Chapter 63: It’s nice to be home

In the afternoon, Gu Xia was at home alone. He didn’t go out, and he didn’t know where to hang out. The good friends who he used to hang out with were Li Sicheng and Fatty. Fatty went to the factory. Li Sicheng was probably still preparing for marriage at home, and he had asked him to come hang out at night.

Gu Xia watched the latest TV series alone at home. Although he had watched it in his previous life, he had almost forgotten about it. It was still very interesting to watch it again now.

He spent the afternoon watching TV, and in the evening, his sister Gu Qin came back.

“Yo~ Gu Xia, why did you come back? I thought you were going to the United Stat*s to play until the Chinese New Year.” Gu Qin said with wide eyes. After speaking, Gu Qin stretched out her right hand and continued, “Where’s the souvenir?”

Gu Xia looked at the hand stretched out in front of him and touched his nose with a wry smile. He really forgot about this.

“Forgot to bring it.”

Hearing that, Gu Qin angrily said, “You really forget your sister, and forget your parents after getting a girl!”

“Haven’t you heard that a beauty’s lap is a hero’s grave?”

“Gu Xia, you should focus on your studies now, understand!”

“You are a typical romeo, forgetting your mother, forgetting your father, and forgetting me.”

Gu Xia: “…”

‘Where did this girl find so many bullsh*t, she keeps chattering non-stop!’

Gu Xia hit her head with a black line on his face, and this girl probably won’t shut up about this for the next three days.


“You hit me! Gu Xia, you didn’t bring me a souvenir, and you hit me, do you still think of me as your sister?” Gu Qin said with a sad face while covering her forehead.

“Alright, now listen! I’ll take you out tomorrow to buy clothes and food. It’s just that you have to ask our parents about their size in the evening and help them buy a few sets of clothes, got it?” Gu Xia touched his nose and said.

A smile flashed on Gu Qin’s face when she heard this, but she immediately pretended to be angry and said, “Hmph~ Then I will buy a lot of food and clothes tomorrow.”

“Okay~” Gu Xia smiled and touched her head.

“Oh~ don’t touch my head, you’re messing up my hair. I just washed my hair this morning.”

Gu Qin hit Gu Xia’s hand in dissatisfaction, and then straightened her hair.

~Who do you think of when you’re alone…~

Gu Xia looked at the phone. It was Li Sicheng who called. Gu Xia received the call and said, “Sicheng, where are you?”

“I am downstairs in your house, come down!”

“Okay, I’ll go down now.” Gu Xia replied, and then said to Gu Qin, “I’m not going to be home for dinner. Tell Mom when she comes back to cook.”

“I’m going too.” Gu Qin said when she heard that he was having dinner with Li Sicheng.

“Okay! Okay! Then I’ll call Mom.”

Gu Xia told his mother that he and Gu Qin would be having dinner outside, and then went downstairs with Gu Qin.

Seeing Li Sicheng and Wang Qian snuggling together, Gu Xia smiled and said, “Wherever you go, you fall into a world of your own, so you can’t pay attention to others around you. Wait until you go back and then make out again.”

“You…” Li Sicheng laughed and scolded, and then said to Gu Qin, “Qin Qin is here too!”

Li Sicheng and Gu Xia often played together, so naturally he knew Gu Qin, and he also knew Gu Xia’s parents.

“Well, Brother Sicheng, this is your girlfriend! She’s so beautiful.” Gu Qin said sweetly.

“Hello, Qinqin!” Wang Qian greeted her with a smile.

“She is not just his girlfriend, they are getting married soon, and she will be his wife soon.” Gu Xia smiled.

“Ah! You’re getting married! Brother Sicheng, it’s too early! You haven’t turned 20 yet.” Gu Qin said in surprise.

Li Sicheng smiled when he heard her and said, “It’s not too early. I haven’t continued my studies, so I must get married a little earlier.”

“Haha~ It’s almost the same, you are just one year older than me. I will be 19 next year, and you will be 20. Maybe you will be a dad really soon as well, haha~” Gu Xia laughed.

Hearing this, Li Sicheng smiled and hugged Wang Qian who was blushing.

“Look, this is the car I bought. I didn’t lie to you! Isn’t this a Mercedes-Benz? And you said that I lied to you.” After Gu Xia pressed the key, the headlights suddenly turned on.

Li Sicheng smacked Gu Xia on the shoulder in surprise and said, “I rely on you then! Your company makes a lot of money! You really bought a Mercedes-Benz, worth hundreds of thousands.”

“Gu Xia is really amazing.” Wang Qian also laughed.

“My car is enough to be your wedding car!” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“It is indeed enough. Originally, I wanted to rent an Audi A4 as a wedding car, but now that you have a Mercedes-Benz, why would I do that? It’s bigger and more stylish than that car, and it will save me 800 yuan in renting a car!” Li Sicheng said happily. At present, it was still very expensive to spend 800 yuan to rent a car.

“Hehe~ Let’s go! Let’s go eat. I’ve been dying to eat barbecue in the past few days abroad.” Gu Xia laughed.


“Gu Xia, you are so greedy…”


The four came to the place they usually eat, Gu Xia ordered a Sheep Scorpion Pot and a lot of barbecue.

“Come on, have a drink!”

Gu Xia opened a bottle of aged liquor and poured a glass for Li Sicheng and himself.

Wang Qian and Guqin were drinking hot soy milk.

“You are getting married the day after tomorrow! Have you taken Wang Qian to your new home yet?” Gu Xia asked.

“My home is also in the newly built area, so why won’t I go there!” Wang Qian said with a blank look.

“Oh, is that so? Sicheng, where are you getting married! Is it in your hometown or here?” Gu Xia asked.

“I wanted it to be here, but my dad wanted it to be in the country. He said that the country was lively, and some of his relatives were elderly, so they would also be able to attend.” Li Sicheng said helplessly.

“The countryside is fine, it’s really lively!” Gu Xia said with a smile.

In his previous life, Gu Xia himself got married in the city. After picking up the bride and having dinner, everyone just left. However, In the countryside, the gongs and drums will be played from the day before the wedding. Many relatives usually come the day before, and everyone drinks the night before the wedding. They chat and play cards, and help out the next day. They pick up the bride early in the morning, while lighting firecrackers all the way, beating gongs and drums non-stop. It’s all very lively.

“Both of our parents all think this way, so it has to be like that. You have to go to my hometown the night after tomorrow, and then you will have to decorate your car, otherwise it would be too late the next morning.” Li Sicheng said.

“Alright~ I’ll go there the night after tomorrow.” Gu Xia nodded and replied.

“Come on, drink…”


The four of them separated not long after eating, and Li Sicheng’s father called him to go back to buy some things.

On the street, Gu Xia was walking in and out of the clothing store with an excited Gu Qin, and Gu Xia had more and more bags on his body. In the end, Gu Xia and Gu Qin were both full of bags before going home.

They bought three sets of clothes for their parents, five sets for Gu Qin, and two sets of clothes for Gu Xia, which cost more than 5,000 Yuan.

When they got home, his mother, Deng Ling, saw that he had bought so many clothes, and scolded them saying that it was a waste of money! They already had clothes to wear etc.

His father, Gu Feng, on the other hand, only laughed.

Gu Xia greeted his parents, took a shower, and went back to his room to sleep.

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