Chapter 61: Tremor through the body

“Haha~” Tu Sisi covered her mouth and laughed.

Gu Xia glanced at her, this woman was really gloating!

“By the way, now I can get a limited-edition Di*ney doll.” Tu Sisi suddenly thought of something.

“Huh?  A doll, where can we get that?” Gu Xia asked.

“Here! See there, as long as you finish a large steak in this restaurant, you can get a Disney limited edition doll.” Tu Sisi said, pointing to a counter next to the cashier. The counter was filled with all kinds of Di*ney characters.

“So you brought me here to eat a large steak for this!” Gu Xia said with a wry smile.

“Haha~ On the one hand, it’s to keep you full, and on the other hand, it’s for this Mi*key’s doll.” Tu Sisi stuck out her tongue and laughed.

Gu Xia couldn’t help but smile, she is so cheeky!

Gu Xia looked at the Mi*key doll that Tu Sisi was holding. ‘I won this puppet with my life on the line!’

“Let’s go! I’m going to take a walk, or else my stomach will feel uncomfortable!” Gu Xia got up and said to Tu Sisi.

When paying the bill, it was really expensive. He had to pay 900 dollars, which was equivalent to 6,000 yuan in Chi*a. If you wanted to sell a steak in Chi*a for 6,000, few people would be willing to eat it, unless it is opened in a metropolis like the magic capital of Kyoto, an ordinary city. The business would go bankrupt. In an average city, the monthly salary of the people was generally three or four thousand, and it would take two months’ salary to eat a steak like this. Not many people could afford it.

Gu Xia walked out of the restaurant with a swollen belly under the eyes of the waiter who was surprised by Gu Xia’s appetite and the envy of other guests who wanted a Di*ney dolls.

“Haha~ You didn’t see everyone’s expression, it’s like seeing someone who just got out of the prison, it made me laugh to death.” Tu Sisi laughed.

“See how great I am.” Gu Xia glanced at her and said calmly.

Tu Sisi gave him an eye roll, this guy really likes to feel good about himself!

The two walked slowly on the street. Manhat*an at night was the same as it was at daytime, and the colorful lights shone on people’s faces.

A burst of music came into Gu Xia’s ears. Gu Xia looked at it and saw an old man playing the saxophone with a melodious and sad voice.

 From time to time, people stopped in front of the old man, and put money at his feet. Gu Xia took Tu Sisi and walked over, took out 100 dollars from his pocket and placed it at the feet of the old man, and then continued to walk forward.

The old man who played the saxophone looked at Gu Xia’s figure with deep eyes, and continued to play the saxophone, but his voice became louder and louder, as if thanking those who gave him the money.

“Why did you give him so much money? Everyone pays one or two dollars, but you gave one hundred dollars directly. Do you know how many people perform like this on the streets of the United Stat*s.” Tu Sisi said.

“Hehe~ Life is not easy for the elderly, and he also plays really nice, so it’s fine.” Gu Xia laughed.

“You…that’s why I don’t feel at ease, you’re such a big spender.” Tu Sisi said helplessly.


In their past life, Tu Sisi said this sentence basically every day. In the past, Gu Xia would be annoyed to death every time he heard it, but now it gave him a warm feeling.

“Let’s go! Let’s go back.” Gu Xia hugged Tu Sisi and smiled.

Tu Sisi gave him a helpless look. This guy was always like this, he acted like a fool, every time she talked to him, he smiled when he was happy, and showed a cold face when he was unhappy. He was just like a child, he showed everything on his face. This kind of person was incapable of scheming and would never betray others.

The two talked and walked on the way and walked back.


In Tu Sisi’s residence, Gu Xia lay on the sofa as soon as he entered the room, with a very tired expression.

“You! It’s you who said that we should walk, and now it’s you who is complaining about being tired.” Tu Sisi said helplessly, looking at Gu Xia’s lazy expression.

“You know that I don’t like to walk and go shopping. I’m fine with running in the morning, but I can’t walk and go shopping! I can’t bear it. If I hadn’t had that steak, how could I have walked for so long!” Gu Xia rolled his eyes and laughed at himself.

“You’re so lazy!”

After Tu Sisi took a bath, she found that Gu Xia was still lying in that same position, so she couldn’t help but walk over and patted him and said, “If you don’t take a bath, your body will stink.”


It turned out that Gu Xia stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms, startling her.

“What are you doing, you scared me to death.” Tu Sisi said angrily.


Gu Xia took Tu Sisi’s lips, and the two started to hug and kiss.

After a long time, the two separated, and Tu Sisi lay paralyzed on Gu Xia.

“Now you know whether I’m smelly or fragrant!”

Gu Xia’s hand started groping around her body, feeling those full tender mounds, and he couldn’t get enough of it.

Tu Sisi twisted her body and softly said, “Don’t touch them like that, it tickles~”

“Your breas*ts are a bit bigger than they were in our previous life. They feel the same size as you were when you were pregnant. What’s going on, was there a second development? Or you have grown it yourself.” Gu Xia teased.

“Ah!” Gu Xia suddenly cried out in pain, it turned out that the flesh on his waist was pinched by Tu Sisi again.

“Damn it, you’re the only one who touches them. I don’t know, I think they’re the same.” Tu Sisi rolled her eyes.

“Oh! It does indeed feel a little bigger.”

“Don’t be so lazy, go take a bath and sleep.” Tu Sisi pushed Gu Xia off and said.

Gu Xia got up and whispered into Tu Sisi’s ear, “I’m going to take a shower, you just wait for me in the room.” After that, he touched Tu Sisi’s mounds again, and then walked into the bathroom with a smile.

“Go to hell!”

Tu Sisi glanced at him with a flushed face.

After taking a shower, Gu Xia wiped his body dry and walked into the room without wearing any clothes. When he saw Tu Sisi watching TV, he jumped onto the bed and got into the quilt.

“Don’t make trouble, I’m watching TV.” Tu Sisi patted him and said.

“What kind of TV are you watching, what’s so good about this TV, why don’t you just watch me.” After saying that, Gu Xia grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV.

“What’s so beautiful about you, I watched when you were thin, and I watched when you were fat, and I am tired of watching you.” Tu Sisi said.

“Ha ha~ You might get tired of watching me, but I’m never going to be tired of you!”

“Come on, let me check to see if your breas*ts have really gotten bigger.”



The two were cuddled for a while, and the room was full of spring feelings.

Sometime later.

Tu Sisi’s face was flushed red, she was panting as she grabbed Gu Xia’s hands, and bit his shoulder, then said with an angry expression, “You pervert, all you know is to bully me every day. I already said that my Aunt came, but you did this again…”

“Then what about that thing you said you’d give me, didn’t you promise? If you don’t do that today, I will…he he~” Gu Xia said with a wicked smile.

“Alright, you win…”

After speaking, Tu Sisi gave Gu Xia a blank look and climbed into the quilt.


About ten minutes later, Gu Xia’s voice full of ecstasy was heard throughout the room.

Suddenly, Gu Xia felt a tremor run down his spine, and he relished the aftertaste of the pleasure he felt from his lower body.

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