Chapter 01: Explosion (part 2)

Eating the Braised Sheep Scorpion while drinking white wine was very refreshing, but unfortunately he was alone. However, he just finished arguing with his wife, and drinking alone did not seem all that bad. 

After drinking, his anxiety had been reduced a lot. He could get rid of a thousand worries when he got drunk.

He didn’t know how long he had been drinking, but there were not many customers left in the restaurant. And there were already two empty bottles in Niulanshan in front of Gu Xia. Gu Xia’s face looked pale and his eyes were a little dazed. The Braised Sheep Scorpion in the hanging pot in front of him has been already eaten.

Gu Xia looked down at the table, his eyes wandering.

This was the place he and his wife first met. At that time, he was 18, and she was 17. She followed her best friend Wang Qian, and he was also forced to come by Li Sicheng. Because at the time Li Sicheng was chasing Wang Qian, he was embarrassed to come alone, so he pulled him to come with him.

Gu Xia vaguely remembered that it was December of 2008. The weather was very cold, only two or three degrees. That day, Tu Sisi was wearing a knee-length white down jacket with light makeup on her delicate face and a long ponytail. 

The grievances he had due to being forced disappeared in an instant! Gu Xia could hear his heart thumping. He had never been in a relationship before. One reason was that he didn’t like it, and the other was that he had to work every day except in class. So he had no time for love.

At that time, to Gu Xia and Tu Sisi it seemed as if they had known each other for a long time. Gu Xia and Tu Sisi got along and chatted during the whole process, while Li Sicheng and Wang Qian, who were the protagonists, didn’t say anything except a few words until they finished eating.

In the next few years, Gu Xia and Tu Sisi were always together. They were never tired of being together every day. After Tu Sisi graduated from university, the two got married. Then Gu Xia started to run a business, and Tu Sisi became pregnant. After having a baby, she had to take care of the baby at home.

Gu Xia couldn’t comprehend why the two people who were so much in love at the time had now transformed into what they were today?

Was he wrong? Or she had changed, Gu Xia didn’t know, and didn’t understand.

“Madam, get me another bottle of wine.”

Gu Xia raised his head and shouted with a hazy look.

“Gu Xia, are you still drinking? You have already drunk two bottles. Besides, it’s almost 2 o’clock now. You haven’t gone home yet. I’m not afraid that your wife won’t let you enter the bed!” The proprietress sat directly opposite Gu Xia and smiled.

“Xiaoyun, go to the kitchen, get the mutton, and then you can get off work.” The proprietress instructed, and walked over to the bar to get a bottle of wine.     

“Gu Xia, what’s the matter with you today? You’re drinking alone, what’s the matter with my sister? I’ve known you for so many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen you in such a low mood?”

With a glass of wine, she looked at Gu Xia in front of her. She knew that Gu Xia was already drunk. Few people knew that the more Gu Xia drank, the paler his face became. 

The proprietress also heard Gu Xia who was drunk once say that this kind of drinking was not shameful at all. But, she heard people say that kind of thing happened due to poor liver function, and it was very bad for the body. 

Originally, the lady boss wanted Gu Xia to leave, but seeing that he was in a bad mood, she had to leave him alone. She decided to wait a minute, then take him home herself. She was quite close to his family anyway.

“Sister Li, do you think women will change when they get married?” Gu Xia asked drunkenly.

“The matter of marriage is quite a hard thing to understand, and I also don’t understand. This sister’s own matters are quite chaotic, so how can I help you solve your doubts!” ​​Sister Li took a sip of wine and sighed.

“Hehe, nearly 10 years! I’ve been with her for almost 10 years, how many 10 years will I have in my life! I don’t know why we’ve gone further and further apart.” Gu Xia said, his eyes were wet, he lifted the glass to drink the liquor inside and kept shaking his head.

Gu Xia handed the proprietress a cigarette, then lit one for himself, took a deep breath, and felt some choking smoke flowing in his lungs and throat… What does it feel like? Gu Xia didn’t know either, he only knew that the smoke was circulating in his body, and he was very happy.

“A toast to freedom, a toast to death

Forgive my dullness and dispel my confusion

Well, I’m always awry after dawn

Sober people are the most absurd

Sober people are the most absurd.” 

[Goblin: The lyrics are from the song “Xiao Chou” (消愁; Drown Your Sorrows) written, composed and sung by Mao Buyi. Google it to hear the full song.]

Gu Xia started humming a song that came out of nowhere. He only knew that he had heard it, but he couldn’t remember where. But for some reason, he could sing it. Maybe it was because he felt the same way!

“I’ll help you up the stairs.” The proprietress, Sister Li, offered to help.

“No, uh~ I know the way, it’s so close, I can climb it, you go back, I’m leaving.” Gu Xia waved his hand and walked staggeringly towards the home.

Sister Li didn’t mind this. After all, she hadn’t collected the money in her shop and the door was not locked, so she had to shout, “Then you be careful.”

Gu Xia waved his hand and walked to the house on his own. When he walked to the door of the house, Gu Xia didn’t open the door, but sat down against the door. After sitting down, he suddenly felt his stomach churn.


Gu Xia vomited while holding the door, tears and snot running down.

Tu Sisi heard the sound of the door, and her first reaction was to get up to have a look, but remembering what just happened, she resolutely went back to bed. Her tears flowed down from her cheeks.

After Gu Xia finished vomiting, he sat directly on the floor, his whole body felt heavy, with saliva dripping from his mouth, he groaned.


At this time, in the opposite house, the male owner was about to get up to go to the toilet at night. He had a habit of lighting a cigarette before going to the toilet. In his words, he would rather not go to the toilet if he had no cigarettes. He walked to the living room as usual, took out his cigarette and walked to the toilet door. While lighting the cigarette, he suddenly smelled an odor, and he was shocked, and his thought cleared, but it was already too late, because his finger had already pressed the lighter.


Suddenly, the flames were all over the place, and the continuous sounds of explosion could be heard.

Gu Xia heard a thunderous sound, narrowed his eyes and looked in front of him, and suddenly the door in front of him burst open with a bang, and flames quickly rushed out.

The blast hit Gu Xia’s body, as the door of Gu Xia’s house burst open, and the flame quickly filled Gu Xia’s house.

At the moment when the flames approached, Gu Xia murmured, “That’s fine, I’ve already died a hundred times, I just hope that Sisi and Chengcheng are all right.”

Goblin: I have seen my fair share of domestic unrest (around me). It is not a happy thing to experience. Yes, there are times when it all seems hopeless, but if they got a second chance, what will they do? Will they keep their love alive?

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  1. Honestly there’s basically no excuse for only sleeping together once a month at that age. If I had a life partner and they decided that once a month was enough, I would promptly end the relationship no matter how much I love them. I have a really high se*x drive, so I would have to end things with them. I don’t want to be miserable for life and only doing it once a month is ridiculous

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