Chapter 253: Secret romance

Song Qingshu stroked the beautiful woman’s smooth skin, and praised, “I just want to guard and steal your piece of smooth white jade.”

“Stop talking!” Shuang’er closed her eyes in shame, her arms naturally wrapped around Song Qingshu’s head, her brows furrowed for a moment, then returned to normal…


“I don’t want to be in such a shameful posture.” After an unknown amount of time, a soft protest was heard from the bed.

“Good Shuang’er, this is needed for practicing, please cooperate with me.” Song Qingshu gently coaxed.

“What kind of martial art method is so… so obscene!” Shuang’er tightly bit her lower lip, but seeing Song Qingshu’s serious appearance, she had no choice but to let him do what he wanted.

After the moments of bliss passed, Shuang’er curled up in Song Qingshu’s arms like a kitten, which made Song Qingshu feel very satisfied.

Thinking of the abundant pure Yin Qi in her body, Song Qingshu hesitated to speak several times. As if sensing his doubts, Shuang’er showed a sweet smile, “Brother Song, what do you want to ask?”

“Shuang’er, aren’t you and Xiaobao already married? Why are you still a vir*gin?” Song Qingshu carefully considered his words before speaking.

“It’s just that Xiaobao liked… to call me his eldest wife, and then ordered the people in the mansion to also call me Mistress. We hadn’t formally married yet.” Shuang’er sighed, “I had already decided in my heart that I would grow old with Xiaobao. So I let him keep calling me like that.”

Song Qingshu remembered that the two of them seemed to be quite intimate before, and asked with a strange expression, “I know Xiaobao’s nature very well. How could he act like Liu Xiahui, and leave such a charming woman alone?”

Shuang’er blushed, twisted her waist in fear of itching, and moved a little away from him, before she saying, “Of course, Xiaobao is not a gentleman…Brother Song, you also know of Xiaobao’s status in the Heaven and Earth Society. When I saw his official position in the imperial court getting higher and higher, I was worried that he would be addicted to it and forget his true purpose. So I made an agreement with him that I would only let him have me when he gives all that up and lives with me in seclusion…” Then suddenly remembering Song Qingshu’s previous words, she quickly added, “That’s why I didn’t let him touch me, but who would have thought that…”

Seeing her sorrowful face, Song Qingshu stretched out his hand, and hugged her, then deliberately teased, “Who would have thought that I would get the treasure in the end?”

Shuang’er punched him hard a few times in protest, then suddenly said in a melancholic tone, “Brother Song, can you promise me something?”

“Not just one thing, I will agree to a thousand things.” Song Qingshu said affectionately, while playing with her delicate earlobes.

“Let’s just pretend that what happened today never happened, can we not maintain our previous relationship?” Shuang’er widened her eyes and looked at him expectantly.

“Why?” Song Qingshu felt a chill in his heart.

“Although Xiaobao and I are not husband and wife, we are known as husband and wife. If I got together with another man not long after he passed away, how will the world think of me and you? More importantly, Xiaobao will be ridiculed by others. I know that he cared about his face the most, and if he knows that his wife was stolen by another man behind his back… I am afraid he will have no peace in the underworld.” Shuang’er let out a faint sigh.

“Stolen by another man…it seems quite vile to say…” Song Qingshu hugged her tightly, as if he would lose her if he let go, “I’ve been living here for quite a while, and the capital has already been full of gossip, what are you afraid of?”

“It’s different. Brother Song…” Shuang’er playfully drew circles on Song Qingshu’s chest with her fingers, “Those rumors can only misguide the uninformed. In the eyes of those who are wise, you are seen as guarding me. When all those friends abandoned Xiaobao, you were the only one who never left. This is considered an act of righteousness, but if your relationship with me is exposed, you would suddenly become the villain.”

“Shuang’er, are you being considerate for me?” Song Qingshu remain silent for a moment, then looked at her excitedly.

“Don’t be too happy…” Shuang’er said unnaturally with her face burning hot, “I’m just thinking about myself and Xiaobao.”

Thinking of being forced to adhere to those social etiquette, Song Qingshu felt a little stuffy in his chest. He could not care less about those things, but for Shuang’er…

“Shuang’er, since you are being so considerate of me, I can’t be the one to act selfish and disregard your reputation. Well, let’s do as you say, let us pretend that what happened today never happened and return to the way it was before.”

“You also can’t tell Tao Hong and Liu Lu as well!” Shuang’er added hastily.

“How can you speak so calmly? My heart is dying of pain…no, if I won’t be able to enjoy your tenderness in the future, I’ll enjoy it all at once today.” Song Qingshu turned over and pressed her down.

Shuang’er subconsciously resisted, blushed and said, “I didn’t say that I would cut off contact with you! You can… come to me secretly.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, and a surprised smile soon appeared on his face, “You will give it to me as long as I want it?”

Shuang’er shyly emphasized, “As long as no one else knows…”

“The future is long, so I will let you go for today.” Song Qingshu said meaningfully after getting what he wanted.

Unexpectedly, Shuang’er pressed her hands on his waist, and spoke up with her flushed cheeks, “You’ve done so much today, yet you still talk such nonsense.”

Who said that only men have desires? Shuang’er, a girl who was in full bloom, finally tasted the pleasure of the flesh for the first time, and she also became a bit more open. 

Song Qingshu only showed a complacent smile at his own accomplishment.

While Song Qingshu was helping Shuang’er with getting dressed, he looked at her special underwear and pretended to be curious, “Shuang’er, what is this strange design embroidered on it?”

Looking at the treasure map of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters, Shuang’er struggled for a long time, thinking whether to tell Song Qingshu the truth. But then she thought, ‘I even gave him my body, so there is no reason to doubt him anymore.’ 

So she decided to tell Song Qingshu the truth and told him about the origin of the treasure map.

Song Qingshu felt quite moved in his heart. He thought she would find a reason to dodge the matter, but he didn’t expect her to be so unreserved towards him, “Shuang’er, you actually told me about such an important matter…”

“It’s because I know that you have contacts with the Heaven and Earth Society and you are obviously not interested in the officialdom of the invader, so I see no reason to not tell you. Besides, I have already given you my body, so naturally I will have no reservations about you.” Shuang’er said with a snort.

Song Qingshu was stunned. Shuang’er’s wholehearted trust made him feel extremely heavyhearted, and he hesitantly said, “What will you think of me if you find out in the future that I have lied to you?”

“As long as you don’t give this treasure to Kangxi, or use it for your own self-interest, I won’t blame you.” Shuang’er said with a smile, “Of course if you lied to me. If must have your own reason, I believe you.”

“You really deserve to be called the perfect wife.” Song Qingshu was stunned, “But I really lied to you about something.”

Shuang’er looked at him with a suspicious look on her face, then suddenly thought of something, and shyly buried her head in his arms, “Brother Song, I know you must have resorted to some tricks to get me, but it’s okay, I don’t blame you for that.”

Song Qingshu stared deeply at the beautiful woman in his arms, he couldn’t help hugging her more tightly, as tears appeared in his eyes, “My dear Shuang’er!” (G: Remember, in his past life he had a different reaction from his first love.)

At the same time, he made up his mind that he would keep the truth about Wei Xiaobao’s death a secret from her for the rest of his life .


While helping her tidy up her clothes, Song Qingshu said, “Shuang’er, I also know the secret of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters. The legend of the Dragon Veins is quite abstract, but the treasure is real. I plan to use this treasure as military resources for my future rebel army. “Song Qingshu revealed some of the plans in his mind to her.

Shuang’er’s eyes lit up when she heard his plans, and she felt truly happy, “I really chose the right person! I knew that a hero like Brother Song would never be willing to be a running dog for invaders.” As she spoke, she became worried, “But this map still lacks some key information.”

Song Qing showed a strange expression, “The other two parts of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters are in my hands.” 

After briefly explaining the origin of the two parts, he said, “Next time I will bring the two parts to you. Then let’s complete the map together.”

The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters was something that many forces were vying to get for themselves, Shuang’er was very clear about that fact, and when she saw that Song Qingshu was willing to give them to her so easily, she couldn’t help but feel a little warm in her heart.

“However, our top priority for now is how to get you out of the Jiaofang Division.” Song Qingshu changed the topic.

“Brother Song, your status in the officialdom will be beneficial to your plans in the future. Don’t set yourself on fire just to save me. Anyway, with you protecting me in secret, this Jiaofang Secretary is not that much of a terrible place.” Shuang’er coyly said. 

Song Qingshu said with a smile, “I can’t let you stay in this filthy place forever, I have already thought of a way.”

“Have you figured out a way?” Shuang’er was taken aback for a moment. She was sent to the Jiaofang Division by Kangxi himself, and in her opinion, there was no other way for her to get out other than to go far away.

“It was only thanks to Shuang’er’s wonderful body just now that my thoughts and my spiritual desires blended together.” Song Qingshu leaned over with a sly smile.

“Brother Song, I always thought that you were an upright gentleman, but it seems that you are more glib than Xiaobao. When it comes to saying frivolous things, I’m afraid even Xiaobao can’t compare to you.” Shuang’er angrily said.

“Is my tongue very glib? Then do you want to try it again?”

Shuang’er laughed and cursed then quickly dodged his grubby hands. The two played around like that for a while, until there was a knock on the door, “Master Song… Mistress, can we come in?”

“It’s Tao Hong and Liu Lu!” Shuang’er hastily straightened her clothes and hair, and glanced at Song Qingshu, “Remember, you promised.”

“I remember.” Song Qingshu hurriedly nodded and sat a few feet away from her.

When the two maids came in, they looked at Song Qingshu and Shuang’er, and when they saw that the two were chatting as usual, they felt extremely surprised.

“Mistress, were you two just sitting and chatting like this all along?” Tao Hong, who was more courageous of the two, asked after putting down the food and drink.

“Otherwise, what do you think we were doing?” Shuang’er gritted her teeth with hatred for these two maids who “betrayed their Lord for momentary riches”.

The two maids laughed, and when they were serving wine to Song Qingshu, they whispered in his ear, “Master Song, how could you waste such good opportunity?”

“No need to hurry, there is no need to hurry…” Song Qingshu took a sip from his wine glass and leisurely said.

Song Qingshu had already stolen the heavenly fruit, so his mind naturally wasn’t on the food and drink before him. Not long after, he bid farewell to Shuang’er, who was feeling quite nervous under the suspicious gazes of the two maids, and wishing that he would leave sooner.

After commanding the members of the Pole Arms to guard the Jiaofang Division, Song Qingshu hurried to the palace. He already understood where the root of the problem was. Because of the old grievances between the Tong family and Wei Xiaobao, Orundai had resorted to various vile means. 

From the very beginning, Song Qingshu tired to passively defend against all the tricks, and fell into an unfavorable situation. In fact, the key to solve this issue was not to resolve this old grievance, but Kangxi’s attitude itself. At present, the one who could influence Kangxi’s attitude the most was none other than Empress Tong!

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