chao opened the passenger door and gestured for her to enter.

Tu Sisi smiled and got in.

“Let’s go. The boiled fish and spicy chicken here are excellent. I couldn’t get enough last time. It’s not often you find authentic S*chuan cuisine abroad.” Hu Chao said enthusiastically.

“I’d like to try it.” Tu Sisi smiled.


At night, Gu Xia lay on his dormitory bed, reading. 

Li Wen and his girlfriend were out, while Wang Qun and Liu Shu went to play games at the Internet cafe.

Shouts from other dormitories echoed, filled with gaming, card-playing, and drinking.

J*angbei University was lenient about dormitory rules. Apart from lights out at 11 pm, students could play games and cards, even drink in the dorms. 

Everyone enjoyed their time her.

The dormitory was much less strict in the current era. In the future, strict regulations would be placed to prevent incidents like dormitory fires, caused by excessive heating.

Cold water was unbearable in winter, so he opted not to take baths. There was no public bathhouse nearby either. 

In the past, before the home water heaters came along, Gu Feng used to take the family to a bathhouse once a week. The hot water, directly from iron pipes, used to be a luxury.

Gu Xia’s bucket of water heated up quickly. 

After a bath, he crawled under his quilt and fell asleep.

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