Chapter 4: The villainess hates rumors

The wicked Shael woke up. Sleep time was usually her favorite time… but it wasn’t this time. Because her da*mn fiancé appeared in her dream. That da*mn fiancé haunted her even in her dreams!

And what made her even more resentful was that she couldn’t beat him even in her dreams. She felt that she was really so pitiful.


The problem was not only the dream. Thoughts about her fiancé often came to her mind even while going about her daily life.

‘I even thought of him while eating!’

Of course, it was never because she liked him. Rather, it was because she hated him so much. He was originally a person who she talked to as a way to vent her anger. However, two days ago, something went wrong. Yes, it was the day her fiancé called her a bi*tch and a dog.

At first, she was very surprised. She thought it was a mistake, and she questioned him again. Shael recalled the memories of that time.

[“What… what?”

“Stop barking like a dog…” He said. “Could it be that your ears have been blocked? I should be able to dig them out with my skillful swordsmanship.”]

She had no choice but to be silent. Of course, she immediately thought he would ask for forgiveness, then she would accept his forgiveness, and then, she intended to use it to torment him even more. Because there was no better target for venting her anger as well as that person. However, he showed a different reaction from the reaction he usually showed when he was bullied in the past.

By the way… he never begged for forgiveness. No, on the contrary, he proudly confronted her.

[I should be able to dig them out with my skillful swordsmanship.] What kind of a concept is that?

Everything changed after that. To the extent that she felt that Eran was just playing with her.

No, it was not just a feeling. It was clear that he was thinking of her as a toy. But the most amusing thing happened yesterday. She couldn’t even talk back, she just thought of Eran who whispered to her and the matter with the teacup.

‘Why the hell did he come forward and secretly cast healing magic?’

She didn’t understand why he used healing magic in the first place, but even if he used healing magic, he could have teased and harassed her while doing it.

‘So I can’t figure it out.’

‘When I see my fiancé again, I will ask him why.’

‘And I will bully him.’

‘This time… I won’t lose.’

With that promise, Shael erased her thoughts about her fiancé. She stopped herself from constantly thinking about her fiancé and how she had lost to him. She somehow consciously tried to stop her thoughts regarding Eran.

What hindered her resolution was the rumors spread out by her maids.


“What, Master Eran finally seduced the lady!?”

In a blind spot in the hallway, Shael heard something absurd.

The maids exchanged rumors like this in the mansion without fear in broad daylight. Originally, it was because it was time for Shael to be in her room. And what was even more absurd was the words that followed.

“Yes, Master Eran scooped up the cake for her!”

‘I swear, I never ate it.’ Shael felt embarrassed.

“Master Eran even kissed her ear!”

She had never been kissed on the ear. He just whispered to her. When Shael tried to approach and scold the maids for spreading the strange rumors. It was her father, Duke Jespen Azbel, who came out of the

blind spot on the other side. It was obvious how things would go now. The rumors of the maids would even reach Duke Jespen!

“What, is that really true?”

‘This is bad!’ Shael thought, as the maids exaggerated the rumors and informed Jespen.

“Am I finally seeing my grandchildren?”

Jespen was impressed. He honestly didn’t like Shael’s personality… because she had been constantly being mean to Eran a lot of times. So he was very happy when he heard that rumor. He wanted to believe that the rumors were true.

Of course, those rumors were never true. Because that never happened. And before Shael even could show up to deny it all, it was Eran Baslett who came out on the other side of the hallway.

Then it was obvious what Jespen would say to Eran. He would ask him if Eran’s relationship with his daughter was going well. Shael believed Eran would deny it, and she had no doubts about that. But Eran Baslett, the culprit behind all of this and her enemy, gave a strange answer.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Shael almost passed out. Because her fu*king fiancé spit out lies! She approached them while trembling with anger, only to see Eran sneering at her. Next was Jespen, who looked at her proudly, and the maids who were trembling in fear.

Shael thought, ‘What should I do to get out of that misunderstanding?’

‘No.’ Shael then thought. ‘Can I really escape the misunderstanding?’

There was no way out of it. If she denied it, rumors would circulate even more exaggeratedly that she was ashamed to admit her relationship with Eran. So she chose silence. Part of the reason was that she didn’t want Eran to enjoy her misery. Her own misfortune was better than Eran’s happiness. Above all, so what if that kind of rumor spread? Eran hated her, and she hated Eran too.

Because now he had also endured the pain and affirmed the rumors in order to make fun of her.

‘It’s a reasonable choice in its own way.’ Shael thought.

However, the problem was that the rumor actually spread as if it were true.


I looked at Shael. After hearing such rumors, she just stayed still. The situation unfolded in an atmosphere in which she seemed to admit that what I said was true. ‘No way, I didn’t expect you to answer with silence!’

Then, it was not surprising that Duke Jespen confirmed this rumor to be true. It was the same with the maids. Perhaps, the rumors would grow bigger and bigger day by day.

Duke Jespen immediately left Shael and me in Shael’s room and left. It was as if he wanted us to be alone.

The now familiar sound of a chair scratching the floor was heard again. It was sound I got to hear quite a lot these days. She must be suffering quite a lot.

“Why the hell did you answer with silence there?”


Shael answered with silence this time as well.

“Did you really want us to be lovers?”

“I guess that make sense!”


Originally, she was looking at me with a strange expression, but now it was the opposite. Because now, I was staring at her with her bewildered expression.

“I regret it, and it was an annoying mistake, so please don’t mention it in the future.”

“Right, well…”

Of course, I will mention it. I will mention it it tomorrow or a month from now on. And, the following year too. I mean, how could I not? I just got the perfect material to bully you.

“So, what the hell was that yesterday?”

“What are you talking about?”

“My hand.”

Ah, I think she is talking about the time when I used healing magic on her hand.

“I didn’t do it.”

Of course, I lied.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m from the Azbel family, a family famous for magic.”

“How do I prove that I am not lying?”


She was a wicked woman who blushed in shame because I was denying her claim. Now, she must be doubting her own claim as well. Now that I think about it again, actually, although she belonged to the Azbel family, she couldn’t even use magic that well. Because the villainess was also lazy. So, I spoke with the intention of making fun of her.

“Yes, that’s what I did.”

“Ha, that’s right. I knew it would be like this.”

“That was a lie.”


Shael glared at me. So, I admitted it again before the villainess got really mad.

“Yes, I did that.”

Shael looked at me as I played with words and let out a deep sigh and said.

“So, why the hell did you treat me?”

“How can I let my fiancé be hurt?”

“But you think it is alright to curse at your fiancé, calling her a dog and bi*tch?”

Of course there was nothing I could say about that. But she was a villainess, did she not think about what she has been doing? Anyway, the villainess was selfish.

“Isn’t it okay since it’s the truth?”

In other words, she was a real bit*ch, so it was okey to call her that.

“I really hate you.”

“Is that so?”

Shael glared at me again. Haah…it was a weapon I was going to use tomorrow, but I guess it can’t be helped now.

“But, well… I don’t think you really hate me, seeing as you didn’t deny rumors that the two of us are finally in love.”


“By the way, there is no one in the duchy who doesn’t know about the rumors anymore.”

Now Shael glared at me as if she was going to kill me. Then, she said with a look on her face as if she knew what was going on.

“Heh, but it was you who affirmed those rumors first, so didn’t you hate me as well?”

The villainess counterattacked. She did know many ways to attack. And, it was a pretty good attack. However, the problem was that her opponent was me. The me who had already faced her attacks thousands of times.

“There is a saying that married couples are of one mind. And, we are indeed engaged…”

“What nonsense are you speaking, suddenly…”

So, my thought was the same as hers.

“I mean that, I hate you too.”

It was a counterattack countering a counterattack.

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