Chapter 23: The past

The next day, everyone got up very early. Although they slept so late last night, they didn’t want to waste the time they had to enjoy the outdoors.

Only Gu Xia kept yawning sleepily. Last night, he watched TV and didn’t fall asleep until after two in the morning. If Li Sicheng didn’t wake him in the morning, Gu Xia would have slept until the afternoon at the very least.

“Gu Xia, did you go out to do burglary last night? You have been yawning since you woke up.” Wang Qian looked at Gu Xia and teased him.

“It’s all your family’s Li Sicheng’s fault.” Gu Xia glanced at her and complained.

“Gu Xia, do you want to die!? Since when did Li Sicheng become my family?” Wang Qian said with shame and anger.

Although Li Sicheng was pursuing her, and even though she was about to agree to him, this guy couldn’t just keep saying such things like this! She was a girl after all!

“Hehe~” Tu Sisi covered her mouth, then smiled and said, “Qianqian, you should just go out with Li Sicheng already!”

“You two are shameless, sooner or later, you won’t be laughing like that anymore, hmph~” Wang Qian said angrily.

Gu Xia and Tu Sisi didn’t say anything, they only smiled. Wang Qian became more angry, she turned her head and said to Li Sicheng, “Didn’t you see that I was being bullied by them! Why are you just standing there like a block of wood?”

“Hehe…” Li Sicheng didn’t reply, he scratched the back of his head and laughed.


Wang Qian snorted coldly, but did not continue scolding Li Sicheng. Although Li Sicheng was a little dull, he was really good to her. In fact, this trip was also proposed by Wang Qian. No matter what Wang Qian asked for, Li Sicheng tried his best to her with a smile. This moved Wang Qian, and she promised Li Sicheng to be his girlfriend when they went back.

“Okay, let’s get going. If we only keep talking like this, it will be noon.” Tu Sisi looked at the time and reminded them.

“Let’s go!”


The four of them walked all the way to Mount Tai. While standing at the foot of the mountain, they were unable to see its peak which was towering into the clouds.

Gu Xia and Li Sicheng acted as coolies, carrying backpacks for the two girls with food and some of their belongings.

“Here~ take this, or you will become a piece of coal.”

After speaking, Tu Sisi threw a bottle of sunscreen to Gu Xia, and she took out another bottle and applied it on her arms and neck.

Gu Xia also applied it on his body like Tu Sisi. He had tanned a lot during his military training. If he tanned more again, he would become even darker than Gu Tianle.

Wang Qian and Li Sicheng also applied their sunscreen and the four of them continued walking up the path of the mountain.

Tu Sisi suddenly frowned, turned her head and said, “You all go up slowly first. My stomach hurts, I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll come join you later.”

“Why don’t I wait for you here! Sicheng, you and Wang Qian go first.” Gu Xia thought about it and quickly suggested.

“Okay, then you guys come quickly!” Li Sicheng nodded and said.

Gu Xia found a tree and stood under it. The sun was so hot at this time of the day that he couldn’t bear it.

“Di Di Di!”

Gu Xia’s cell phone suddenly rang, it was a message from Tu Sisi.

[Bring me a sanitary pad from my backpack, I forgot to bring it.]

Gu Xia suddenly felt like his head was about to explode, you are in the women’s toilet! Big sister, why do you keep making me do such embarrassing things!

[What if there is someone in the women’s toilet, how can I get in?] Gu Xia replied.

[There was no one inside when I came in, so come quickly.] Tu Sisi responded quickly.

Gu Xia hesitated for a moment and walked to the women’s toilet. He kept looking left and right along the way, feeling a burst of shame in his heart.

When he arrived at the entrance of the women’s toilet, Gu Xia was still too embarrassed to go in. If he is seen, his reputation would be ruined, and he might be arrested by the police. Gu Xia fell into a great dilemma.


“Di Di Di”

[Why haven’t you come yet?]

Tu Sisi sent another message, Gu Xia gritted his teeth, looked around, and after confirming that no one was there, he quickly ran into the women’s toilet.

“Is it Gu Xia? I’m here…here!”

As soon as Gu Xia entered, he heard Tu Sisi’s voice.

“Quick! Open the door, take it.” Gu Xia ran over and urged.

Gu Xia kept looking at the toilet entrance, afraid that someone would come at this time.

Tu Sisi slightly opened the door, reached out to catch the thing, and quickly closed the door.

Gu Xia breathed a sigh of relief. Just when he was about to go out, he heard the voices of two girls at the door, and hurriedly said in a low voice, “Tu Sisi open the door quickly, someone is coming.”

Tu Sisi also realized that the situation was urgent, so she hurriedly opened the door, and Gu Xia ran inside in a flash.

Because the bathroom was too small, Gu Xia and Tu Sisi stood there staring wide-eyed at each other as soon as he entered, and the atmosphere turned very tense.

“It’s so hot outside, my underwear is soaking wet, it’s really uncomfortable!” Said a female voice outside the door.

“Yeah!” Another girl’s voice was also heard.

When Gu Xia heard the voices, he became very nervous! He looked at Tu Sisi, and saw that her face was covered in fine sweat, her mouth was exhaling hot air, and her snow-white neck was full of sweat because of the tension.

Gu Xia’s originally nervous expression calmed a lot because of this. He looked at Tu Sisi’s twinkling eyes, and a tent formed in his trousers to express his mood.

Tu Sisi felt the heat of his breath on her ears, turned her head to look, and was suddenly startled. She saw Gu Xia breathing heavily, looking at her with red eyes, and there was an intense atmosphere in the air.

When Tu Sisi heard the two people leave, she hurriedly pushed Gu Xia away, opened the door and ran out.

When Gu Xia was pushed away by Tu Sisi, he also woke up, and hurriedly walked out of the women’s toilet.

The two walked up the mountain one behind the other, without saying a word along the way, and the atmosphere between them was extremely awkward.

Gu Xia wanted to speak several times, but he didn’t know what to say, so he could only silently walk behind Tu Sisi.

Although the two had countless intimate contacts in their previous life, Gu Xia had a strange impulse in his heart just now. He suddenly felt that his feelings for Tu Sisi were a little different from the past. Gu Xia couldn’t figure out exactly what was different. It might be due to their rebirth.

“Why are you two so slow? We’ve been resting here for a long time.”

Gu Xia looked up and saw Wang Qian and Li Sicheng shouting at them from above.

When the four of them managed to walk all the way to the top of the mountain, it was already evening. They were just in time to watch the sunset.

Standing on the top of the mountain and watching the sunset, they fell into an entirely different mood.

Li Sicheng and Wang Qian were standing next to each other, while Gu Xia and Tu Sisi stood close side by side.

“Gu Xia, do you still remember our past?” Tu Sisi suddenly asked a question.

“Of course I do. I often dream about it in the middle of the night, and I even dreamed that our family was still together.” Gu Xia said with a look of reminiscence.

“I really miss my Chengcheng!” Tu Sisi closed her eyes and said in a dreamy way. (G: Chengcheng is the name of their son.)

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