Chapter 67: Welcome

Along the way, Gu Xia drove the wedding car and stayed in front, and from time to time, a car carrying a photographer would overtake the car.

“You have quite the comfortable car. When I pay off the mortgage in a few years, I will buy a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW. The mortgage payment is exhausting.” Li Sicheng sighed.

“Yeah! If you buy a house, you practically became a slave, and you’d have to toil for ten or twenty years.” Gu Xia also sighed with emotion.

In his previous life, he had been a slave to his house for several years, and he had to repay the money every month. It was quite a painful experience.

“You don’t have to experience the pain of paying the mortgage, sigh!” Li Sicheng scolded with a smile.

Gu Xia smiled without saying a word, some things could not be said clearly.

When they drove all the way to the Xinjian District, it was already 9 o’clock, and there were more cars on the road. Gu Xia followed Li Sicheng’s directions and drove all the way to Wang Qian’s house.

“Turn right ahead to the Xiangrui Community of Qianqian’s family.” Li Sicheng said, pointing to the traffic light intersection ahead.

Gu Xia turned right at the traffic light and drove into a small road. Right at the front was a stone arch with the words “Xiangrui Community” written on it.

Gu Xia knew that this community was a newly built community. The facilities inside were generally quite new, and the buildings all around had 20th floor. At present, this newly built area was relatively famous. After all, there were no such high-rise buildings in the new residential communities at this time. The community that had buildings with 20th floors were quite popular.

“Qianqian’s house is in Unit 1 of Building 2. You can park your car downstairs.” Li Sicheng pointed to a building not far away.

Gu Xia drove near the building, followed by a grand entourage of eleven cars. The sound of suona, gongs and drums started again when they knew that they were approaching the bride’s house.

Gu Xia parked the car and followed a group of people up the stairs. Because Wang Qian’s house was on the 3rd floor, it would take a long time for so many people to wait for the elevator, so it was better to take the stairs.

As soon as they walked to the door, he heard someone shouting from inside, “The people are here to pick up the bride!”

“The groom is here!”

Gu Xia smiled and looked at Li Sicheng, who was talking to his father-in-law after finishing a cigarette with a nervous look on his face.

Wang Qian’s father was still very young. He was in his forties, looked very energetic, and he talked to Li Sicheng with a smile. He was obviously very satisfied with Li Sicheng as a son-in-law.

The door of the room opened with a thin crack, and it was obvious that someone in the bride’s room was secretly looking outside, wanting to see what the groom looked like.

Gu Xia stood in the corner, grabbed a handful of melon seeds and threw them in his mouth, smiling at the noisy people.

This scene was the same as when he got married to Tu Sisi in his previous life.

It was unknown who shouted, “Pick up the bride!”

Li Sicheng took the lead and rushed into the room, and Gu Xia also followed.

The people in the room knew that it was time, and immediately closed the door tightly.

No matter how many times Li Sicheng pushed it, he couldn’t push it open. Just when someone proposed to knock on the door, Gu Xia spoke a few words in Li Sicheng’s ear, prompting him to slide the red envelopes in.

Li Sicheng suddenly realized that someone told him about it before coming here, and he had completely forgotten about it. So he hurriedly took out a dozen more red envelopes from his pocket and stuffed them through the cracks under the door.

Suddenly a woman’s laughter was heard.

“It’s not enough~ We want more red envelopes!” Someone shouted from inside.

Li Sicheng stuffed a few more red envelopes in before they opened the door.

Gu Xia looked into the room and saw that there were about twenty women standing inside, all of them were young women, they were probably Wang Qian’s cousins ​​and best friends!

Wang Qian was sitting on the bed wearing a wedding dress and a gauze, her hands intertwined before her, obviously knowing that the door was open, and everyone was looking at her, she was a little nervous.

Standing beside Wang Qian was a girl with a hot figure who was also wearing a wedding dress. She was obviously the bridesmaid. She was wearing a tube top style wedding dress, and the deep ravine on her chest immediately attracted the attention of all the men who were present. The bridesmaid, Ouyang Dan, also blushed at everyone’s stares.

She couldn’t help quietly giving Wang Qian a pinch, secretly blaming her for helping her choose such a wedding dress.

Gu Xia thought that this bridesmaid looked quite familiar, and after thinking about it, he remembered that she was Tu Sis and Wang Qian’s classmate. He had seen her once or twice in his previous life, so he recalled her name as Ouyang Dan!

“The relatives of the groom will carry the dowry!”

An older woman shouted from inside.

Then Li Sicheng’s cousins ​​all went to move the things such as quilts, household appliances and other daily necessities placed in the corner.

Gu Xia also helped move a TV to the van downstairs.

Then Gu Xia went upstairs and saw that Li Sicheng was struggling to pick up Wang Qian from the bed, and Ouyang Dan followed behind to help hold Wang Qian’s wedding dress.

Gu Xia smiled and looked at Li Sicheng, who was struggling. This Wang Qian weighed about 100 pounds (about 45 kg). After all, she was quite tall, and it was normal for him to have difficulty lifting her up. Li Sicheng was still young. If his body was given time to mature for a few years, he would’ve had no problem carrying her.

When Gu Xia carried Tu Sisi, she was still pregnant, and he was quite okay while getting down from her house. After all, he used an elevator. However, when it was time to walk to his house, Gu Xia had to carry her up with gritted teeth. After going up, his legs almost gave out.

Gu Xia walked in front to help Li Sicheng open the door. Li Sicheng hugged Wang Qian and put her in the car, only then did he feel relieved and got into the car himself.

Gu Xia also sat in the driver’s seat, while the bridesmaid Ouyang Dan sat in the front seat.

There were constant sounds of firecrackers outside, and the smoke of the firecrackers filled the air. Gu Xia hurriedly closed the window, otherwise all the ashes of the firecrackers would float in, and he just had his car washed the day before.

Just when Gu Xia was about to start the car and leave, Ouyang Dan said, “Where’s the best man? Qianqian, didn’t you say that the wedding car also belonged to the best man?”

“Haha~” Li Sicheng laughed when he heard her.

Gu Xia rubbed his nose with a wry smile, did he not look like a compelling best man?

It’s no wonder Ouyang Dan was confused, usually only the owner or the driver drive the car, and the best man almost never drives.

“Hehe, why look so far, he is right beside you.” Wang Qian, covered her face and smiled.

If Ouyang Dan didn’t know who the best man was even after Wang Qian said that, she would be stupid.

“You… are you the best man?” Ouyang Dan pointed at Gu Xia and asked.

Gu Xia smiled and nodded to her, then concentrated on driving.

“But how can the best man also be the driver!” Ouyang Dan asked in surprise, apparently she never saw the best man drive the wedding car.

“Who said that the best man can’t drive?” Gu Xia asked and thought, ‘There are so many things you haven’t seen.’

“That’s right, it’s just that it’s the first time I’ve seen it.” Ouyang Dan said with a smile.

Gu Xia drove the car with peace of mind. Wang Qian and Ouyang Dan were talking, and Li Sicheng interjected from time to time.

He had to drive quite slow on the way back. After all, there were more cars with them this time, and there were more pedestrians, vehicles and motorcycles on the road, so Gu Xia had to slow down.

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