Chapter 44: The night of popping cherries

Gu Xia’s mood was still a bit excited. Xu Fan was worthy of being a business owner. The conversation with him just now not only made the project plan more perfect, but Gu Xia also learned a lot from it. The things he learned were valuable experience. Now, if Gu Xia faced the same problem again, he would know what to do.

Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and called Tu Sisi. He really wanted to share the news with her. She was someone who he should share the good news with.

“Du! Du! Du!”

No one answered, maybe she was busy?

‘Forget it, I guess she’s busy with something, she will call back later.’

Gu Xia put away the phone, lay on the bed and began to read a book.


At the same time.

In a private hospital in New York, United States. This hospital was not that big, but there were many people visiting the doctor. This hospital was very famous in New York because there were many famous American medical experts in it.

And Tu Sisi was sitting upright in one of the rooms, and in front of her stood a blond man in his fifties. The man’s hair was long and combed back meticulously.

He was speaking in broken Chinese, “Miss Sisi, don’t worry, your condition is not as serious as you think. You just need to cooperate with my treatment. I am sure of my ability to cure you, but your illness is one that involves the heart. If you can open the knot in your heart, then your condition can be cured quickly. So Miss Sisi, your condition is actually mainly up to you. I can only assist you in your treatment. Be prepared to stay here for some time.”

“I know, Professor Smith, then I will trouble you in the coming days.” Tu Sisi nodded and said.

“Good.” Professor Smith nodded, then smiled at Hu Chao who was standing beside him: “Xiao Chao, long time no see, how is your father?”

“Thank you Uncle Smith for your concern. My dad is very good. He talked about you some time ago. He said that someday he will bring a few bottles of Bordeaux aged wine to meet you for a few drinks.” Hu Chao smiled.



Seeing that Hu Chao and Professor Smith were talking merrily, Tu Sisi said goodbye to Hu Chao, and came to the hospital’s garden alone. The garden was full of beautiful flowers, which instantly made people feel better.

Tu Sisi took out her mobile phone from her backpack and wanted to make a call to Gu Xia. When she saw a missed call notification on the screen, she clicked it and saw that it was Gu Xia. And, Tu Sisi couldn’t help but smile.

Tu Sisi called back, connected and said, “Gu Xia, you just called me, what’s the matter? I didn’t hear the phone ring because I was in the hospital just now.”

Gu Xia smiled and said, [It’s nothing, I just wanted to tell you that the two projects have been settled, and they will be launched in a while, and then I will be able to earn a lot of money, and I will be able to buy a lot of things for you. You will be able to buy everything that you like and used to like…]

Tu Sisi listened to Gu Xia’s excited words, her heart softened, and a smile bloomed on her face. That smile was much prettier than the flowers in the garden.

“Alright~ I’m waiting for you to buy them for me. I also met with Professor Smith today. Professor Smith said that he can cure me.”

[Haha~ That’s really double happiness! It’s a pity that I’m not by your side, otherwise we could celebrate.] Gu Xia said with some regret.

“Hehe~ It’s okay, when you come to the United States, you can take me to celebrate. We will eat  a lot of delicious food then.” Tu Sisi laughed softly.

[Okay, you have to listen to the professor’s words over there, and take good treatment. Even if you go to school, you should pay attention to yourself. If you feel any discomfort, you should contact the professor immediately, alright?] Gu Xia instructed.

“Got it.”

“Gu Xia”


“Do you miss me?” Tu Sisi softly asked.

[I miss you…I miss you so much that I might die.]

“Me too”


After hanging up the phone, Tu Sisi still had a happy smile on her face.

“Sisi, who were you calling? You’re smiling so happily.”

Hu Chao came out of the hospital and asked with a smile.

“I was on the phone with my boyfriend.” Tu Sisi said with a smile.

“Oh…boyfriend? That man is really lucky! How can he make you like him so much? I’m a little jealous, haha~” Hu Chao said with a smile.

“Let’s go, let’s go back!” Tu Sisi didn’t say anything, just smiled and walked outside.

Hu Chao looked at Tu Sisi’s back, with his handsome face full of intoxication, he secretly clenched his fist, and said to himself, ‘I must keep Sisi by my side. And, it’s perfect that they are separated from each other. This is my chance! I don’t believe that if I stay by your side every day and listen to your every demand, you will not be moved. When that time comes, the boyfriend in China will just wait stupidly.’ (G: I mean, it’s not a bad plan. It’s just creepy.)

Thinking about it, a smile appeared on Hu Chao’s face, and then he hurriedly followed in Tu Sisi’s footsteps.

“Sisi, let me take you to eat a Jiangbei dish, it’s quite authentic.”


“Let’s go, get in the car”


Over a month passed.

During this period of time, Gu Xia not only was regular in classes, but also called Tu Sisi frequently and talked to each other.

The project had also been launched. Xu Fan hired a lot of professional talents. The app had already begun to take shape, and it would be launched in a while. In terms of shares, Gu Xia has 40% and Xu Fan has 60%. Gu Xia was quite satisfied with this allocation. After all, he was only providing project ideas. Even if he did not have it all to himself, the rise of takeaways and hired taxis was inevitable in the future, so Xu Fan giving him 40% of the total shares was already very high.

Even if he turned his face and didn’t give Gu Xia any shares, Gu Xia couldn’t do anything about it, after all, he was just a powerless man!

So Gu Xia was still very grateful to Xu Fan. Don’t underestimate 40% of the shares. If this project was to make money, 40% may become 400 million or even 4 billion.

Even if the shares were to be diluted in the future, Gu Xia still had nothing to lose.

Xu Fan also credited Gu Xia’s account with 1 million, so Gu Xia was not short of money now. So, the first thing he did was to apply for a passport in order to prepare for the holiday to the United States.

He paid 200,000 yuan to his father Gu Feng, and asked him to run the decoration company properly. Regarding his family’s questioning, Gu Xia said that he made some money by doing business with his friends outside, and he repeatedly assured that he was doing a legit business.

Gu Xia originally wanted to give them 500,000, but Xu Fan said that he should buy a car, so that it would be convenient to go to the company for a meeting during the break.

The company’s legal owner was Gu Xia, who had to drive to the capital and it was a four hours drive from Jiangbei to the capital. Gu Xia also agreed and planned to buy a car after a while. (G: The term used here is Modu (魔都) which is a nickname for Shanghai. It means Magical City/Capital.)

Since Gu Xia was obedient from childhood to adulthood, his family didn’t say much other than telling him to study hard. After all, if he could earn money, who wouldn’t be happy.

Gu Xia also bought a 4G smartphone for the first time. The one from Hu*wei cost 5,000 yuan. In this era, the smartphone had just come out, so the price was relatively high.

Although the fourth generation of Ap*le mobile phones had also launched, it’s price was as high as 8,000. But Gu Xia did not buy that. It was not that he had no money, but Gu Xia wanted to support domestic products. Besides, domestic mobile phones were not worse than foreign ones.

The launch of 4G smartphones really set off a storm across the country, and major mobile phone stores and business markets have become extremely popular.


Gu Xia was walking on the street alone. This was Christmas Eve. The streets were full of apples and flowers. Apples were sold t for up to 8 yuan each.

There were couples everywhere. Most of the girls were holding flowers and apples, and the boys were all smiling. After all, Christmas Eve was the night most of them would lose their virginity. So, of course the boys would be happy. 

(G: It’s tradition to eat an apple on Christmas Eve. One of the most common Chinese Christmas traditions among young people is to send cellophane-wrapped apples as gifts to their friends. The apples are also often sold with printed messages like ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘Merry Christmas’.)

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